Help! Trying to install Ubuntu over or Alongside Windows 7, can't get it to boot! I've read things, I've tried things, help?

Okay here it is;

Laptop Samsung Qx411

Booted to Bios changed the boot order several times, USB & CD 1st, always boots to windows 7

Used the linked pen drive utility on the Ubuntu page, unpacked the ISO via pen drive util, looked fine, all bios USB boot options were over the LAST option HDD, still boots to WIN 7

Burned 3 CDs, Ubuntu 11X (latest version two discs NO BOOT) and Ubuntu 10x (once no boot) Used POWER ISO to unpack the ISO to the disc at the lowest speed 10x. The first two burn attempts were the native windows 7 burn program which does not allow you to select burn speed

CD Appears to be written to, the data was verified each time, still boots to HD WIND 7

Any ideas? I've installed it inside of windows and get the Bootloader, Windows 7 or Ubuntu, Windows 7 boots fine, If I choose Ubuntu I get;

"Windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

Insert your windows instillation disk and select repair computer.

Obviously inserting the Windows 7 disc doesn't make it work (I did try it)

Ahhhh...Why isn't there an installation option to format drive and install Ubuntu, I don't care about keeping windows!

I feel like my next step is messing with Grub although I'm not sure I feel comfortable with it, there is a lot of mixed information out there, anyone know about my situation, what I can do?

Just tried

I tried disabled my HDD completely, CD Spins, the screen flashes bright, dim, bright, dim, and continues in 2 second intervals

I also tried the pen drive on all my USB outputs, **it is a usb card reader in a converter so it IS a mini SD card, actually micro SD inside of Mini SD but....this still is all flash memory so it should be okay....RIGHT!?!

Dual Booting Win 7 and Ubuntu

This article was for Ubuntu 10.10, but will also work for 11.10 as well. This is how I set up my laptop.

You may need to set boot from CD in your BIOS.
The above link should fix your issues.