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show us your Ubuntu desktop

Nothing is easier than taking a screenshot with Ubuntu. You can do it directly within the menu.

On this site we have a screenshot section, so you can show us how your Ubuntu or Kubuntu desktop looks like. Doesn't matter what language you are using. Let's see who has the nicest Ubuntu desktop :)

For uploading go to "create content" in the menu on the left side and select image.

How to add a user to my buddylist ?

i've not found how to add a user to my buddylist of this site ?
Could someone please explain me how i can do that ?
Thanks in advance,

Firefox 1.5 locally on my Ubuntu 5.10

Good night from France,
i'm using the Firefox 1.5 i've just installed manually in my /usr/local/ directory hierarchy because i have not found it yet as package for the latest stable ubuntu.
First, you need to download the firefox archive file on Get Firefox
After downloading the needed file, it was very simple because it's just a matter of executing only 3 commands :

tar -xzvf firefox-1.5.tar.gz
sudo mv firefox /usr/local/
sudo ln -s ../firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/

That's all folks !
Because /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in the default user PATH shell variable you don't have to modify your default firefox icon on the gnome launch toolbar. The default firefox launching shortcut points to the "firefox" command so it will the "/usr/local/bin/firefox" before the packaged "/usr/bin/firefox" command.
Have an happy new year and happy using of you newly locally installed Firefoxof the next generation than 1.0

Reset XWindows Color Depth

I am very new to Ubuntu. I have a little experience with other Linux flavors, but still very much a beginner.

I am running Ubuntu in a Microsoft Virtual PC. Whenever I have tried to run any other Linux distributions in Virtual PC, I had problems if the XWindows color depth is set higher than 16-bit (corrupted displays).

When I installed Ubuntu, it asked me to set allowed screen resolutons, but not color depth, and consequently, when it now boots, the screen comes up corrupted (actually, the window expands out like it was going to go to 800 X 600 but it is totally black).

I can boot to a command prompt, so if somebody would please tell me how to reconfigure the color depth, I should be able to get it going.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

new buttons online

Please have a look at our new buttons. You can use them to put a link on your blog or website to our community. Feel free to include our RSS feed as well.

Backup installation

Hi there,

I successfully installed the Ubuntu server edition on a PC of mine on partition hda1.

Here's how I partitioned the harddisk:
hda1 has 5gb
hda2 has 5gb (currently emtpy)
hda3 has 1gb and is /tmp

The rest is /usr

How can I backup my existing Ubuntu installation into partition hda2? I want to be able to boot from hda2 if the installation in hda1 gets corrupted.

Can I use the same /tmp partition for both installations?

tail command

Hi my name is Mickey,

Does anyone know if there is a GUI program that runs in xwindows which is the same as the tail command ? If yes where can I download it?

Appericiate your comment ...

Ubuntu 5.10 annoyances, as seen by Sun JDS R2 user

Hi there,

I'm trying Ubuntu 5.10, after a brief play with 5.04 some months ago.

Here's my top-ten list of annoyances:

#1) BASIC packages not installed. Like... gcc, configure, automake and autoconf. DOZENS of software apps depend on these components to be available in order to be built.

#2) NO PINE, NO PICO. WTF?. I realize there's mutt, but still, a distro that doesn't include PINE and PICO is not a distro I'm interested in using. Sheesh, even ancient Suse 8.2 (the first Linux distro I used) included PINE/PICO. SAME WITH 'joe' (text editor).

#3) What's with the BROWN color scheme? It sucks!.

#4) That "drums" sound scheme... again... nice for the first 30 minutes. Then the drums playing with every event makes my brain hurt.

#5) WHAT? No Sun J2RE 5.0 update 6 installed? WTF? what gives?. And no, I don't consider Blackdown 1.4.2 ancient releases of the GNU catch-up releases to be serious. Maybe when the Apache Foundation releases a compatible JVM...

#6) No Flash plug-in pre-installed in the browser?. WTF?

Linksys wireless install

I am a recent newbie!! That means I know some 'stuff' but not a lot. I have ubuntu 5.04 installed on a Dell 800 laptop. I just bought a Linksys Wireless A+G Notebook Adapter pcmcia card. I was advised by EmperorLinux, the outfit who I bought the computer from, (excellent people to deal with in all respects) to get a pcmcia card with an ethros chipset. Well, I don't know, what the chipset is, it's not marked on the box, but after it didn't work (suprised?) I ran 'dmesg' and toward the bottom I read the following:

ath0: Atheros 5212 mem=0x40800000, irq=11 ... uhci_hcd 0000:00:1d.0 unlink after no-irq... controller is probably using the wrong IRQ

By the way the mouse is acting weird also. Jerky. Like maybe it's trying to share the same IRQ? Anyway, I haven't a clue as to how to fix this and make it contact the internet. PLEASE, HELP??

(After failing to run in Linux I installed the card on windows 2000 and it hooked up and ran in the blink of an eye, so it works.)

Thanks in advance for your help. Sure want to get rid of windows, BAD.

Second release candidate of Dapper Drake

Another release candidate of the next Ubuntu version called Dapper Drake has been released. The "Flight CD 2" gives a preview of the new version based on linux kernel 2.6.15.

Because of this kernel change the release has been slightly delayed, as is requires udev 071 or newer. That's why Canonical has updated Udev and removed the old Hotplug. Own Hotplug rules have to be rewritten to Udev rules manually. Because of that change the hardware detection should be even better now. Even the PCMCIA infrastructure has been switchted to Udev so that the Cardmgr isn't required any more, even though some old config files are still being used.

Dapper Drake uses a new bootloader based on gfxboot. It integrates the language selector, which should be a great benefit for the Live-CD. The standard resolution of the framebuffer has been set to 640x480 pixels, so that the installer is going to be displayed on all systems correctly now. The APT- and user configuration within the installer has also been improved.

Server team optimizes server edition of Ubuntu 6.04

With Ubuntu 5.10 there already has been a special version of Ubuntu for servers.

For the upcoming version 6.04 a newly founded server team plans to further optimize the server edition of Ubuntu. It is being planed to test server hardware with Ubuntu in depth. Also the quality of the kernel shall be ensured to establish Ubuntu as a reliable server platform. IBMs DB2 has already been certified with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 6.04 will be released in April 2006 and brings a longer support period. Canonical plans a commitment to security updates for three years for the desktop version and 5 years for the server version. Currently Canonical is looking after some new members for their Server team.

free VMWare client with preinstalled Ubuntu image

VMWare offers a free product called Browser Appliance, which is a virtual PC with Ubuntu Linux 5.10. It is aimed for safer surfing in a safe virtual environment using Firefox 1.5. The download is 258 mb in size.

To use the preinstalled Ubuntu image you need the free VMWare Player, which has now been released as a final version. The VMWare Player is available for Linux and Windows and allows starting existing images. To create new images you need the full product.

After every reboot the browser settings like history and saved passwords are being lost, as the image always starts in its original condition. This feature can also be deactivated.

I am extremely new at this and need a lot of help!

I have a windows desktop and a linux ubuntu 5.04 laptop. How do I network the two? I have no idea!

Mac Mini

I installed breezy but it didn't recognise the modem. I am new to linux. Can anyone help me please?

DELL Inspiron 9300

I would like to report that Ubuntu 5.10 works better out of the box on my DELL Inspiron 9300 than Mandriva 2006 PowerPack i've downloaded on the Mandriva Club.
I've seen there are differents 9300 models, mine is a Centrino with an ATI Mobility Radeon X300 ad 1GB of RAM.
I was very happy to see that everything works without configuring anything :)
Have a nice day,

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