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Greenland Musk Ox Hunts

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Can't Find IE

hello, i have finally made the switch from windows to Ubuntu v14.04 (about three weeks now) and i couldn't be any happier and i work from my home office. i had to install Internet Explorer because my company's main website now requires it. everything went smoothly with the install but i can't find IE anywhere. i've looked repeatedly in the Ubuntu Software Center and tried searching thru the "Dash" for internet explorer but the only application results that i get are Firefox and the "generic browser". at first i thought it wasn't installed but when i tried to re-install thru terminal it shows that it has been installed. where else could it be? -- thanks in advance

Ubunto 10.04 to MSsql

I have installed Ubunutu 10.04 and want to connect to MS sql server database
for running my vb application. please guide me stepwise process and softwares to install. if screenshot based help is available please suggest. I am based at faridabad in Haryana, near New Delhi

Webex not working on Ubuntu

I tried much by my lave, but Webex is not working on ubuntu completly.

Login blocked now that .profile file has been edited changed for PATH...

I wanted to add a new path, so edited the .profile text that is stored (hidden file) in my home directory.
Since editing it and saving, logging out, I can't now log back in: my password is reognised but it takes me back to the log in.

I just wish to change the .profile back to how it was originally, but to do this I need access to the home directory of my administratory account.

How can I edit this?

I can still log in as guest.
I've a a bit of a play about in recovery mode, I can go into root, but I then can't find the .profile file which my edits in under /home.

I've found similar threads but none solve my problem.


Setting manually the monitor / TV which is connected to Ubuntu 14.04

I just installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a new system (Intel NUC) which I want to use as a new media player and connected this via HDMI to my Harman Kardon and this connects to my 42 inch Panasonic TH-42PY70.
If I look at the display settings while having the TV on, I see that this is recognized as a 47 Inch Panasonic, but the resolution of 1920 x 1080 is OK.

The problem occurs when I did not use my amplifier / TV for a while and try to connect to this system by TeamViewer.
After first having no clue and being unable to connect to this system remotely I found that the issue is that the display / monitor settings are lost / cannot be found by the TeamViewer process and thus it is not opening a display for me ( it tries to connect, but never gives me a visual x environment).


In the bad old days there was DOS where I could type commands for hours while the computer chuckled and said I know what you want to do but you can’t make me do it.
Then a miracle, Point and Click, Plug and Play. (and the sport of Windows Bashing) I can use a computer !!!!!! Years pass and I try Ubuntu. Wonders, can’t install driver. I read the boards, download programs, type lines of hieroglyphics while the computer chuckles and says I know what you want to do but you can’t make me do it. Aaaahhhh, progress

root pwd for ubuntu 14.04

Just installed ubu 14.04, but don't know the root password - I'm trying to install tor

- I don't remember supplying any password on installation other that that for my login.

Also, I installed ubu on a machine running windows 7 pro, but windows boot option doesn't work. Although everything is double-backed up, I don't want to start from the beginning.

Any ideas?

Drive permissions

I just wiped my Windoze partition (it was an old and incomplete installation of Windoze) and formatted it ext4 (using GPartEd). However, when I attempted to use the drive, I found the permissions were set to Root Only.

Using Nautilus, I managed to move the files I wanted onto the drive. Now those files are locked. (Yes, I can use Nautilus to move them back... but that means I still do not have that extra drive space available to me.)

What did I do wrong? What could I do differently? How do I use this drive partition?