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Histwi — Powerful twitter tools

Histwi is linux desktop program for Twitter account management.

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file encryption after installation

Is it possible to flick a switch in menus or command line to reverse my decision during install not to encrypt my files? Sure would appreciate knowing how if it can be done.
Thanx %:))SW


poradnik Ubuntu


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changing username

How can i change my username in ubuntu?
I tried
usermod -l newname oldname

but it is saying that
usermod: user oldname is currently logged in

anyone help me

Newbie on Linux I'm afraid - need a spot of help with drivers


I have just installed Linux for the first time on my old laptop - a Toshiba Satellite Pro SPA10-EN. I installed Ubuntu 10.4 Beta. It was a clean install which went fine and I used the Update manager to download and install all the updates (266 of them).

I am left with 2issues. I have no sound from the SoundMax onboard card and the video is very jumpy.

Can anyone help with this please.



Ubuntu 10.4

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Ubuntu 10.4
Hi, I been reading a lot of very positive things about Ubuntu 10.4. I am realy looking foward to using it, when it's released. I have found Ubuntu to quite stable when it's first comes out, but not always.

Like others I try many different operating systems (It's a hobby with me.) and occasionally I find a new one that has too many bugs to be stable enough for reliable use. So this is what I do. On my primary computer I wait for two months, watching the forms for signs of trouble. If the system is getting the go sign I install it. This saves me a lot of grief!

Many will says this boring way to do things. I agree, but it minimizes my grief!
What I do in order to get around this, is to install the brand new or a beta OSD, on an old machine, and try it out. This way I have a working machine, and can sample the latest and greatest, without suffering.

Copy File Function in Linux Kernel

Hi everybody , I'm Sultan

Linux and Ubuntu beginner.

I downloaded the source code from this link: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-

I want to see when i press on a file: copy .. and paste in another place.

how is it work ?

i think using C language .. read and create .. etc

where can i find the source code for this function ( copy file )

Thanks ,, Sultan

changing password in main login.

Ok, i've been reading how to change passwords and such.. but I just need a simple answer..

I have 1 login to sign on upon start up... I NEED to get that password changed. I dont want to make a new login for the other person who uses my computer, its just my boyfriend... he has his own computer. but knows my password. and I just dont want him on it when i'm not home...after what I found today in the history :) so simple answer to a simple question.. how do I just change the initial login password for ubuntu...

BAR - Backup archiver program

BAR is backup archiver program to create compressed and encrypted archives of files that can be stored on a hard disk, CD, DVD, or directly on a server via FTP, SCP, or SFTP. A server mode and a scheduler are integrated for making automated backups in the background. A graphical front end that can connect to the (remote) server is included.

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smbus base uninitialized upgrade bios of Force_addr=0xaddr

I'm getting this message during boot of 9.10 and 10.04 Beta Ubuntu. 9.10 makes it through and functions fairly well however 10.04 does not complete boot and just hangs on splash screen. I found links that state that it is motherboard drivers at fault but these are incidents with Windows and the story goes for the affected to find smbus on driver cd and install/
reinstall....??? This seems to conflict with the message to upgrade bios tho. I'm lost as to what to do.
I don't recall seeing it in 9.04 Ubuntu boot. Do I dare chance a bios upgrade? My memory isn't as sharp as it use to be... It's a K7S5A ver 1.0 rev.3.1 and bios is 10/02/2002. Read something else that stated that smbus was for system clock basically. If so how could it keep 10.04 from booting?

commands for finding and removing MFC installation

If some one attempted a command line install of an MFC scanner driver but something went wrong such as maybe USB in stead of Network or visa versa and then later tried to install with Synaptic How would one go about removing all prior installs in order to attempt it again?

linux replacement for Foxit reader

i did not quite like the linux version of the foxit reader. it was slow and did not have all the tools. i was wondering if there is a linux application which performs the functions that are performed by Foxit ?


foxit replacement for linux

i did not quite like the linux version of the foxit reader. it was slow and did not have all the tools. i was wondering if there is a linux application which performs the functions that are performed by Foxit ?


VirtualBox running in Ubuntu 9.04 16 bit 32 bit problem

VirtualBox in 9.04 Ubuntu to run other Distros. I got WinXPPro on as first Virtualization [which works ok] and each attempt with other Linux's (Ubuntu 9.1 and Suse 11.2) have ended up giving me error messages about how Virtual machine is set up in 32 bit operation but the guest OS that I'm installing is set and 16 bit and needs to have settings changed to 32 bit to stop the pop up messages and increase speed.