can't connect using wired broadband.

Please help, I just installed Ubuntu yesterday and know next to nothing about Linux. I have the strangest issue, Ubuntu connects do wifi with no problem but won't connect using the ethernet cable. Abby ideas on what to do? This is driving me nuts!

Wired Connection


You need to determine is whether your wired network card is installed, there several ways to do this. In a terminal:

sudo lspci

This should list all your PCI based hardware and a PCI card or mobo built-in network card will be listed.

ifconfig eth0

This should display information on the network card, for reference Linux names devices etc from 0 onwards. For instance if you have two network cards they would be eth0 and eth1. So if you try the above and nothing is listed try:

ifconfig eth1

If neither of the above give you any help come back and give details for which version of Ubuntu you have installed and the make and model of your motherboard or model of PC.

Would it help if I posted

Would it help if I posted info from ifconfig?

ifconfig Settings


If you are still having issues then yes post the ifconfig settings.

Atheros 1083 ethernet controller

I had similar problem on new desktop last week. It was due to Ubuntu Lucid (using this as I only use LTS versions of Ubuntu) having kernel without module for this ethernet controller. If your ethernet controller is same, I'll let you know the solution.