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Secure your Debian System

this is very good steps how to secure your debian systemhttp://www.debianhelp.co.uk/security.htm

Start up problems

I have installed Ubuntu and generally find it very good. However, I have two problems that I need assistance with. Please keep all explanations at the “idiot” level – I'm very much a Linux newbie. 1) When I first installed Ubuntu it started up fine in the Human interface. However, now when I start up, I get the message:-     GRUB Loading Stage 1.5     GRUB loading, please wait     Press 'ESC' to enter the menu ... 2 pressing ESC gives me a list and after hitting ENTER the start up continues in the Human interface until it reaches 'Setting the system clock', at which point it goes into text only. This doesn't stop me using Ubuntu but it does irritate me. 2)I have downloaded KDE and installed it. However, I seem to have made it the default GUI and I want to make Gnome the default. How do I do that? Many thanks for any help offered

default gateway not being assigned or kept

Hey all,this is my first time here so sorry if i do anything wrong or say something similarly.My problem is this;I have an unbuntu box with two network cards.  One of which has a netgear ADSL modem attached.  This connection successfully gets an IP address etc for the WAN connection.The second card is a on a class C home network, i.e. some reason a default route out to the first network card is not being set, if I set it usingroute add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where the IP address is the address of the external connection then I can get a connection just fine.However route then forgets this default gateway (quickly), I've looked in the syslog and found that the DHCP client is probably causing this to happen.If I connect the modem to a Windoze box it works just fine.My questions are these;1. Should ubuntu be setting the default gateway route by itself?  If so why do you think it isn't?

Shorewall Firewall Configuration

The Shoreline Firewall, more commonly known as "Shorewall", is a high-level tool for configuring Netfilter. You describe your firewall/gateway requirements using entries in a set of configuration files. Shorewall reads those configuration files and with the help of the iptables utility, Shorewall configures Netfilter to match your requirements. Shorewall can be used on a dedicated firewall system, a multi-function gateway/router/server or on a standalone GNU/Linux system. Shorewall does not use Netfilter's ipchains compatibility mode and can thus take advantage of Netfilter's connection state tracking capabilities.http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/shorewall.htm

GTK Pod not reading my control/media/ipod file

I just got this GTK Pod program. I then put a few songs on my ipod. I realized that when i was done, the songs were not in order. So i go back into the program and adjust the files (that are already on the ipod from my last sychronization/save data) and now it tells me it cant open the control/media file where all my songs are stored. How is this fixed? I tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it.

Enabling network connections

I've recently install ubuntu as a dual-boot with windows XP Pro on a seperate WD hdd and after some tweaking seem to have the system up and running with the exception of internet access. I have an AMD Sempron 3000+ with 1G of memory, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200,and an SMC EZ ethernet card (SMC1211TX). I created three partitions "/", "share" and "/home" when I did the initial install. I've been trying various methods over the past three days to connect via ethernet cable to my Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless broadband router (WEP enabled), which is connected to a Toshiba PCX2200 cable modem. I have two networked tivo's plugged into the Linksys in addition to the machine which has XP/Ubuntu installed as well as a wireless Toshiba Satellite laptop. Everything else can access the network with no problems, although I did have one error message on the laptop "IP conflict with another device on the network". I've tried many methods described in various forums but seem to be stuck in a loop wereby I need to access the web in order to make the changes to allow my machine to access the web!!!. I would like to be able to explore this software further but without web access I can't seem to progress so if anyone can offer some advice i'd greatly appreciate it.

