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Gnubuntu: a completely free Ubuntu?

A new Ubuntu derivative is under development. It's called Gnubuntu and only uses software which follows the Free Software Foundation (FSF) guidelines. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu distribution, agreed this with GNU-founder Richard Stallman.

Stallman supports the idea, but isn't happy with the name. Anyway, the name Gnubuntu will be kept, the corresponding domain gnubuntu.org is already registered - but with no content on it yet.

The new distribution will only contain Ubuntu packages, which follow the Free Software Foundation guidelines. Most of the linux distributions already consist mostly of free software, but they also contain binary packages without the corresponding source code or commercial applications. One exception is the Ututo distribution, which already consists only of free software completely. Shuttleworth wants to ask these developers to join the Gnubuntu development.

Free digital Linux magazines

Hi there,

I've found two interesting Linux magazines, which can be downloaded monthly as PDF file. You can leave your email address on their website to be informed about new issues (subscribers get the link earlier).

These magazines are not exclusively about Ubuntu linux, but Ubuntu and Ubuntu applications often take part of it. So if you're interested in Linux related distributions and applications, it's definitely worth a try.

Here they are:
http://www.o3magazine.com/ (this one is brand new)

First preview of Dapper Drake released

The Ubuntu developer have released a first preview of their new Ubuntu version with codename Dapper Drake. It features some improvements on the installer and plenty of new packages taken from Debian unstable. Kubuntu, the KDE variant, has also been updated.

There are now 5.219 updated packages, 4.064 of them coming from the debian unstable branch. Plenty of them should bring new features to the distribution, but unfortunately Canonical made no detailled declaration what packages are affected.

The installer has been updated and includes some improvements. It now detects multi processor systems better and doesn't offer any partitioning for CD and DVD burners any more. Additionally FAT filesystems won't be mounted at locations, where errors could occur.

This first version of Dapper Drake is just a preview version mainly aimed at developers. The final version will be released not before April 2006.

If you're interested you can download this preview of Ubuntu and Kubuntu for x86, PowerPC and AMD64 platforms as install or live CD.

Inspiron 6000

Since my last entry I've gotten VLC to work great on both my machines, Dell 4600c and Inspiron 6000. DVD playback is great, don't forget to enable DMA though. It doesn't seem to be enabled by default. I have the wireless working on my Inspiron 6000 using WEP security. Breezy found the new Intel Pro 2200b/g card in it and installed everything. All I had to do was activate the card and put in my SSID and key. Presto everything is working great. Network setup is graphical just like in Windows, which is great for the Linux newbie like myself.

The more I use Breezy B. the more I'm impressed. It's been a little over a month now, I only get on my windows pc to do my graphics work because I'm familiar with the software, and for my personal finances, Quicken, enough said.
I was amazed when I got my 5 copies of Breezy in the mail, free of charge, each with an install and live disc. I don't think I will be buying any Windows OS again. I've given all my copies away to the college students next door, all CS students, they love Ubuntu, and all have used Linux extensively in their studies. I'm a newbie and I suppose easily impressed, but this distro is the first one I've been able to even get my wireless working on my laptop! NDISWrapper does not work for me, I'm sure it's because I'm not installing and setting it up correctly. I'm glad Ubuntu has drivers for the INtel Pro 2200 B/G mini PCI. My laptop has a Celeron processor and 512mb ram. It can get a little sluggish at times with Windows XP, Ubuntu on the other hand just flies around on it. I don't think I've ever seen an hourglass. So far I've been able to find all the apps to do what I do except for Quicken. Gimp will no doubt do the graphics work, but I am reluctant to change right now.

My first entry here

Hello everybody from France,
i've discovered this site by searching on Google for Ubuntu blogs because i wanted to write a blog dedicated to my Ubuntu experience with desktops and notebooks but also with servers. It's on this site i've discovered the new Server version of Ubuntu and i'm currently doing my tests and futures demos with this new version on VIA Mini-ITX PC with a slim case to show it as a slim server.
I will try to maintain her on my blog a log of what actions i've tried with my Ubuntu servers but also with my Ubuntu desktops.
This weekend, i will try the Ubuntu version of eMule which i think is aMule.
The next week, i have to show how to synchronize Outlook and web calendars using eGroupware on an Ubuntu central server, a PocketPC and notebook.
So i will write more during the next days.

New space *stretch*


I should start off saying that I'm a university student with a few years of working on unix systems before finally setting up a linux system of my own. After doing some research on dual boot laptop experiences (http://www.linux-laptop.net/ ), I deceided to got with an XP/ubuntu setup on a Dell Inspiron 9300.

The dual boot setup was surprisingly simple. I reparitioned the XP NTFS to give me about 7 gigs of uncommited space, and then just booted up the ubuntu 5.1 installer. One small issue is that uppon startup ubuntu seems to want to sync its clock up with one over a network connection. I'd like to turn that feature off, but I have yet to find out how.

I'm still new to linux, and currently I'm exploring the different applications offered. I hope to eventually create a more personalized version of the workspace I have with my university's Sun boxes.

Official Ubuntux IRC channel founded

Hi there,

now we have an official Ubuntux channel. It's #ubuntux.org at Freenode (servername: irc.freenode.net). Everyone who wants to get involved may join.

For the beginning we need graphical artists (for banners etc.), bloggers (writing about their experiences, news, tips'n'tricks, etc.), forum posters (howtos, everything what Ubuntu beginners could want to know). See you @ IRC :)

OpenOffice 2 released

OpenOffice.org 2.0: A Choice for A Real Change

OpenOffice 2 has been released today. You can download it from the official website. It is being offered in more than 60 languages for many operating systems (including Linux).

