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Gufw - Simple GUI for ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) in Ubuntu

Gufw is an easy to use Ubuntu / Linux firewall, powered by ufw.Gufw is an easy, intuitive, way to manage your Linux firewall. It supports common tasks such as allowing or blocking pre-configured, common p2p, or individual ports port(s), and many others! Gufw is powered by ufw, runs on Ubuntu, and anywhere else Python, GTK, and Ufw are available.

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Install open-vm-tools on Debian 4.0 (Etch)

VMware Inc. released an OpenSource version of their VMware-Tools, called open-vm-tools. While they’re quite easy to install on Gentoo (emerge open-vm-tools), it’s not that easy having them installed on a Debian Etch (4.0) if you want to go the proper way.

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Mistaken Formatting in a Dual Boot System and Linux Recovery

A dual boot or multi boot is a system in which two operating systems are installed on a single hard drive, letting you boot from either of the operating system. The boot loader is a program which allows you to have dual booting. General combination of operating systems exercised in dual booting includes Linux and Windows. The dual booting allows you to use features and functions of both of the operating systems on a single computer. Dual boot systems are mostly useful for programmers and testers. Although, dual boot systems are very useful but sometimes they can also cause several problems. A minor mistake made by the user while making a dual boot system can lead to the several catastrophic problems. A common mistake made by the users, while making a dual boot system, is selecting “prepare hard drive” option. This option appears you when you install Windows operating system on a Linux system, in order to make it multi boot.

apache http server permissions troubles...

hey all, i've been having some troubles with apache.  this is my first time running anything but windows, so i'm still a little new all things ubuntu.  I set up apache using $ sudo apt-get install apache2 (or something along those lines), and everything went smoothly.  i went in (to /var/www/) to try to edit the files being served, but i keep being told that i don't have permissions.  i'm a bit confused as to how the only person who uses the computer (and has administrative power everywhere) doesn't have permissions...plus, i can't even view the files.  going to http://localhost returns a 403 error.  any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance!

How to install Subsonic in Ubuntu Hardy

Subsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing access to your entire music collection wherever you are. Use it to share your music with friends, or to listen to your own music while at work. You can stream to multiple players simultaneously, for instance to one player in your kitchen and another in your living room.

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Need a download of Ubuntu 7.10

Hi:I'm a newbie, need some help. Was given a computer loaded with Ubuntu 7.10. I have the Login password & the SQL password but no cd of the operating system.Where would I go to download Gutsy Gibbon 7.10. Am not planning to use this as a server but would like to know the pros & cons of server vs non-server.Thanks,Michael 

ReiserFS File System Corruption and Linux Recovery

ReiserFS is the Journaled file system used for the Linux operating system. For the various features of this file system like metadata- only journaling,  tail packing and online resizing, it is well adopted by the users who rely on it as the repository of data references.    So the reliance indicates that how critical it is that the integrity of the file system may remain maintained and depart from any corruption issues. But on the contrary of the ideal scenario, the corruption in this file system may occur, which can force you to think about Linux data recovery solution, as all the references of the stored data get wiped out with the corruption of the file system.


t-mobile mobile broadband

I apologise if this has been covered before, but am brand new!I have just bought an Elonex webbook running on Ubuntu linux.  I have also bought a T-Mobile mobile broadband stick - a huawei e170.  When I plug in the stick and click the 'mobile broadband' icon, a mobile broadband box appears with a 'connect' button.  Next to that, it says 'unknown' 'scanning' and 'GPRS' with a signal strength indicator showing 2 bars.  If i click on the connect button another box appears, says connecting, but nothing happens.I know that I'm in a poor area for mobile broadband, but had the same problem when I took the webbook into town where the 3G signal is (supposed to be) good.Phone calls to Elonex & T-mobile have failed to solve the problem.Can anyone out there help, please?  I am a total novice where linux is concerned.  If I can't resolve this, I'll have to return the webbook & get a Windows based one but I'd prefer not to.Thanks!

real player

according to your steps i installed the real player  but cant run it it shows Details: Failed to execute child process "realplay" (No such file or directory)    or  when i open the terminal and type realplay     . it shows  bash: realplay: command not found please help me out thanks


How to setup gnome-panel in ubuntu 8.04.1.

  • Yesterday I failed to  open the option window of gnome-panel after having deselected the "strentch the panel" (ie. maybe "expand the panel ") in the options.
  • Just now I found these two files:
  • ~/.gconf/apps/panel/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen0/background/%gconf.xml 778 09/17/2008 14:19 -a-- .


  • ~/.gconf/apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0/background/%gconf.xml 778 09/17/2008 14:19 -a-- .


  • <entry name="expand" mtime="1221697290" schema="/schemas/apps/panel/toplevels/expand" type="bool" value="true">


Linux Data Recovery after Installing Fedora Core 5

I use dual booting between Linux and Windows on my system. Few days back, I realized that I need to change my Linux distribution due to some performance problems and hence I opted for Fedora Core 5.   Without feeling the need of knowing the details of safe installation, I proceeded in my own way and this is the one, where I mistook. During the installation, on the page where we have to select the partition and drive, I went for ‘Remove all Partitions on Selected drives and create default layout’ option.   After this I selected the ‘Remove all Linux Partitions on Selected drives and create default layout’ and clicked ‘Next’. Seriously, I didn’t know that this single click will cost me in this manner. I lost all my volumes and hence the contained data. The situation was drastic and I needed an immediate cure of Linux recovery.

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Pytube - Best YouTube,Google manager, downloader and video converter for Ubuntu Linux

PyTube is a GUI for various command-line tools such as:youtube-dl, sox, mplayer, mencoder, ffmpeg and others.It allows you to resize, rotate, apply an external mp3 into a video, generate a 10 to 30 seconds mp3 ring tone.

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