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lost battery charge and wifi icon

am using Ubuntu 9.10 on an acer aspire one.
i have by mistake removed the icons for battery charge and the wifi from the pannel on my desktop and am unable to retrieve them. its a big problem cause i do not know how much charge i have left on my computer and i loose work because the comp shuts down whenever it is out of charge.. please help.

cant run a Music player

Im a new for UBUNDU. Yesterday i have installed the Ubundu application in my machine. Now XP and UBUNDU running are same machine.

I cant run default music player. please advice.

Can I install any drivers in that machine ??


How can I change my icons from Ubuntu?

How can I change my icons from Ubuntu? Is there a website where you can download different color/style icons and from where? THANKS!

Frozen cursor

The cursor is unresponsive after updating Unbuntu. What can I do to restore the cursor?

Installation on Mac

How do I install Ubuntu 9.10 from USB on mac. I got a friend to set up the flashdrive, but when I start my mac and go to the boot screen the flashdrive doesn't appear. Do I need to change a setting?


can anyone can suggest a project topic and it's idea also that i can do in Linux platform or some other.

Scanner and PCfax utilization setup Brother MFC 5840CN

Would like help for Brother MFC 5840CN Scanner and PCfax utilization.
scanner is reporting supported device is busy and cannot scan to file.
I would also like to set up and use the Pcfax!

TestDrive - Test Drive an Ubuntu ISO in a Virtual Machine

TestDrive is a project that makes it very easy to download and run the latest daily Ubuntu development snapshot in a virtual machine. Actually, it can be configured to download and run any URL-access ISO in a virtual machine. But the primary goal is to provide a very simple method for allowing non-technical Ubuntu users to test and provide feedback on the current Ubuntu release under development.

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does ffserver support RTSP?

does ffserver support RTSP/RTP for live video streaming?
if not which is the best one for this...

READY TO SMASH this printer

Hello I am new to ubuntu and I like the looks of it, but i can't seem to get this printer Hooked up properly

The printer is a MFC-240c I THOUGHT i had it install ed but when i went to print, nothing comes out and when u go to see the printe job its says the printed was complete, Printing should not be this difficult I'm ready to go back to XP

So if ANYONE can help me the I'd REALLY appreciate it

I'm not sure where to install the drivers to on my c driver
I went to: brother solutions but nothing makes sense to me PLEASE HELP ME



Hi every one!

Can anyone assist me on how to connect internet in my ubuntu 9.04 using a modem..? Thanx

Ubuntu freezes

Hey all.

I really need need some help so here's my problem:

I installed ubuntu 6.10 on an older laptop with no working operating system. The install went fine, finalized okay, etc., but when I removed the installation disk after install and tried to reboot, ubuntu froze up. It takes me past the first black ubuntu splash screen with progress bar to a peach colored screen where the mouse cursor animates briefly then the whole process stops. it just sits at this screen. Please help, I have to get this laptop working. thanx!!

Ubuntu 9.1 on an ACER Aspire one. Many thanks

I just loaded Ubuntu 9.1 lite on to an Acer Aspire One and what a pleasure, all worked well all runs fast and clean. I even got a sierra 306 broadband wireless card up and running. Thanks to everyone that make this so easy. the only issue is that only one of the SD ports is viewable but hopefully a little digging on this site will have that up and running in no time.


Cinecutie - New Video editor and composer for Linux

After lot of time spent to learn the cinelerra code, I want to move an other step on the opensource contribute. I’m started from tangolerra project made by Franco Iacomella and after an hard job with svg I made my personal mochup of Cinelerra called Cutiehd. But when I started to work on the mochup of Cinelerra 2.1cv I tryed to enable again the support of font antialias (xft), write a draft of Utf-8 support, rewrite some parts of titler code and adapt the svg plugin from the Cinelerrasv by “Simeon Völkel”. I know that these features can generate instability, so I decided to make a new package with it’s name and icon called Cinecutie, that can be consider more as “mochup” than a real “fork”. In order to make possible the installation with cinelerra I had to rename not only name but also libraries and settings dir (from ~/.bcast to ~/.ccutie).

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My Ubuntu is gone

Ok,m We All Know how bad vista is and it went south on me and I had to reinstal it. well now there is no boot loader and I can't get to my unbuntu that was running perfect