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How to setup gnome-panel in ubuntu 8.04.1.

  • Yesterday I failed to  open the option window of gnome-panel after having deselected the "strentch the panel" (ie. maybe "expand the panel ") in the options.
  • Just now I found these two files:
  • ~/.gconf/apps/panel/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen0/background/%gconf.xml 778 09/17/2008 14:19 -a-- .


  • ~/.gconf/apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0/background/%gconf.xml 778 09/17/2008 14:19 -a-- .


  • <entry name="expand" mtime="1221697290" schema="/schemas/apps/panel/toplevels/expand" type="bool" value="true">


Linux Data Recovery after Installing Fedora Core 5

I use dual booting between Linux and Windows on my system. Few days back, I realized that I need to change my Linux distribution due to some performance problems and hence I opted for Fedora Core 5.   Without feeling the need of knowing the details of safe installation, I proceeded in my own way and this is the one, where I mistook. During the installation, on the page where we have to select the partition and drive, I went for ‘Remove all Partitions on Selected drives and create default layout’ option.   After this I selected the ‘Remove all Linux Partitions on Selected drives and create default layout’ and clicked ‘Next’. Seriously, I didn’t know that this single click will cost me in this manner. I lost all my volumes and hence the contained data. The situation was drastic and I needed an immediate cure of Linux recovery.

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Pytube - Best YouTube,Google manager, downloader and video converter for Ubuntu Linux

PyTube is a GUI for various command-line tools such as:youtube-dl, sox, mplayer, mencoder, ffmpeg and others.It allows you to resize, rotate, apply an external mp3 into a video, generate a 10 to 30 seconds mp3 ring tone.

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HI.. Friends i am 7th semester BE student... and looking for a mini project idea. Can any body help me to find that? If the project will contribute to linux.. it will be the best :)

WooHoo Hi new to Ubuntu and this here community

Hi I am a systems service tech and want to learn about this here new fangled OS. *LOL*actually I am new to Ubuntu and have 32 bit running on my laptop and have a copy of server for a new machine I am building.I am A+ certified and really want to see if I can get Ubuntu and Vista or XP to play nice so bear with me if I end up asking a lot of possibly dumb ass questions.thanx and glad to be here.

i prefer to the linux OS

It is a pity that the windows OS becomes slower and slower.

windows vista?

Has anybody switched from vista? How did you reconcile email?

new to linux

hii am new to all os other than windows. i installed ubuntu on my new pc. but aftre that i am not able to instal windows. can anybody help me whta to do.i want to uninstall ubuntu, then insatl windows and then partiton and instal ubuntu thamks

Not sure what's going on

New to Linux but like what I see. I installed 8.04 on hubby's old desktop after installing new motherboard, etc. Was working great. Went to work, came home and wasn't working. Couldn't restart, even after cold boot. Unplugged it and went on. Re-plugged later and it came up but wouldn't get past login screen. Unplugged again, restarted, did fresh install, removed partition, etc. Nothing else on system. Came up beautifully after install. Set everything up, everything worked, went to bed. Get up, same problem. Unplugged and ignored. Replugged, came up. Went to do updates and in the middle of those, went to blank tan screen. No response from anything. Have again unplugged. Aprox 5 yr old Compaq Presario - could this be power supply issue or is it OS related? Any help appreciated. Thanks

Pybackpack - A user friendly file backup tool for Ubuntu Linux Desktop

A graphical tool to make file backup simpler. Provides a user-friendly interface which allows you to back up your files easily to an archive, to a CD/DVD or to a remote location using SSH.pybackpack is a user-friendly file backup tool written for the Gnome desktop and released under the GPL.

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FIX the Hardy Flash Crash!

I have been tinkering for ages, and I *finally* managed to get flash with sound to play without randomly crashing. Details are here at my blog! http://mikesubuntu.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-to-fix-flash-crash-in-hardy....

Howto Share Internet Connections in Ubuntu

Network Bridge comes in handy. Its essentially the same as ICS, only more flexible, albeit less secure. You might want to have a firewall remain on your system with it.

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Make a linux kiosk of your old laptop

There doesn't have to be the EOL = End Of Life for your old laptop. You could for example give the old computer a new life as a portal for YouTube at a public spot.If your're a handyman, you could build a dedicated kiosk and install the computer in it, locking it down to browser only and attach a set of speakers to the kiosk and either hook it up with cable or wifi. It could bring joy to anyone bypassing it, for instance at a café for students to watch the latest music videos or at the local nursing home for the users to watch old music videos/films.Howto: Install Ubuntu linux or a lighter version, Xubuntu and use opera kiosk mode.

Furius ISO Mount - Mount and Unmount ISO images with GUI Tool in Ubuntu Linux

An ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG Image management utility for the Gnome Desktop Environment. Furius ISO Mount


* Automatically Mounts ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG Image Files.

* Automatically creates a mount point in your home directory.

* Automatically Unmounts the Image files.

* Automatically removes the mount directory to return your home directory to its previous state.

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