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Can't get past initial login (10.04)

I think I just ruined my family's computer! Any help would be greatly appreciated....

The system appears to be accepting my user name password combination, but isn't letting me go any further.

Here goes: after running through the initial installation process for version 10.04, I enter in my user name and password, the screen flashes black for a second, and I get bounced back to the login screen.

I know I am using the correct user name and password, as 1) I just created it in during the installation process (it's very simple, definitely not making a mistake), and 2) When I have tried the wrong user name/password combinations to test, the system catches it immediately and says that this is incorrect info.

Background/possible clues:

I was attempting to replace XP. Rather than partition the disk and install them side by side to be safe, I was an idiot and decided do a complete replace, so I'm basically stuck with this.

Torrent Search - Torrent searching application for the Gnome desktop environment

Torrent Search is a torrent searching application for the Gnome desktop environment. It looks for torrent files on different websites, and allows the user
to filter the results, making it very easy to find the torrent you want.

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Creating a VPN in Minutes Using Remobo

Remobo is a free software which can be used to replace the paid versions of existing difficult to use VPN setups as it can create a VPN instantly and securely. It lets you login easily and add users to your buddy list, and create a secure network for you. In private chat messaging, the file sharing client helps share information within the buddy list as well. Remobo lets you control your computer and access files securely while away from the system.

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Ubuntu login

When i installed ubuntu 9.10, it does not ask anything about root. So, i gave my name as a user name and passwrd. After intalling it, ubuntu does not allow to create/delete/ edit a folder and and file. It just display you are not a root. Why?

How To Make Windows 7 look like Ubuntu

This tutorial will explain step by step how to Make your Windows 7 look like Ubuntu.

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Setting up HP Printer via USB print server

I've been working at this for a few days. I've searched all over and as far as I can tell, I'm setting up my printer correctly. I have hpcups (latest version.) My printer is an HP Officejet 5610. It works perfectly if I set it up directly (USB to Ubuntu machine.) No configuring is required. I just plug it in and it already has the drivers. However, when I set it up through the print server, it acts very strangely. It appears to start sending the file, the printer starts to pull the paper, then it just hangs. The printer states "printing" and stays in that state until I turn it off. CUPS states that the printer is "processing" and it stays that way until I cancel the print job.

GCstar - An application for managing your movie/games collection

GCstar is a free open source application for managing your collections. Detailed information on each item can be automatically retrieved from the internet and you can store additional data, such as the location or who you’ve lent it to. You may also search and filter your collection by many criteria.

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Authentication error at initial Login after installation


I'm new to Linux, just installed Ubuntu on my VM Ware(on windows).

At booting, i skiped the file mounting error and my user name & password worked well in terminal. But when i try login into the GUI, it throwing "AUTHENTICATION FAILED" Error.

I try googling and got few suggestions but they were not clear enough for me :)
Any help please...

I'm Having a Major Problem booting Ubuntu

For the last couple of days, I've been attempting to install Ubuntu 10.04 on my computer from CD. I'm switching over from Windows XP, because Ubuntu seems to take care of everything I need to do on a PC. I burned the .iso image (burned the contents... I didn't burn the actual .iso file) to a 700MB CD, and the burning process finished. The PC reads the burned CD as Ubuntu Linux, and when I boot the CD from Windows, it gives me the options to try it, and reboot my computer to install, et cetera.

Ubuntu wont boot!

ok i installed ubuntu in a computer of mine, i went through the whole install process and it asked to restart, i did. then when it restarted it just flashes the ubuntu load screen then just goes black and the mouse and keyboard are not responsive. i have tried the graphics GUI way at this link http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3085112.0 and it didn't work. any ideas?

Ubuntu Wifi Problems

I just installed ubuntu on a 50 GB partition, and I can't seem to connect it to the internet. The Wifi connections menu wouldn't pick up any connections. I just formatted and reinstalled windows 7, and reinstalled all of my drivers.

I've never used Ubuntu before, so please don't tell me to do anything complicated, and thanks!

Ubuntu tweak 0.5.5 released with Purge PPA and installation instructions inside

Ubuntu Tweak is an application to config Ubuntu easier for everyone.It provides many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment doesn’t provide.

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10.4, loose desktop after reboot

Following installation from CD to HD as auto login to 'bill' and the first reboot a full desktop appears on my screen and I can use some of the apps. When I reboot the PC, the screen comes up to the first color splash screen without any desktop, all icons are missing. I notice a right click has options to setup a app launcher but what happened to the full desktop displayed earlier?


How to use Ubuntu 9.10...?

Hi everybody, I'm new to ubuntu 9.10 Linux version.

I've never used a Linux version OS before. I only know about windows. Can anyone help me???
This is my email address...

jayakarthi(at sign)aol.com

Thanks for your help...

Web indexing provides new content more quickly – Google Caffeine launch

Web indexing provides new content more quickly – Google Caffeine launch

Caffeine, Google's new web indexing system, went live Wednesday. Announcing the global launch of Caffeine, Google discussed that its evolving search engine technology makes even more freshly minted web content accessible and delivers that new material faster than before. Nobody will change the way they use Google. But links to a broader range of relevant content are now presented much faster following the content is published. The Caffeine overhaul of the web indexing technology also can be able to give Google a lot more flexibility to keep pace with a web that is evolving at an accelerating rate.

Article Resource: Google Caffeine launch - web indexing delivers new content faster By Personal Money Store

Speed isn’t every little thing - Google Caffeine launch