when I install Ubuntu 11.10 will it remove all the drivers that are on through windows xp pro? And then reinstall it's own drivers back (for the ones it removed)under ubuntu 11.10 format.

I am in the grey zone here wheather to install it or leave it alone.Wont do any good to have a laptop with a new OS and not be usable because the new OS wiped out the drivers and the thing wont work.

Thank you for any and all advice and help


need your help to make dual os

i already have windows 7 home pre 64 is installed from the,.i need your help me how to install ubuntu without interupt my current os..please help me

not using dual boot but...

Instead of the dual boot, such as LILO, I downloaded VMPlayer (which was free) and installed on windows 7. This is the host OS. Burned Ubuntu 12 to DVD and installed into VMPlayer. I can then use Ubuntu with out rebooting from Windows. Creates a WABI...