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Ubuntu boots in a black window

Hello everybody, I'm a newbie and here's my problem: I installed Ubuntu, so I installed the official ATI drivers but the 3D acceleration wasn't running ok. Then I installed the fglrx following the instructions found in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI
#head-5ead174a0b3294527486cd4d71ded66b40003f25 My problem is that when the system boots the monitor is turned off. I can change the session with control+alt+F* but F7 is allways whith the monitor turned off.Anyway, I can insert an user (enter) and the password (enter) so the session is correctly initiated. I can also change the resolution and everything works OK (even the 3D acceleration!), but when I close the session or I try to change the user, the monitor is turned off again and the GDM doesn't work ok. I reinstalled the GDM but the problem continues. I red this post http://www.ubuntux.org/help-ubuntu-6-graphical-login-not-working but it didn't resolved my problem.


I would love the repositories to allow me to easily install Compiz on amd64 with ATI Radeon. I've followed dozens of installation guides, reinstalled everything, and finally given up (for now). My one consolation is that the xserver-xgl package by itself improves/enables transparency in KDE.

Ubuntu I is here!

I have had Ubuntu installed for about 3 months now and I am LOVING it! I have used debian in the past and have enjoyed it. Ubuntu has taken my favorite distro to the next level.Thanks guys (and gals)!LeeNIX

Playing MP3 songs in Ubuntu !

Hi All,Today, well actually yesterday I installed XMMS player in Ubuntu and it works like a charm. It is very simple to do so. Just go to the Add/Remove program menu from the Ubuntu main menu, and search for XMMS (or amaroK) in the search box. (This program is called Automatix, similar to YaST in SuSE). It searchs for the appropriate app and asks you whether you want to install it. Once you say yes, it downloads the app to your PC and then installs it. You can then access it from  Applications>XMMS. It plays MP3 files without any glicthes. I will soon post shot by shot on how to install XMMS in your PC in Ubuntu. I have also posted this in our forum ... so check it out also.The link is

re-partitioning an NTFS drive

So I have about ~30 gigs of free space on my NTFS XP partition and I was wondering if I could cut out a partition of that to install Ubuntu. Can i cut into this partition to create the Ubuntu partition without losing any data? If so is this utility included as part of the Ubuntu installation disc?sorry for the n00b questions.Stuart

My first Ubuntux Blog!

Hi I am very excited and happy that I got Ubuntu in my PC ... I am now ready to get things going!

Info for audio app "Listen"

Has anyone ever seen the app pictured at this site?http://system76.com/index.php/cPath/45_57It's called "Listen". I can't find any info on it.Sounds interesting!Juan

fglrxinfo: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1

Look around the web for a simple solution to this fglrx error. Find anything?

Try this only after verifying that you do in fact have the identified files in the stated locations.
sudo unlink /usr/lib/libGL.so.1
sudo unlink /usr/lib32/libGL.so.1
sudo rm /usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2
sudo synaptic

From there just browse to fglrx and choose the "reinstall" option. Test with glxgears.

Ubuntu London - Vmware Stage 1 and now 2

Hello People! I have posted again on my Ubuntulondon Blog - Head on over to read up on Vmware running in Ubuntu - There will be more posts added soon! - http://ubuntulondon.wordpress.com for the main pageand http://ubuntulondon.wordpress.com/feed to subscribe to the feed for regular updates.In this post I have spoken about Vmware and what it is and the first stage of installation and understadning - Later today the second post will be added. You will then be able to run any operating system straigt up inside Ubuntu linux  - kewl huh?The second post has now been completed too, so now you can head on over and get the full procedures on installing Vmware on Ubuntu: It includes a step by step guide with Screenshots! - So hope this helps!Please feel free to join in on conversation too. Cheers

Plug-ins for Kubuntu program *resolved*

My dad just ordered the Kubuntu program which is a new version of Ubuntu. I have tried to open a few music videos because I love watching videos on Youtube.com and it said that I needed Macromedia Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and all of the other basic plug-ins that you need. I downloaded them and when I clicked the thing on the desktop that said suchandsuch installer, it opens up something in a winzip format or something like that. It won't let me install it and I have no idea what to do. Does anybody know where I can get the plug-ins for this version? Again, it is Kubuntu a new version of Ubuntu from Linux. I am using Mozilla Firefox and the only plug-ins that I can find are for Netscape. Does it make any difference? I don't know.

Dell inspiron 6000 with ubuntu 6.06

    I am using Dell Inspiron 6000 first i cant seem to get any refrence of my bluetooth in the device manager eventhough the led is on,second i cant seem to find any indication of wireless in the system tray and the led light is off, the FN F2 key dosent do anything as well and lastlly my mouse pad is very jumpy and slow but the external mouse works fine.Any ideas of how to resolve these issuesthanks

nice site

Nice site!  I'm a Ubuntu fan, and a Drupal fan, and you've done a good job integrating both.

How to uninstall programs??

How to remove programs?Hi,I'm completely new to Linux, but I have managed to install Ubunto and so far I'm quite impressed. I have installed amaroK (I want to play my mp3 collection), but it will not play my mp3's.Now I want to unsinstall amaroK, but I have no idea at all on how to do it. Is there anybody who can give me a hint?BR,A dreamer

Problems with cursors in applications

Hi,I'm new to Ubunto and generallynew at using Linux as OS for my Laptop.I have some problems:

  1. when using GIMP: when I move the mousecursor around in the draving area, some pixel errors get's stuck - as if the brush indicator doesn't get fully erased.
  2. in applications like Evolution & Firefox formfields: when I use the arrow keys to move the cursor around it's does allmost the same thing as in GIMP. The cursor doesn't disappear instead i have some text with a lot of vertical lines.

This is very anoying to and makes it hard to read and edit mails and...I've tried reinstalling THE GIMP and tried using KDE, XFCE and GNOME and all had the same error.I have a Dell Latitude D620, with an nVidia graphics card. I'm using the generic nvidia driver that comes wih the kernel...(I can tell you it was quite a job getting this post written ;) )I hope someone can help me.

cupsd crashed and won't start again

Hi,After hearing all the buzz about Ubuntu, I decide to give it a try.  Installation was painless.  Then I tried to install my old HP LaserJet IIIp.  I added the printer to LPT1 and the test page printed fine.  The nI attempted to amke the printer available to my Windows XP box.  I saved a copy of cupsd.conf before making the changes. I restarted cupsd OK.On my windows box I added a printer, giving the URL as http://myserver/classes/HP and it seemed to take this.  However, when I printed a Word doc., I noticed that cupsd died and no matter what I did (including copying back the original cupsd.conf), I get:root@myserver:/# /etc/init.d/cupsys statusStatus of Common Unix Printing System: cupsd is not running but /var/run/cups/cupsd.pid exists.So, (1) how can I get my cupsd running again and (2) what are the step-by-step instructions for sharing my printer with Windows clients?