I have a Toshba 8200 with windows xp pro (installed) for some reason half the windows file have been uninstalled.

Wanting to install Linux Ubuntu 11.10 and would like to know if it will clean out the windows xp pro and install itself?

All and any help will be appreciated and take seriously.Thank you

During installation you will

During installation you will be given the option to install alongside the current OS (in your case Windows XP Pro), or to install over the current OS.


Thank you much for that advice. I am not that up on pc and know nothing about linux so this is going to be an experiance to the MAX.

But it is an old tecra 8200 and if it works fine if not nothing lost because it is "fubared" as it is.

Haven't any idea why or where these files were uninstalled but I have to start somewhere "nothing ventured nothing gained"

Again thank you

Installing Linux

I'm not sure whether this adds anything of value to the replies you've received so far bikes812, but if Windows isn't working properly I'd go for a Linux-only setup.

If you're only now switching from Windows, you'll find Ubuntu takes a bit of getting used to, but I've been using it exclusively since April 2011 and won't be going back. I'm an Ubuntu convert, and am sometimes "accused" (jokingly of course) of being a Linux salesman.

Some things can be difficult at first, and I wouldn't claim to have "mastered" the system, but so many things are so much easier in Ubuntu once you get the hang of it.