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Howto display the number of processors in Linux

If you’ve just bought a new desktop,laptop or server and the box says the box is powered by 2 processors, you can actually verify that.

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Parallels problems in Feisty

I have been working with getting parallels installed in Feisty.  I am using the .deb version but I am encountering an error when installing it in the terminal.  Can not compile and/or link drivers. is the error that I am receiving.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Has anyone been able to correct the log file to fix the problem?  Any suggestions are appreciated, I would rather correct the problem myself instead of sending it off to reports@parallels.Thanks,mux3.0

Setting Up An iSCSI Environment On Linux

Nowadays, the iSCSI technology is quite popular in the storage world. This article shows an iSCSI demo environment which consists of one Debian Linux host and one Netapp Filer. We try to show the most important features of this protocol. http://www.howtoforge.com/iscsi_on_linux


After successfuly downloading and burning the image of Ubuntu 7.04, 3 of my PCs with 256MB RAM, 880Mgz and 20MB HDD are not responding after I press enter on the "Start or Install Ubuntu" prompt. What could the matter be? Is it my Hardware? And if so, do I upgrade it (expensive) or do I use a lower version of the OS? Help???

ipod vs Ubuntu: The Struggle for Perfect Synchronization

I have been struggling to get my ipod to work properly in ubuntu for the past couple of weeks... here are some useful applications, with their pros and cons.

  • Songbird
    • Pro: Full ipod sync including entire media library and all playlists with two clicks click (rickt click on ipod, click on update ipod)
    • Con: Buggy program, still under high development. Takes up high amounts of memory. Does not work with gnome sound keyboard shortcuts.
    • The Bottom Line: Songbird is good for the full sync of my ipod.. but not stable enough to be my desktop media player yet.
  • Rhythmbox
    • Pro: Simple, lightweight media player. Can sync individual songs to ipod.
    • Con: Sync only what songs you drag onto ipod, no option to just sync the whole library.
    • The Bottom Line: Before I got an ipod, rhythmbox was great for my desktop media player. Now that I need synchronization with an ipod, I have to look for a more advanced program.
  • Amarok
    • Pro: Can sync entire library and playlists, but each has to be set up individually. Good Player in general. Apparently sync's ipod's play counts to last.fm. (I will have to test this later). Searches and Finds Album Art! I forgot the ipod could display album art until now! Woo! This is the only media player I have found that easily finds your album art, and sync's it all to the ipod for every album.
    • Con: Not a light program like rhythmbox. A little tricky to set up mp3 playback, had to search the forums and then run "sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg libxine-extracodecs", a little tricky to set up the ipod and ipod sync, and a few bugs in the program in general. (I had to force quit a few times)
    • The Bottom Line: Amarok seems to be the perfect balance for me, and that is why it is my media player of choice at the moment. It scrobbles to last.fm, manages my music library, and sync's it all to my ipod video.
  • Gtkpod
    • Pro: Made just for the ipod. If installed with automatix, can transfer video to the ipod as well. Checks checksum as well, and cleans up the ipod in general.
    • Con: Not integrated with a media player, so playlist creation is a chore.
    • The Bottom Line: Solid for use with just the ipod, and as far as I know necessary to sync videos, but not a media player I can use.
  • Banshee
    • Pro: Pretty easy to use and would sync my ipod.
    • Con: Would not sync playlists to ipod.
    • The Bottom Line: Good as a media player and good as an ipod sync tool, but nothing special.
  • The Winner
    • The player that works best for me is amarok! With a little tweaking, I got the ipod sync results I wanted, along with a nice media player.



On a fresh install of Ubuntu, I find myself needing more packages for various things... here is an ongoing list of the packages I install. Just copy and paste this into the terminal to install them.

