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Display and sound drivers

Hi,my old pc, using ubuntu has dyed. I've just bought new notebook pc, IBM-Lenovo 3000 n100. I would like to continue use ubuntu in my new pc. But there are two problems: n100 uses desktop resolution 1200x800. System control can use this video resolution (it lets to check the box for use) but it still do not turn on this resolution, just shows error message, that display has a problem, at lower resolution display view is smooth. Don't like this. In winxp it works perfectly, when I have installed display drivers.The same with a sound. No sound at all. Probing sound devices, also changing sound deamons has no effect.I think these problems has occured because there is no drivers for new hardware.OK, I tryed to download drivers for my PC form lenovo, but it has drivers only for windows XP. And I am not so keen on windoz..:(Can You help me, or have any ideas how I can use ubuntu in my PC with normal screen and sound?Thanks guys for any info.

Convert Physical Windows Systems Into Virtual Machines To Be Run On A Linux Desktop

This article shows how you can convert a physical Windows system (XP, 2003, 2000, NT4 SP4+) into a VMware virtual machine with the free VMware Converter Starter. The resulting virtual machine can be run in the free VMware Player and VMware Server, and also in VMware Workstation and other VMware products. VMware Converter comes in handy if you want to switch to a Linux desktop, but feel the need to run your old Windows desktop from time to time. By converting your Windows desktop into a virtual machine, you can run it under VMware Server/Player, etc. on your Linux desktop. http://www.howtoforge.com/vmware_converter_windows_linux

6.06 LTS Server apt-get fails

I recently installed 6.06 server (choosing the LAMP config from the installer menu). I had some strange problems with the OS and after hearing the LAMP configuration installer was flakey sometimes I re-loaded the thing from scratch, this time choosing only the basic install. However, the problems presisted. There are several things wrong. First, the apt-get will not connect to any archives on the internet AT ALL. Every attempt brings back either an error or ignore message. This happens even when the firewall is forwarding all ports directly to the server, so I don't think it's a NAT issue. Also, the man command is acting funny. I can read man pages (ie man tcpdump) but when I search for a keyword with man -k it always comes back with "nothing appropriate" even when I search for know good commands (like man -k tcpdump).  Finally, I can't mount remote drives through the fstab. Something strange is going on...I think it's a global system issue. I suspected the disc at first, but I used the disc's onboard self-diagnostic and it came back clean.

ntfs-3g and usb drive

I'd like to know how can I write in an USB drive storage formatted ntfs. I use Ubuntu edgy eft and I don't know how to solve this problem. I've tried with ntfs-3g but got no results.

Setting up a serial console

This tutorial will show you how to set up a serial console on a Linux system, and connect to it via a null modem cable. This is quite useful if your Linux server is in a headless configuration (no keyboard or monitor), as it allows you to easily get a console on the system if there are any problems with it (especially network problems, when SSH is not available). In the end, the GRUB menu will appear over the serial link, as will the bootup messages (output when booting the system). I am using Debian Etch on the server and Ubuntu Edgy on my client, although this should work on any Linux distribution. http://www.howtoforge.com/setting_up_a_serial_console

Run Your Own Webradio Station With Icecast2 And Ices2

This tutorial describes how to set up an audio streaming server with Icecast2. In order that Icecast2 can stream audio to listeners we install Ices2. Ices2 is a program that sends audio data to an Icecast2 server to broadcast to clients. Ices2 can either read audio data from disk (Ogg Vorbis files), or sample live audio from a sound card and encode it on the fly. In this article we will let Ices2 read .ogg files from the local hard disk. http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_webradio_with_icecast2_ices2

Freezes on installation

I am trying to load 6.06 on a new computer. Goes through initial procedure, all "OK" then freezes with random graphics on screen. Also tried 6.10, as well as SUSE, Gentoo and Knoppix, all with similar result. Problem seems to be Display Controller. VIA Technologies P4M890 (Device number 3343) System P4, 512 RAM. Any help appreciated.

Xserver--color depth

After installation I configure xserver manually and at the "pick the color depth" screen no matter what i pick it won't work because it says something about overwriting.

wacuum the distro of your choise

    This would indeed be a sake for open eyed marvel!Say you have all programs running, all updates right the system is selfcontained and working optimal.Now you just want to suck up the entire settings and programs for a re-installable backup.That would be great!But can this be done?

Sigma SD 10 and Sigma software SSPII

    I have this particular problem.I want everything old to run on linux Ubuntu 6.10. Even the Sigma software for my Sigma SD10.I have tried WINE and since I am as green as I am I cannot get it to start install of the package.Has elder and wiser the time to guide me here?http://www.sigmaphoto.com/support/camerasb_sd10_downloads_spp21.asp

How to Set up Network Bonding in Ubuntu 6.10

Network Bonding, otherwise known as port trunking allows you to combine multiple network ports into a single group, effectively aggregating the bandwidth of multiple interfaces into a single connection. For example, you can aggregate two gigabyte ports into a two-gigabyte trunk port. Bonding is used primarily to provide network load balancing and fault tolerance. http://www.howtoforge.com/network_bonding_ubuntu_6.10

No Network!

Hi from a Linux Newbie!I have taken the plunge and am trying Linux for the first time. Apart from the system running very slowly (1.8G Athlon - I have seen Server 2003 with Exchange booting faster!), I cannot get the network to work at all! I have tried DHCP and static IP's - neither works. The system seems to be recognising the network card as a Realtek chipset based device, but I don't seem to be able to get the system to send or recieve any packets? With a static IP, I can ping itself, but I can't get any response to pinging anything else. I have tried getting rid of IVP6 - no effect. I have used a (Windows - based) network sniffer and it detects the MAC address of the network card, so I know the hardware of the network card is working. Am I overlooking something stupid? Any suggestions gratefully accepted before I throw the machine through the nearest window/reinstall Win XP!

I need reassurance

Hey, i just got my Ubuntu disk through the post today and i need some help, All i am worried about is installing drivers and playing my favorite games!!!! will the driver disks i get with my componants install, or is theree a website with drivers for lots of hardware? (i feel like a big noob asking this but jus need to know)Thank you so much and any reply will be helpful and i hope i posted in the correct place!!cosstick

Fight Image Spam With FuzzyOCR And SpamAssassin On Debian/Ubuntu

This tutorial describes how to scan emails for image spam with FuzzyOCR. FuzzyOCR is a plugin for SpamAssassin which is aimed at unsolicited bulk mail containing images as the main content carrier. Using different methods, it analyzes the content and properties of images to distinguish between normal mails (ham) and spam mails. FuzzyOCR tries to keep the system load low by scanning only mails that have not already been categorized as spam by SpamAssassin, thus avoiding unnecessary work. http://www.howtoforge.com/fight_image_spam_with_fuzzyocr_spamassassin

Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu

I have a Thoshiba laptop at home, I was running “Edgy Eft� (Ubuntu Linux 6.10) But one of the important things about it was its inability to connect to WPA-encrypted Wifi access points.In my home i have a WPA Enabled Wireless router so i need to connect to my wireless network using WPA.I am giving the procedure that worked for me to enable wpa in my toshiba laptop.This will work most of ubuntu users who is trying to access WPA network.

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