Panels in Xubuntu--2 on top, 2 on bottom.

I was trying to install Force Quit and a couple of other applets on the top panel of Xubuntu.
Suddenly I had no more Xubuntu panel, but an empty panel. After some search I found the two legitimate panels located under two inactive panels, like those in the new Ubuntu 11.10 distribution. I was able to make the legitimate panels larger with panel preferences and therefore have the use of Xubuntu. Still the two dummy panels are under the legitimate panels. I would like to get rid of the two extra panels which only showed up as I was installing Force Quit and another couple of applets. I would appreciate any suggestions. I can re-install if necessary, but I have been doing this for the two years I have been learning Linux. Any time I couldn't solve a problem, I would re-install. Any help greatly appreciated.


Try this.

RIGHT click on the panels and open "Customise Panel".

You should be able to see how many panels you have by pulling down the top box.

From here you can remove panels (-) , change their position, change their size and reposition them...


I had that problem the 2 dummy panels were just pictures of my Ubuntu desktop. Try changing the desktop background pic and see if they disappear. Seems to be a bug of xfce somehow picking up the gnome desktop panels but only to view not to use.