Ubuntu 11.10 updates

Just a beginner with ubuntu 11.10 (on a toshiba tecra 8200)and was frustrated till I found out about using KDE and now I am making head way.
Problem is today it installed about 200 updates and now the mouse button (the same thing as a touch pad on newer models) in the center of the key board doesn't work (this is the only thing wrong so far) but everything works fine with an external mouse pluged in.
Does anyone have advice where to go or what to do to correct this? I can fine the mouse software but it only controls how the external mouse works not the key board button(same thing as the touch pad on newer models).
Thank you everyone for the past help.


Thanks for a no answer, answer to my problem(seriously)

I have found the problem was in the install software and learned how to mend it myself and really want to thank you for the time to chase this out.

To those of you just starting out with linux I should say just keep probing around trying and you just may fine how much easier it is than you thank.And remember to take note as to where you were and where you went so you can return (leave yourself bread crumbs so you don't get lost).