The suite now also offers a database module, Base, to complement the word processor (Writer), spreadsheet manager (Calc), presentation manager (Impress) and drawing tool (Draw) modules. These give all users the tools they need to be productive in the modern world. Free for all, OpenOffice.org offers everyone the enduring freedoms to use, study, improve and share the software.

To find out more about the features visit the website OpenOffice.org 2.0 Features.

OpenOpenOffice or how to open OpenDocument in MS Office

Microsoft doesn't support the free office fileformat OpenDocument in its Office suites. They don't even want to implement it in the future. The Australian group "Open Source Victoria" (a cooperation of more than 100 companies) wants to change that. They want to develop a plugin to teach Microsoft Office handling with OpenDocument.

The plugin is called "OpenOpenOffice" (short: O3) and is based on the MS-Office filters of OpenOffice.org. It is not yet clear when the plugin will be finished and under what conditions (licence etc.).

Details about the project can be found at http://www.phase-n.com/openopenoffice.

Their motto: "OpenOpenOffice opens OpenDocument documents in Office". If Microsoft will not add OpenDocument to Office, the

Ubuntu 5.10 for Server released

Ubuntu 5.10 has now been released in a Server version with a special kernel, which supports systems with more than one CPU, and without any desktop environment. Included software packages are Apache, Bind, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Samba, OpenLDAP and Zope.

The installation with 400 MB required space is very slim. It installs just the needed software packages, to have a easier to supervise system. To have better control, it also boots in text mode. Canonical points out, that the installation is also very secure. While installing there are no open ports and network services will only be started when explicitly installed.

As always Canonical offers security updates for the next 18 months for free.

Ubuntu 5.10 in the Server edition can be downloaded from now on for the x86-, PowerPC- and AMD64 platforms. Give it a try and please give us feedback about your experiences.

VMware Player: virtual machines for everyone

VMware offers with the VMware player a program for free, which is capable of running preinstalled virtual machines on Linux and Windows. The player runs not only VMware machines, but also Microsoft Virtual Machines and Symantec LiveState Recovery Disks. With this licence free software it is not possible to create virtual machines. For that purpose you still need the VMware Workstation, GSX Server or ESX Server.

VMware is offering preinstalled virtual machines based on Red Hat and SUSE Linux in its Virtual Machine Center as free downloads. VMware is also offering a Virtual machine based on Ubuntu in its Browser Appliance Virtual Machine Center. It's no full Ubuntu, but a basic version dedicated to run as a secure browsing environment (download size: 200mb). See screenshot.

Hopefully there will be a virtual machine based on the full Ubuntu 5.10 offered soon. Please report if you find one for download.

Inspiron 6000

I was so happy with Breezy on my desktop I thought I'd try my Dell Inspiron 6000 on my wireless G network. All went happily with the install. Power settings, sound, graphics all perfect. The hitch came when I tried to setup my wireless connection and my Broadcom based Dell 1370 mini-pci was not recognized. I have made several attempts to get NSISWrapper to work without success. I'm not losing faith however. I'm so new I just need more time to fine tune this and I'm sure it will work, everyone on the forums writes of success.
Another problem is DVD playback; movies. I will try Mplayer and see if that solves my problem. I'd appreciate any feedback on my wireless and DVD problems. Enjoying Ubuntu Breezy Badger immensely!

Pleasantly Surprised

I had purchased SUSE Linux desktop previously and installed it on my Dell 4600c. I was frustrated by the trouble I had getting this install to work, and more frustrated with the volumonous documentation. I stumbled across Hoary by accident and thought why not, it sounds good. It installed perfectly, 1st try dual boot with WinXP. I've since upgraded to Breezy and it just works. All hardware was identified and installed correctly by both distros. The ease of adding packages with adaptic is amazing. I'm quickly becoming a Linux user instead of a Linux dabbler thanks to Ubuntu!

Ubuntu wins Linux Journal Reader's Choice Award

London 18th October 2005: The popular Ubuntu operating system is moving from strength to strength, winning awards across the globe for the best Linux distribution. This time, it's the readers of the Linux Journal who have chosen Ubuntu as their favourite.

In the November edition of the Linux Journal, Ubuntu beat the more established distributions in this year's Reader's Choice awards.

In the Linux Journal review, Steve Hastings wrote that "Ubuntu Linux is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to run Linux on a desktop system. It's easy to install and to administer. Everyone from beginners to experts can use and appreciate it. And it's free"

Canonical Ltd is again extremely proud that within a year of launching Ubuntu, it is the favourite Linux for so many people. Combining stability with the latest versions of desktops and applications, Ubuntu continues to grow its user base by being the most flexible and most appealing Linux environment for both end users and servers.

tell us your Ubuntu experience!

Hi there,

surely some of you have tried Ubuntu. We have users on this site who are very new to Linux and also users who have used Linux for more than 5 years. It doesn't matter how much Linux experience you have, you're hear to learn and to get help. Or maybe you want to find out the lastest news about Ubuntu.

Remember: You can create yourself a user and have your own blog on this site. This enables you to write your experiences, get feedback and maybe even find some new friends. Your blog will surely be read hundreds of times! You will even get promoted to the front page. There's no nicer way to learn Linux and specifically Ubuntu.

I'm looking forward to have some postings of you online soon :)