Ubuntu desktop 11.10 verses Ubuntu server

I am very new at using Ubuntu. I am trying to make a home server out of a extra pc I have. I installed the server software and then tried to install Gnome desktop. I believe it did but when I rebooted ubuntu desktop came up. How do I work thr server through the desktop. All I want to do with the server is to store pix, music, docs etc. and be able to access them from anywhere. Is this possible? and am I on the right track? I appreciate the imput.

Thanks, redrobin1952

Ubuntu Server

I have been using Ubuntu for years. When I want a "server" all I do is install the desktop system and use it as a file server. All of the graphical interfaces are readily available that way and you can easily choose between them. The only real difference I am aware of between the server and desktop versions is that the server is made for CLI commands and, given the right hardware, can handle heavy loads.

There is a lot to learn for people coming from the windbloze world, but it is worth it. Once you see what linux can do you won't want to play in M$s sandbox any more.