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commands for finding and removing MFC installation

If some one attempted a command line install of an MFC scanner driver but something went wrong such as maybe USB in stead of Network or visa versa and then later tried to install with Synaptic How would one go about removing all prior installs in order to attempt it again?

linux replacement for Foxit reader

i did not quite like the linux version of the foxit reader. it was slow and did not have all the tools. i was wondering if there is a linux application which performs the functions that are performed by Foxit ?


foxit replacement for linux

i did not quite like the linux version of the foxit reader. it was slow and did not have all the tools. i was wondering if there is a linux application which performs the functions that are performed by Foxit ?


VirtualBox running in Ubuntu 9.04 16 bit 32 bit problem

VirtualBox in 9.04 Ubuntu to run other Distros. I got WinXPPro on as first Virtualization [which works ok] and each attempt with other Linux's (Ubuntu 9.1 and Suse 11.2) have ended up giving me error messages about how Virtual machine is set up in 32 bit operation but the guest OS that I'm installing is set and 16 bit and needs to have settings changed to 32 bit to stop the pop up messages and increase speed.

X2go - Open source terminal server project (alternative to FreeNX)

x2go is an open source terminal server project offering a comprehensive “server based computing” solution.Combining the advantages of existing systems it features ease of use, performance and scalability. x2go provides you with access to your desktop as an individual as well as a corporate user - from within your own network and via the internet. x2go is not limited to any particular hardware, it supports a variety of devices and architectures. x2go is open source and open minded. The project also offers you a command line client for you to implement your own client applications and ideas. Like any open source project we welcome your support.

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how to add brother mfc drivers to repositories

How may I add Brother MFC 5840cn to the Ubuntu repositories for easier printer, scanner, and pc fax set up and use?

uinstal xilinx 11.1

Hi everybody.

I have some problem with removing xilinx 11.1 on my centos.
Actully iám a new linux user, and don't no how to remove a program in linux.

Ubuntu 9.10 won't boot

Things went south this time and I'm unable to understand it or fix it. This is the end of the message and the beginning is below.
"No init found. Try passing init= bootarg.
Busybox v1.13.3 (ubuntu 2:1.13.3 3 ubuntu7) built in shell (ash) ? 'this was not (bash)'
enter 'help' for a list of built in commands
(initramfs) _ [blinking cursor]”

How to install FreeNX server and client in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

FreeNX is a system that allows you to access your desktop from another machine over the Internet. You can use this to login graphically to your desktop from a remote location. One example of its use would be to have a FreeNX server set up on your home computer, and graphically logging in to the home computer from your work
computer, using a FreeNX client.

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drivers for lexmark x7350 and aver media usb

is there as you know a special driver fo the above lexmark printer and the usb aver media


I am new with Ubuntu 9.1
I wouldlike to know how could I connect to internet

wireless laptop

Ubuntu 9.10 No Kernel Found?

Hey everyone, I just installed the updates for 9.10 today and when I rebooted instead of bringing me to the black "choose which boot you want" screen (Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu 9.10 dev mode, etc) it just brings me to a screen talking about GRUB and stuff, and when I type boot it just says "No Kernel Found" and makes me type something else in.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


P.S. I'd love to get screenies for you but I literally cannot boot it at all :P

I have downloaded gparted but cannot run it! old brain cells! please help, thanks mk.........

i have downloaded gparted. i know i have old brain cells and cannot figure out how to get it to work. i believe that it should be on a separate disk or usb??? can someone please lay it out for me, sorry for the inconvienience, and thanks, mk.......

mouse scroll settings

Need to know how to adjust scroll wheel down with Java program in Firefox browser.
I'm trying to use a genealogy extraction program which provides me with U.S. census data that I in turn help digitize for it's redistribution/use. It's written in JAVA for the most part and so far it works except for being slow and a little flaky/unpredictable and scroll feature on mouse is not adjustable in their menus.
The slow/flaky/unpredictable are a given in Java I presume and maybe more so since Linux is not supported by FSI.
One click of the wheel renders 7 lines of text scrolled in FSI. I've used Mozilla Firefox about config and settings in the menu system which changed the amount of lines scrolled in everything else but this Java program called family search indexing. Also tried other browsers Opera, SeaMonkey, and Epiphany.