Panasonic 50" 720p as monitor

After a good while I finally got Ubuntu 11.04 to display on this screen except I cannot see my lower panel and part of upper panel is off the visible area. I'm kind of memory challenged from a TBI.
My video card is a Gforce 5200FX and the only resolution available in Monitor preferences is 1280X720 and the listed as a 32" Panasonic. I do not believe that I have have drivers installed for the card but will be trying that now. I'm not running Unity and do not foresee using it in the future -- wutt a mess that iz!!!
Well driver installed I have to reboot not unlike Wimbloz so off I go...Well I'm back and drivers gave me some different settings to confuse me with and none of them worked. The more I toyed with it the wackier the the screen out put got and it seemed like I have no control over the Panasonic output. Both panels are not visible on the 50" Panny now... Thanx for any input!%:)
My suspicions are poor or failing video card or inept user.
Not so fast... I went away and came back with the idea that having two monitors set up some kind of corruption or interference might be happening to cause the Panny to not function. I still might be lost here but I clicked the button in monitor preferences turning off the Princeton 17" and lo and behold the Panny shows partially both panels however side to side on maximum size the window goes off screen enough to obscure the CLOSE and part of the MINIMIZE buttons on left and scroll bar on right.
Are there any tricks tips for making this work with both monitors on and getting it all to show on the screen without manual workarounds? Thanx again!!!
I had a GForce 6200 in it prior and it blew a handful of capacitors and was working but kind of wiggey like. This is awful old hardware__10+-
I want to stave off buying upgrade parts til prices come down especially HDrives's.... and if I can hold off long enough maybe get an AMD Trinity upgrade:> still using AthlonXP Barton with PC3200.

problem psrtially solved Panasonic 50" 720p as monitor

I tried turning off the Princeton monitor in Xserver and only using the Panasonic. Voila both panels were mostly on 50" screen and usable but a little inconvenient. Must have had some dual monitor interference that kept the Panny from showing proper resolution.