Problem with starting mediaplayer (MPlayer)

When I try to see a movie from www.vtm.be/nieuws/index_bekijkonline.htm, I get the message: "New_Face failed. Maybe the font path is wrong. Please supply the text font file (~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf)"Does anyone know what this actually means, and what I can do about it?

synaptic+sudden reboot+exclusive lock problem

Hi, Ubuntu is more or less functional on my laptop except batery management seems defective. When on battery, level drops gradually to 63% and then suddenly the laptop switches off. On restart batery is flat (0%) All of this is besides the point except that I unfortunately experienced this problem while using synaptic to install new software. Now I get the infamous "unable to get exclusive lock" message. I am certain that (after reboot(s)) no package manager is running anymore, and have removed the /var/lib/dpkg/lock file. All that happens when I start synaptic is this "unable to get exclusive lock" message, PLUS synaptic recreates the /var/lib/dpkg/lock file. How to get out of this mess? regards, Theo

Ubuntu security advisory

Heads up for all your Ubuntu users out there...

You may want to do an update as soon as you can to fix this (minor) security issue.


Ubuntu Dapper Drake now officially postponed

The Ubuntu developer now officially decided to postpone the upcoming Dapper Drake release to 1st July 2006. That is 6 weeks later than planned. Therefore the version number will be changed to 6.06. In the future the decimal point will most probably be changed to a hyphen, because most of the developer find the decimal point irritating.

So let's wait for Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6-06 on 1st July 2006 :)

Ubuntu install problems

So...got my 5.10 disks today and did a typical install on an older system (AMD k6/500mhz, 256mb ram/diamond 6 viper 16 mb vcard, etc). The install seemed to go well, got the partitions all set. Went to do restart after install, and now I get nothing but a black screen/blinking cursor after the vcard post. I can get into the bios by pressing f10, but I  can't see and post info (drives installed/mem test). So I tried to reinstall from cd, but it seems that it hangs before it posts and therefore never reads the cd drive/no hard drive activity lights. Any thoughts?

New Ubuntu Book available

This is the first book of its kind to cover the hottest new Linux distribution, and will teach you how to make the most of your Ubuntu desktop. First, the book introduces you to the world of Linux and the open source community, and then outlines Ubuntu installation and configuration in detail. You'll learn how to wield control over your newly installed operating system. Then you'll learn about system customization opportunities and fun tasks like listening to audio CDs and MP3s, viewing movies, performing office and Internet-related tasks, and maintaining your Ubuntu system in general.

The book comes with a CD containing the complete Ubuntu distribution. You are encouraged to take full advantage of this powerful operating system by inserting the disk into the drive, and then following closely along with the supplementary material.
The book is called Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional and will officially be released on March 20, 2006. But it can already be ordered on the Amazon website, shipping within 24 hours.

Gnome 2.14 has just been released

Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 2.14, the latest version of the popular, multi-platform Free desktop environment.

Released on schedule, to the day, it is the culmination of six months effort by GNOME contributors around the world: hackers, documentors, usability and accessibility specialists, translators, maintainers, sysadmins, companies, artists, users and testers. Due to their hard work, it is another great release to be proud of - thanks very much to every contributor!

You'll find plenty of information about GNOME 2.14 in the extensive release notes, linked from the 2.14 start page.

All about GNOME 2.14: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.14/

Some of the key new features:

1. The creation of an admin suite, including a lock down editor, Pessulus, and a user profile editor, Sabayon

2. A new search bar, called Deskbar, which can search through local files, programs and contacts as well as on the web

Dapper Gnome Error

I am relieved that in addition to Ubuntu, I installed Kubuntu. My KDE desktop is more than useful, it is essential as last week's updates damaged my Gnome. Now when I log into Gnome the splash screen appears, does its thing, then the panels try to load. The panels appear, flash eleven times, and then disappear. it leaves me with an empty brown desktop with nothing on it but a mouse cursor. The only control available is ctrl-alt-backspace.  If those keys are pressed while the panels are still flashing, the system returns me to the GDM login screen. If I wait until the panels stop flashing, ctrl-alt-backspace puts me at a login prompt in a shell. I have to then reboot to get back into GDM. Is this part of the reason the release date was moved back?

Mysql Database backup script

A script to take daily, weekly and monthly backups of your MySQL databases using mysqldump. Features - Backup mutiple databases - Single backup file or to a seperate file for each DB - Compress backup files - Backup remote servers - E-mail logs – More http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/mysqlscript.htm

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