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Modem Settings

I finally ggot connected to the internet with ubuntu using an external modem I bought a Trendnet TFM-560X and it works good,except that as soon as ubuntu starts it automatically connects me to the internet.How do I get it to not connect unless I sign on?

Nessus vulnerability scanner

I installed nessus 3.21 on my ubuntu box.i want to use only command mode scanning.so did try to scan the machine with following command

  • nessus -q -x -T html localhost 7143 neminath  123456 scanlist.txt resultsfile.html

its saying unknown command nessus.but nessusd is running on my box on port 7143 which i could find out with

  • ps -e |grep nessusd

if i navigate to the :/opt/nessus/bin directory and try this

  •  ./nessus -q -x -T html localhost 7143 neminath  123456 scanlist.txt resultsfile.html

i ended up gettingnessus : Could not open a connection to localhost what might be the problem?any help?

Compaq Evo N410c Video Driver

Hy Guys!Like 3 days ago I said: I want Linux on my Laptop Compaq Evo N410C. OK! What distribution? Mmmm....Then I said Ubuntu because it seems to be one of the used, but not only, even for the philosophy that follows. Everything went well except for the video driver. Ati Mobility M6. A Blood Bath I've tried everything!!!!! But it seems that's not enough!!!!! So... I'm at your mercy... :)  I hope that your infinite knowledge will enlight my dark way!

enabling universal component

 please tell me how to enable universal component in ubuntu linux

Internet Trouble

I am using hardy heron Ubuntui install it on my usb disk. every thing is working fine, but not internet.i configured each part of network correctly it pings well, IPV6 is already disabled but still not opening any site. i want to use internet on it but internet is not workingPlease tell me some solution

Need wireless driver for Intel(R) WIFI link 5000 series

Any one can help me in getting the wireless driver for Intel(R) WIFI link 5000 series.It is for the Ubuntu 8.04.

CD/DVD rom drive not active - "Unable to mount cd drive"

I have an old Pentium III Gateway laptop from my college days that I have played around with Ubuntu on (started when Gutsy was released, so I am still relatively new).  I was trying to set this lappy up so I could leave the screen shut and set it behind my desk and VNC into it if I wanted to do something from our Windows desktop PC.  Network Manager, the default network interface that comes with Ubuntu was very cumbersome for this because it was unable to automatically turn on a wired connection after rebooting from an update or something like that (Since the laptop was placed out of the way, it was a bit of a chore to pull it out and turn the connection on and put it back).  So I looked around for an alternative and found some people mentioning WICD and said they liked it very much.  So I figured I would install it and see if it would help me out.  As I did so, it said it needed to uninstall Network Manager to put WICD in place (which I expected), so I allowed that and rebooted to see what WICD was like.  When Ubuntu came back up, no network manager program came up what so ever, I had to go in and turn WICD on manually.  The first couple of times I tried to do so however, WICD would freeze my entire laptop and I would have to hard reboot. 

LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment for Ubuntu

LXDE is a new project aimed to provide a new desktop environment which is lightweight and fast. It’s not designed to be powerful and bloated, but to be usable and slim enough, and keep the resource usage low. Different from other desktop
environments, we don’t tightly integrate every component.

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WebDAV Configuration With Apache2 On Debian Etch

Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, or WebDAV, is a set of extensions to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote World Wide Web servers.This tutorial will explain howto
install webdav Configuration With Apache2 On Debian Etch.

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when the computer boot ubuntu it only boots the terminal i cant get into a user interface

i think i deleted the interface coz i wanted to switch to kde from g .. i tried reintalling the packge from terminal using "sudo tastsel" after that i reinstall the desktop but an aptitude error (100) happens and now am stuck i cant reinstall and i cant delete it from windowsam very new to linux this my first time using it and it has to work coz am sick and tiered of windows so if anyone can help thank you


did you find any solution for the internet connection, i am connectet in a local network but i cant connect to the internet, what i have to change in my linux

computer won't boot from ubuntu CD

hi, i can't get my computer to boot from the ubuntu cd. I changed the boot device order in the setup options to have the cd drive boot first, and i know i didn't just copy the .iso file image onto the cd, but i can't get it to work. Thanks in advance for help..edit: it's an older version of ubuntu (6.10). Do i need to download a newer version?

i cant connect to internet...

i cant connect to internet... new to linux, after installation my ethernet card is recocnised, i select DHCP put i have no internet, what is romingpls helpmy network is dhcp network and if i put windows pc evrything is OK

canon pixma mp 520

hello,i just bought a canon pixma mp 520 and i 've tried to install it twice, following carefully the installation instructions, but eventhough it always sais that the installation is succesfully completed, when i try to print something it sais that it is executing another activity (which, from what i know, is not true). does anybody know why a printer appears to be busy, when in fact it has never been busy? i really don't understand.

want to write programme in c/c++

i am very beginner in linux.Linux is very interesting.  I need to write programme in c/c++, but i can not find and editor software. where should i write my programme and how should i run this programme???please help me>>>Note : i already installed gcc-c++, but can not appear .