  1. sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser subversion build-essential checkgmail nautilus-open-terminal ruby compizconfig-settings-manager flashplugin-nonfree
  • epiphany-browser I install as an alternative to firefox. although firefox is great, its nice to be able to open another browser without all my saved passwords, add ons, andother things that could slow me down.
  • subversion is for acquiring source code for those beta apps I feel I have to try before binaries are availible.
  • build-essential is for compiling that source code
  • checkgmail a nice little app that checks my gmail account and pops up when I get a new message
  • nautilus-open-terminal adds a useful little 'open terminal' option when I right click in a folder. This saves me alot of time from cd'ing around my computer.
  • ruby is needed for many scripts, most important for me my ipod_lastfm_bridge script.
  • compizconfig-settings-manager installs the settings for compiz-fusion, because I often forget it (and it is not installed by default in gutsy)
  • flashplugin-nonfree sets up my flash player for firefox and epiphany real quick.. so I don't have to download anything manually


Optical Character Recognition With Tesseract OCR On Ubuntu 7.04

This guide describes how to set up Tesseract OCR on Ubuntu 7.04. OCR means "Optical Character Recognition". The resulting system will be able to convert images with embedded text to text files. Tesseract is licensed under the Apache License v2.0. http://www.howtoforge.com/ocr_with_tesseract_on_ubuntu704

Word Processing (with Latex) in the Command Line

originally published Aug 29, 2007 on http://mostlycli.blogspot.com/

In my never-ending quest to prove that you can do anything in the CLI that you can do in a GUI, this is my attempt at word processing in the command line. There is no true word processor for the CLI, that I'm aware of, but the results of using the Latex typesetting language create a good enough end result. If your not familiar with Latex typesetting language, you can sort of compare it too html markup language. With Latex you use code to assign your document layout, font type, font size and other document characteristics. A skilled Latex artist can create absolutely beautiful, high quality and professional documents.
In the GUI, I'd recommend using Lyx a great WYSIWYG Latex editor, but we're in CLI land here so we'll be using vim-latexsuite a fantastic plug-in to a brillant text editor. In Ubuntu, just 'sudo apt-get install vim-latexsuite' and you are good as gold. The vim-latex-suite has a very in-depth guide built-in. You can access the guide once in vim by typing:

Network Management And Monitoring With Hyperic HQ On Ubuntu 7.04

This document describes how to set up Hyperic HQ on Ubuntu 7.04. The resulting system provides an awesome, web-based "Systems-Management-Software". It is the next stage of classical monitoring and able to manage all kinds of operating systems, web servers, application servers and database servers. http://www.howtoforge.com/hyperic_hq_on_ubuntu704

CPU Frequency Scaling In Ubuntu

So, you have an irritatingly loud CPU fan which is making you consider whether or not launching your laptop through the nearest window is a good idea. Well, before you do that, why not give CPU frequency scaling a go. http://www.howtoforge.com/cpu_frequency_scaling_ubuntu

HELP Kubuntu 7.04

when it asks user name and password Though I enter them correctly it comes in to same position.even i enter them again it's not working.I can't go pass that stage.

I'm new to linux.
I got 64 bit AMD processor.
So I install Kubuntu 64 bit version.Machine stuck and after Restart it says "check forced.........."etc. (I don't remember).So I install it again.Same thing hapens 3 times.
So I install 32 bit normal one.It works so nicely.( may be 1 month) Then today some thing else hapens.No eror massages.But when it asks user name and password Though I enter them correctly it comes in to same position.even i enter them again it's not working.I can't go pass that stage.Some one PLEASE help me and tell me how to get rid of this without reinstall.


Securing SSH Using Denyhosts

SSH is a great way to remotely administer a server. However, it still has a number of issues when you open it up to the
world. The server and client communications are secure but that doesn’t mean the hosts involved are. Opening an SSH service
to the world allows for brute force attacks and means that the carbon interface is still the weakest link.

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Howto restrict su command to superuser only in Linux

su is run a shell with substitute user and group IDs. su is used to become another user during a login session. Invoked
without a username, su defaults to becoming the super user. The optional argument - may be used to provide an environment
similar to what the user would expect had the user logged in directly.

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PostBooks ERP On Ubuntu 7.04

This document describes how to set up PostBooks ERP on Ubuntu 7.04. The resulting system provides a powerful GUI-based ERP-system. Postbooks is licensed under the CPAL license (OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License). http://www.howtoforge.com/postbooks_on_ubuntu704

post formatting

Hi this is a great site for Linux help.The problem occurs when I try to post; the text runs together without any spacing.I have left the site formatting options as default, is there some option I need to activate to stop my words being mangulated. Happens in Firefox and Opera.Now that I am talking about it, it won't even show a preview.thanksfredd