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Using XenExpress To Virtualize Your Server

This guide covers the installation of XenExpress and the creation of virtual machines with the XenServer Administrator Console. XenExpress is the free virtualization platform from XenSource, the company behind the well known Xen virtualization engine. XenExpress makes it easy to create, run and manage Xen virtual machines with the XenServer Administrator Console. XenExpress can run up to 4 virtual machines at the same time with a max. total amount of 4GB RAM. The XenExpress installation CD contains a full Linux distribution which is customized to run XenExpress. http://www.howtoforge.com/virtualization_with_xenexpress

Installing The Native Linux Flash Player 9 On Ubuntu

This article describes how to install the new native Linux Flash Player 9 from Adobe on an Ubuntu Edgy Eft desktop so that it can be used within Firefox. The procedure works for other Ubuntu versions and Debian as well. http://www.howtoforge.com/native_linux_flash_player9_in_ubuntu

A Beginner's Guide To LVM

This guide shows how to work with LVM (Logical Volume Management) on Linux. It also describes how to use LVM together with RAID1 in an extra chapter. As LVM is a rather abstract topic, this article comes with a Debian Etch VMware image that you can download and start, and on that Debian Etch system you can run all the commands I execute here and compare your results with mine. Through this practical approach you should get used to LVM very fast. http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_lvm

ubuntu 6.10

    i have reinstalled ubuntu 2 times now to try to connect to the internet. now both installs appear at grub. i want to unistall all of them and do anthor install and run from the cd for awhile till  learn more. could someone please tell me how to unistall ubuntu

Please help! Ubuntu can't see my hard drive

I am trying to use Ubuntu 6.10 for the first time... Can see my new hitachi sata hard drive in the bios, but Ubuntu does not seem to find it during the installation. It gets to step 5 (of 6) partioning, and says "no device detected." I have no idea how to get Ubuntu to see it. Thanks!

Automatically Scan Uploaded Files For Viruses With php-clamavlib

This guide describes how you can automatically scan files uploaded by users through a web form on your server using PHP and ClamAV. That way you can make sure that your upload form will not be abused to distribute malware. To glue PHP and ClamAV, we install the package php5-clamavlib/php4-clamavlib which is rather undocumented at this time. That package is available for Debian Etch and Sid and also for Ubuntu Dapper Drake and Edgy Eft. http://www.howtoforge.com/scan_viruses_with_php_clamavlib

external monitor on macbook pro

hi everybody!i set up a tripple boot machine. but i think i made some mistakes with the filesystems. ok it is learning by doing i guess...now i have a problem with my external monitor. i installed the ati-driver somehow and on the laptopscreen the native resolution is working 1440*900. but i can't get the external monitor to work. when i select "Big Desktop horizontal" it states that i have to restart the xserver. i did this with ctrl-alt-backspace. but when i log in again nothing changed... same after rebooting.thank you for your comments!greg

Error converting lilo.conf file to grub menu.lst

Dear UBUNTU people,This file is mainly ment for the UBUNTU development people, section GRUB, but it may be of use to other people with problems starting their old lilo booted system after installing Ubuntu and grub.After installing ubunto on an empty patition I couldn't start my old system.  It turned out that ubunto made an error in converting my lilo.conf file to the grub.1fst file.  (See underlined parts below). The problem seems to be that my lilo.conf file uses 'root = current' , but current in grub is /dev/hda7 while for lilo current was /dev/hda6.<!--break-->For new linux users this might have been the end of their enthousiasm for Ububto, so I think it would be nice if you can change the lilo converting procedure in grub.These lilo.conf entries were made by installing a new kernel using make bzlilo, which is a rather standard procedure, so more users may encounter this problem.

Disk ARchive (Backup and Restore) using dar and kdar(dar Frontend)

Dar is a shell command that makes backup of a directory tree and files. Its features include splitting archives over several files, CDs, ZIPs, or floppies, compression, full or differential backups, strong encryption, proper saving and restoration of hard links and extended attributes, remote backup using pipes and external command (such as ssh), and rearrangement of the “slices” of an existing archive. It can now run commands between slices, encrypt archives, and quickly retrieve individual files from differential and full backups. Dar also has external GUI like kdar for Linux,thanks to the well documented API. Full Story

Delete Qmail Server messages Queue

qmail is a mail transfer agent that runs on Unix. It was more secure replacement for the popular Sendmail program. The author offered a $500 prize for the first person to publish a verifiable security hole in the latest version of the software. This is a useful thing to do in a number of situations. For instance, if you are hit with a spamming attack, you can temporarily instate a second Qmail installation (once the spam run is finished), allow it to take over mail receipt,and then use this tool to clean the offending mails out of the queue before switching over to the main Qmail installation once again. Full Story

insatalling real player

how can i install real player 10 ?after downloading it

Can't read storage Drive in ubuntu

Need a little help new to ubuntu. Can't seem to figure out how to mount my storage drive to read and write from ?? Drive was formated in Fat32 Thanks

Back Up/Restore Hard Drives And Partitions With Ghost4Linux

This tutorial shows how you can back up and restore hard drives and partitions with Ghost4Linux. Ghost4Linux is a Linux Live-CD that you insert into your computer; it contains hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tools similar to Norton Ghost. The created images are compressed and transferred to an FTP server instead of cloning locally. http://www.howtoforge.com/back_up_restore_harddrives_partitions_with_ghost4linux


First Hi to everyone on this forum. I have a problem with setting my internet connection from ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft. I can not find proper modem driver for my dial up connection. I was hoping that someone will help me determine which driver i need and  direct me to some instructions how to install and setup connection. I scaned system with scan modem tool and got this information:  Only plain text email is forwarded by the  DISCUSS@linmodems.org List Server. Do use the following as the email Subject Line:     SomeName, YourCountry Ubuntu 6.10  kernel 2.6.17-10-generic  This will alert cogent experts, and  distinguish cases in the Archives. YourCountry will enable Country Code guidance. Occassionally responses are blocked by an Internet Provider mail filters. So in a day, also check the Archived responses at http://www.linmodems.org . Local Linux experts can be found through: http://www.linux.org/groups/index.html--------------------------  System information ---------------------------- Ubuntu 6.10 Linux version 2.6.17-10-generic (root@vernadsky) (gcc version 4.1.2 20060928 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.1-13ubuntu5)) #2 SMP Fri Oct 13 18:45:35 UTC 2006 (Ubuntu 2.6.17-10.33-generic) scanModem update of:  2006_December_25

How To Resize ext3 Partitions Without Losing Data

This article is about resizing ext3 partitions without losing data. It shows how to shrink and enlarge existing ext3 partitions and how to merge two ext3 partitions. This can be quite useful if you do not use LVM and you realize that your existing partitioning does not meet your actual needs anymore. http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions