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resize my home partition

hi i;m only 3 days old n linux so execuse me if i use windows expresions
i install linux ubuntu 8.10 with windows xp
i install linux on partition of 10 gb space
i start downloading updates and so on untill me free disk space on file system partion 80mb
i used partion magic to encrease the space of the partition i used to install linux i increase it to 25 gb
linux dosent feel this increase and the free space still 80 mb
how to make linux ubuntu 8.10 feel the new desk space

Google Earth

Does anyone know the install Google Earth on Ubuntu 8.10?

Easy way to Deploy and Configure Open Source Software

ESC (Emergence Software Configurator) has an easy way to deploy and configure open source software. You can use any publicly available installation recipes to install open source software. For example, to install Joomla on Ubuntu, you can click here: https://config.emergsoft.com/direct_deploy?token=b891bf7612b2618b952b7f5...

Users can install and create deployment / configuration recipes. ESC essentially automates the generation of RPM / DEB packages without having the package maintainer having to know the details of RPM / DEB. It leverages the existing robust, simple interface of updating user's Linux machines and provide an easier way to build, maintain, and reuse these packages.

For more information, go to http://www.emergsoft.com

Screen on Kubuntu is messed up.

I can only see half of the screen and when I spin the cube and the bottom half of the screen freezes and shows either the skycap or the inside of the cube. I'm using kde4, compiz, with the unsuported plugins, and Kubuntu 8.10. If I'm missing any important info tell me. Thanks in advance!

Ubuntu 8.10 wont start up.....but only when plugged in????

I see the orange load bar and the linux symbol then when it gets to a about 30% to check files it freezes and wont begin.Like I said when unplugged, it starts up just fine.I am also having trouble with my updater so is there anyway to safely go into the scripting and fix it upon bootup?

{ DRDY ERR } and lots of numbers when installing ubuntu

I keep getting [ ***.******(number) ] ata2.00: status: { DRDY ERR }

What do I do?

vodafone pre pay mobile broadband won't work in 8.10


i have installed ubuntu 8.10 and have vodafone pre pay broadband with a usb modem.

i have gone through the setup wizard but cannot connect.

in the network configuration tool it is there but at the right side is the word 'never'.

any help would be great as i am a newbie.



installing 8.10


im new to the linux world ;0

recently tried to install ubuntu 8.10 32bit on a old computer, (p4 1.8 intel 845 chipset)

actually everything went good, chose to install on the whole HD no dual boot, only linux, but the problem went after the installation

when ubuntu boot, i put in my username password, but then the screen stay still and nothing happens,

i can still move the mouse around but nothing change.

any idea what is causing this ? or a simple reinstallation will fix this ?

IBM 600E no sound

Hello I am trying to get the sound working on my IBM 600E laptop I have been all over the net and tried everything that I have found but still no sound I think I am going to have to talk to someone on the phone to walk me through this. I am running Ubuntu 8.10 and it is working fine except the sound. I even have the wireless card working. I am kinda new to linux but getting around pretty good, any help will be greatly appreciated.


NEWBIE - Trouble installing updates... HELP!

Hi everyone!

I am new to Ubuntu and am having trouble!

I recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 and then attempted to update. There were something like 275 updates available!

So after the updater finishes, it says:
"E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.
E: _cache->open() failed, please report."

So I go into my terminal, type 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and it gives me this:

foo2@foo2-desktop:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of openoffice.org-gnome:
openoffice.org-gnome depends on openoffice.org-core (= 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2.1); however:
Version of openoffice.org-core on system is 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2.
dpkg: error processing openoffice.org-gnome (--configure):
dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of openoffice.org-impress:
openoffice.org-impress depends on openoffice.org-core (= 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2.1); however:

Where should I start?!?!?!?!?

I am interested in the technical details of linux operating system such as the source codes and how the files are managed and all these kinds of stuffs. I am also interested in command codes, building security systems as well as C++ programming. However, I have completely no idea where I should start???

Basically, I have already got 2 plans:
A) 1)C++ programming (book + compiler)
2)linux operating system (book)
3)installing ubuntu (book + computer)
4)look at source codes (book + ubuntu)
5)learn to program a security system(book + compiler)

B) 1)linux operating system (book)
2)installing ubuntu (book + computer)
3)C++ programming (book + compiler)
4)look at source codes (book + ubuntu)
5)learn to program a security programme (book + compiler)

What do you think? Please recommend any books or websites that would help me through my self-study.

Thank you.

Dual booting problem

I can't dual-boot and I accidently deleted my suse linux. When I tried to reinstall it I disabled my Kubuntu. Does anyone know how to fix it without losing any data?

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference eBook Free! (as in beer)

New to Ubuntu? Grab this free book in pdf format.

The PDF Edition of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is available entirely free of charge. It is practically identical to the Print Edition. You can download it by clicking the link below.


New and only OS can't get wireless. Help

I'm new to all of this and excuse me if this has been answered before. My hard drived died the other day on my Acer and I went and got a new one. I had NO O.S. so i bootloaded Linux Ubuntu 8.10. When i click wireless network connections, It doesn't find anything. I'm kinda computer savvy, but not with this. So please Help. ASAP.

Problems getting Ubuntu to boot...

I recently installed Ubuntu using the Windows based interface, and when I tried rebooting, it didn't give any options to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. I'm currently running the pre-beta-release Windows 7 build 6801. Is it possible that this version of Windows isn't allowing the dual boot? Or may I have done something wrong? Please assist. I was convinced to try it and am eagerly waiting to use Ubuntu.