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Need help with my dual boot

i installed ubuntu on my pc the other day as a dual boot. my other operation system is Windows XP Pro. the first time, after installing ubuntu, i tried to boot up xp, it worked fine. ever since then xp hasn't been booting up....well i can't even tell because my screen is just blank. i have tried loading up the XP disc to reinstall xp but the screen is still black. can anyone shed some light on this situation please. if you know what i should do add me on msn so you can guide me through it please: absar-mobile@hotmail.com

How To Convert Songs From An Audio CD Into MP3/Ogg Files With K3b

This guide describes how you can use the CD/DVD burning application K3b to convert songs from an audio CD into MP3 or Ogg files that you can use on your MP3 player, for example (if you choose the Ogg format, your MP3 player must support it). http://www.howtoforge.com/convert_songs_to_mp3_ogg_with_k3b

Howto Set Flickr images as Ubuntu desktop wallpaper

Webilder delivers stunning wallpapers to your Linux desktop, directly from Flickr and Webshots. You choose what keywords (tags) to watch for, and photos are automatically downloaded to your computer. Webilder can also change the wallpaper every few minutes.

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Multisite CVS Drupal Installation on Ubuntu

This howto shows you how to do a multi-site Drupal install on Ubuntu. It also covers how to layout your directories for ease of maintenance, and how to ensure that you can update Drupal easily from CVS. http://www.howtoforge.com/multisite_drupal_installation_ubuntu

How To Manage An iPod From A Linux Desktop With gtkpod

This article shows how you can use an iPod on a Linux desktop with gtkpod (a graphical user interface for Apple's iPod). It covers how you can upload MP3 files from your desktop to your iPod, download MP3 files from your iPod to your desktop, how you can delete files on the iPod, and how you can create and modify playlists. Normally, Apple's iTunes software is needed to manage an iPod, but iTunes is not available for Linux. Fortunately, there are Linux alternatives such as gtkpod that can handle the task.


Howto upgrade kernel(2.6.22-9-generic) in Feisty Fawn

Currently Feisty Fawn users (7.04) using the generic kernel (which is 2.6.20-16-generic). This tutorial will explain howto upgrade you to kernel version 2.6.22-9-generic(as of 31JUL07).

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Monitoring Proftpd Server Using phpftpwho

phpftpwho is a program written in PHP that tells you the status of your local FTP server. It uses the unix/linux command ftpwho and formats and displays the information. The program is licensed under the GPL license.

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rror message: X server (graphical interface) not set up correctly--occurs when starting Ubuntu 7.04 up after install

After I installed Ubuntu 7.04 I the issued out the command "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" it then started downloading and all the software needed. After the installation I restarted my laptop (HP NX9420) and it tries to start up in the GUI interface but only comes back with an error message: "X server (graphical interface) not set up correctly"Can someone please help me as I am totally new to Linux and don't want to go back to microsoft.I have tried a couple of other settings when using the command: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorgPlease please please I need help.

Share Your Music Collection With gnump3d

Gnump3d is a streaming server that can help you share your music collection with others. Although the name is using mp3 it can serve ogg as well, so you don't have to convert all your mp3 files to ogg files. http://www.howtoforge.com/share_your_music_with_gnump3d

Email Classification (Incl. Spam Classification) With POPFile On Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

This article shows how you can install and use POPFile to classify incoming emails on an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn desktop. It is a POP3 proxy that fetches your mails from your mail server, classifies them and passes them on to your email client. Of course, POPFile must be trained to properly classify emails. http://www.howtoforge.com/popfile_ubuntu_feisty

Ubuntux reaches 2 years of age today!

Today, August 2nd, Ubuntux.org reached 2 years of age! Happy Birthday to our community!

Please tell me your experiences with Ubuntux.org. Especially I'm interested what could be improved. Soon I want to do some changes to this website and therefore I urgently need your input and help.

Therefore our community needs a lot of help. You're a talented designer? You want to become a moderator in our forums? You regularly want to write some Ubuntu articles or tutorials? You want to publish your best Ubuntu tips and tricks?

Let's work together to improve our community and make it even better and more useful to everyone. The more unique Ubuntu content we have, the better the experience will be! If you're interested to help our Ubuntux community please contact me.

Best regards,
Friedrich [site admin]

Tracking TCP Connections With tcptrack

Basically, tcptrack is a sniffer which will show the information about TCP connections on a specific interface. tcptrack will watch all the connections that occur and show the information in a nice interface. http://www.howtoforge.com/tracking_tcp_connectios_with_tcptrack

How To Manage An iPod From A Linux Desktop With Rhythmbox

This article shows how you can use an iPod on a Linux desktop with the Rhythmbox audio player. It covers how you can upload MP3 files from your desktop to your iPod and delete files on the iPod. Normally, Apple's iTunes software is needed to manage an iPod, but iTunes is not available for Linux. Fortunately, there are Linux alternatives such as Rhythmbox that can handle the task. http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_rhythmbox_ipod

Monitoring Ubuntu Services Using Monit

monit is a utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories and devices on a UNIX system. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.

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VHCS2 ISP control Panel Setup Guide in Debian Etch

VHCS delivers a complete hosting automation appliance by offering significant security, total-cost-of-ownership, and performance advantages over competing commercial solutions With VHCS Pro you can configure your server and applications, create user with domains with a few point-and-click operations that take less than a minute. There is no limit to the number of resellers, users and domains that can be created.At the core of VHCS Pro are 3 easy-to-use,
Web-based control panels. VHCS provides graphic user interfaces for the administrators, resellers and users.

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