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Spam bot?

What is spam bot? I seem to be only person to answer no to the question. Do I need to change my answer? Ernbobbie

Updated to 10.04, Lost wireless

Updated to 10.04 on Friday. Saturday, signed in and found no wireless icon in taskbar and no connection to internet What happened, and how do I fix. All other computers on LAN are fine. Thanks Erniebob

winff ffmpeg: unrecognized option '--ar' Lucid Lynx

following error message appear if i try to convert a mp3 file:

Duration: 00:07:40.04, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 187 kb/s
Stream #0.0: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 192 kb/s
/usr/bin/ffmpeg: unrecognized option '--ar'

please help

I can't find SUDU when in terminal

Hello, I am fairly new at this. I am using 9.10 (karmic) and I am trying to install java .
I have downloaded the latest java6u20.i586.bin package and when I open up a terminal window and type sudu I get response command not found as shown below:

simon@simon-desktop:~$ sudu
No command 'sudu' found, did you mean:
Command 'tudu' from package 'tudu' (universe)
Command 'sudo' from package 'sudo' (main)
Command 'sudo' from package 'sudo-ldap' (universe)
sudu: command not found
I am dual booting with XP and did install ubuntu inside windows. If I install Lucid Lynx will that fix my problem? Or is there an easier way for me to install 'sudu'?

I am still very much at the beginner level, so any help please would be most welcome.
Many thanks

backup thunderbird email

Anybody got some excellent easy ideas [meaning programs] for backing up things like emails and documents and other perishable data for restoring after bad update or wipe drive with zeros reinstall? Looking for ease of use because of dementia and inability to stay focused while remembering and doing!!! Thanx #:)SW

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is out now!

Finally Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is out!!

You can download it here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/

aTunes - Full-featured audio player and manager

aTunes is a full-featured audio player and manager, developed in Java programming language, so it can be executed on different platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix-like systems.Currently plays mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4 and radio streaming, allowing users to easily edit tags, organize music and rip Audio CDs.

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Problems with installing Softwares

Thanks very much alanrochester for your help, I now have a better understanding of the ways SW are installed in Linux environment. However when I tried to have the SW XVidcap from http://linuxappfinder.com/ installed using the default GDebi package installer, I got the error message:" Dependency is not satisfiable", and when I tried another version of XVidcap, I got the error message: "A later version is available in a software channel. You are strongly advised to install the version from the software channel, since it is usually better supported." My question is where can I find this software channel? and what can I do with the dependency problem? Thanks again.

Don't know how to install downloaded SW

I've just downloaded several sw from sourceforge.net and they are in the downloads folder. One sw I had to unzip and extract the contents to a new folder. I don't know how to install these sw. Please help me. Thanks. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10. Thanks

Help getting MFC5840 CN scanner functional in Ubuntu 9.04 and or 9.10

I'm still trying to find help with getting my scanner to function under Ubuntu. It once was functioning in 9.04 but ceased about the time Xsane updated from 0.995 to 0.996. I have dementia and cannot stay focused long enough to solve the problem. In fact I'm not sure how I got scanner working in first place. I remember trying command line driver install and then synaptic install prob. several times each and one day it worked. I'm starting to fade in thinking power as I write this. One problem I'm having is understanding su and sudo. Most times when I use su and then type password it says password not valid. Some times sudo works and I get to run a command but it seems flaky letting me run commands all day long or stopping working altogether.

open firewall port UDP Port 54925

I'm running Firestarter as a firewall on my Ubuntu 9.04, 9.10, and 10.04 releases but have done little to nothing beyond running the basic Wizard on install. I'm attempting to trouble shoot why my MFC5840 CN 'AIO' scanner isn't working and the Brother site says that port 54825 needs to be open. How do I tell if it is open and if not how to open it?
Thanx %:)SW

How do I delete the owner?

Thanks everybody for you help. Now I need to delete me as the "owner" so I can sell the Dell/mini. Any suggestions?

Ubuntu 10.04 is coming!

How do I undelete my taskbar?

I totaly do not know what I am doing with computers period! Then I get a Dell with Ubuntu and while trying to delete the owner I accidently deleted the entire rask bar (the one on the top pf the page) and now I can't do any thing except change my wallpaper.

Need Help

i need help....4i am trying to access /etc/apt/sources.list
and i get everytime the message that permisioon is denied....
i have try su
and log in as a root, but still not working..
i have try to change the root password(sucesfuly)
but still cant access the directory...
so i odnt know what to do as i am a big noob in linux...
my gola is to create my own server with ffdshow installed where i can use my own youtube script like or clipbucket...
any help to achieve this..will be great....
thanks a lot....