Compiling abd Running a program on Ubuntu

I have just started using Ubuntu for the sole purpose of compiling and running a particular piece of software provided as source code. I am an absolute beginner on Linux.

I have been looking around for some step by step instructions that cover all the bases, but cant seem to find them.

I currently have the tar file in my download directory that Firefox places things in. I have no problem decompressing the archive.

What I don't know is:

* What location should I decompress the tar file to?
* Once the new directory is in place, from what level should the \configure and make commands be executed.

Thanks in advance,
Greg Landry

Burbank, CA

Try configure make and make install

I am a beginer as well.
where to extract.
You may create a folder in your home directory normaly /home/username.
For example a folder app.
Whould be mkdir ~/app
After copy your tar in there and uncompress.
How to compile.
Normally only three commands you need.
With this commands
1 open a terminal
2 change directory into the uncompress files.
3 run configure: ./configure
4 run make: make
5 run install as super user: sudo make install

This does not works always. You may not have the required compiler or other dependencies. Zo the output of each command is important.
also check for a readme or howto file with detail instructions for the software you need.
Any dependency you may need can try to use the apt-get command to get it.
wish you good luck and that other may help more.

Wow - that worked well


I really appreciate your quick and very useful reply. I was able to compile my program with your help! Things did not progress exactly as you predicted...but that is even better. I learned a lot very quickly in the process. I could not have succeeded without your post.

Thanks again :)

Greg Landry
Burbank, CA USA