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How to Find duplicate copies of files Using fdupes in Ubuntu

FDupes uses md5sums and then a byte by byte comparison to find duplicate files within a set of directories. It has several useful options including recursion.

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Read Outlook .pst file in Ubuntu

Hi is there any way one could open .pst files that are in my dual boot Windows filesytem from Ubuntu... I dont want them to be converted to another form and brought here and read but be accessible from ubuntu directly. I read several other posts but none give a good solution....

Help a newbie get Java installed

I know enough Unix to be dangerous, but not enough to get out of this one.  I got Ubuntu installed on my old PC, and it came up just fine.  Gnome is excellent!The partition editor says:/dev/sda1   ext3 format     35.70GiB total   2.04GiB used   33.65GiB free/dev/sda2   extended fmt    1.57GiB total        ---     used      ---         free> /dev/sda5 linux swap fmt  1.57GiB total       ---     used      ---         freeSo it looks like I have 33.65 free space.  I downloaded Java 6 SDK, but when I try to run it, it says "You will need at least 254104 kBytes of Disk Free.  Please free up the required Disk Space and try again."

flash player

hi when i open yahoo mail in Mozilla.It is asking flash player and i install that flash player also but when i try to open the yahoo mail again it is asking u need flash player.i am sure i install flash player.can u help me.i am using Ubuntu.

“No such file or directory” Error in Linux

Sometimes when you try to install device drivers on your Linux system, you might fail to do it. It could be due to incompatibility of the operating system Kernel with your device driver or device. To work around this issue, you need to install the latest version of Linux kernel. It may include ‘forcedeth’ patch, which is capable of resolving most of the incompatibility issues. In some cases, after installing the latest version of Kernel, when you reboot the Linux system, you might face the following error message:

The extremely simple guide to installing Ubuntu using Wubi

Many people are put off using Ubuntu because of installation issues. Not that installation is difficult, of course, but for the true non-technical user, it’s equivalent to scaling Mount Everest.

This guide is for them. It’s a step-by-step guide to installing Ubuntu for complete and utter beginners. If you
have a relative, or friend, who would like to try Ubuntu, but who is frankly scared of the prospect, then send them a link to this posting! It assumes zero prior knowledge.

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can't see open windows

hello, i have one problem  i am not able to see my open windows. i mean when i open any drive or  mozilla or any thing when i minimised that i can't able to see in task bar.i am opening that window with pressing alt+tab.how can i restore that problem.i want to see my windows in taskbar.can u help me..

New Kubuntu User - Partition Error

Hello everyone,

After considering creating a linux partition for years I've finally decided to install Kubuntu and give it a try; the idea of running a non-corporate OS has always appealed, and I'm very eager to learn about something outside my WIN XP OS.

As I use my computer for work, and I've got a very well established WIN XP installation, I definitely want to start my linux experience with a small partition (10GB) until I come to grips with everything and potentially shift entierly.

I'm currently using an HP compaq nx7010 laptop - I've done some reading and other users seem to have no issues running Linux on this machine.

The problem I am currently having is creating a partition on my Hard Drive - an 80GB FUJITSU MHV2080AT which currently has 23.7 GB of free space.

I firstly tried the Kubuntu installer, which resulted in an error resizing my partition. I then tried using Partition Magic in Windows, again to no avail - I was quoted 'error 1529 while executing batch' and 'error 1529 information mismatch in directory entry'. This took place when partition manager tried to create the partition during a reboot.

my DVD cdrom disappeared

I just got hardy heron.Its great!  I love it.except, I popped a DVD into my cdrom, and it would not mount.Then it would not eject manually.Then it told me I could not eject drive, because there was 'probably nothing there'So I have been downloading packets for a while.  getting all my DVD, NTFS permiisssions.Tried to mount from terminal.  My drive does not exist.maybe the cdrom is burned out . . . Could anybody help?

Who did use iSCSI in ubuntu 8.04 desktop?

Who did use iSCSI in ubuntu 8.04 desktop?
Can you tell me how to use it?

Thank you very much.

unable to access navigation panel...

I restarted my laptop while my ubuntu was on and running fast I/O from the beagle service which was taking all the CPU usage and I cannot longer access the main navigation panel as if the resolution has changed or the the navigation panel has dissapeared. Is there a way I can restore it from the terminal? Please let me know, I am looking forward to hearing soon from you. I will really appreciate your help.

“Can’t locate module” Error in Linux and Data Loss

When you start your Linux system, at boot time, the process may get terminated and you might come across with the following error message: “Can't Locate Module <module name>” After this error message, the system does not boot and none of your data can be accessed from it. Cause This error message usually occurs if modprobe, rmmod, or insmod files are not able to find a module. Due to this, the system can not access the required system files to boot and thus shows the error message.

Making podcast with ubuntu part two

Last time i explained how to prepare the mp3 to use in the podcast. This time we will publish the mp3 as a podcast, using wordpress and a plugin called PodPress. Im not going into details about how to set up wordpress. This should be straight forward if you are familiar with linux and. To install the PodPress plugin, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Download this file E
  • xtract it into the wp-content/plugins folder
  • Activate the plugins from your Wordpress dashboard
  • Go to the PodPress settings page and customize it to suit you

Next, you start off by making a new post. Write a nice title and text for your postcast, and upload the mp3 file created last time and copy that link. Scroll down a bit till you see the Podcasting box. Press "Add media file" and paste the mp3link into the Location field. Press the buttons named Size and Duration. This will set the information to use in the podcast. Now, the podcast is ready to be published. Enter a category for the post named podcast and press the Publish button to create the post.

Making podcast with ubuntu part one

First of all, im using open source software only, even the content manager in which the podcast are made available to all people. And this tutorial is aimed at people hvave used ubuntu and is familiar the command line.The software im using as we speak is this

  • ubuntu hardy 8.10
  • Audacity 1.2.6
  • Lame 3.97
  • Wordpress 2.2
  • podPress wordpress plugin 8.8

This first part is how to record and prepare the audio for publishing in wordpress. To the software we need, you install audacity with sudo apt-get install audacity. If you want to use mp3 as your file format, you'll need the lame library. Get it using sudo apt-get install lame.Start up audacity. For the main part of the podcast i get my content from a mixer and record it within audacity using the easy to use record button. Use the stop-button to stop recording. To make the podcast more professional I speak an intro to the main part and add some music overlay to get a nicer introduction to the talk. I have already made to mp3 files, one is presenting the speaker and one is a 20 second music file.