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adobe flash player

hi i'm new user for this OS...
i already install adobe flash player at my computer but i have little problem..
why when i open a site with support for this program, it's really slow... :'(
is there any suggest for my problem????

Uninstalling ubuntu

i have a compaq presario laptop,
i've installed ubuntu 10.04 on, now i want to install windows xp on it,
but i was unable to install xp on it, currently i have only ubuntu installed on it.
i want to uninstall ubuntu and install xp,
can u please tell me how to uninstall ubuntu from it?
thank you,

BTRFS partition stopped working. Can't boot nor mount. Error message "no init found. try passing init= bootarg

My computer has Ubuntu 10.10 installed with 3 partitions: ext4 (/boot), btrfs (/) with encrypted home folder, and swap. A few days ago while using the computer, the screen froze and when I rebooted I start getting the following error message: "no init found. try passing init= bootarg". I tryied to boot from a Ubuntu CD but when I try to access (mount) the btrfs partition the computer freezes. I took the hard drive out and connected as a second drive on a different computer (also running Ubuntu 10.10). When trying to access (mount) the btrfs partition, the screen/computer also freezes. I can access the boot partition just fine but when trying to mount the btrfs it always freezes my computer. I tried different utilities/commands including "sudo btrfsck /dev/sda2", "gparted", and disk utility that comes with ubuntu 10.10. the all show no errors on checking on the btrfs partition and on then hdd health.

How do I get my Home Directory and contents back under Places in Main Menu in panel?

I was trying to get gxine to play music from my Music Folder in my Home Directory. Somehow I merged the two: gxine and Home Folder with all its contents. Each time I clicked on Home Folder in the panel or any of the content folders I got gxine. I uninstalled gxine (and gxineplugin was also automatically uninstalled). Now if I clicked on Home Folder I got the dialogue box: could not open location 'file:///home/dayton32' Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/gxine" (No such file in directory) I tried to reinstall gxineplugin but couldn't. The terminal told me I was having trouble with gxine because it had a bug and that should use gdb, but as a newbie, I am just not confident to go there yet. I would like to get my Home Folder back to its rightful place under Places, and I can later deal with a bug in gxine. I can still get to my Home Folder by way of an icon on my desktop or any of the icons of browser management applications. Any help will be appreciated.

Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition's Installation.....

Hello There,
I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition. When I log in I only get the username and password login. I input that info I get the user@user waiting for me to enter a command. What can I do to leave the shell and open up the desktop?

Windows Video controller driver corrupt after ubuntu boot

Hi all,

I am having trouble with my video controller driver in windows xp (pro) after I use ubuntu 10.10 on my external HD. The graphics card is not being recognized and I have to reinstall the catalyst control center along with the drivers every time I boot back to windows.

I have an Radeon HD 3650 (Switchable Graphics Driver) on T500 ThinkPad.

Aside from this problem, everything works great.

Any suggestions or solutions would be very helpful.

Thank you.

Blank unresponsive screen before login

I'm brand new to Ubuntu (10.10) and spent much of yesterday customizing it, but after a shutdown and reboot (not for an update, i just had to leave), my Ubuntu will not go to the login screen. It instead shows a blank screen and the only response I can get out of it is when I press the arrow keys, it makes a sound. Does anybody know a solution for this?

Dual boot question

I have a dual boot on my laptop, and when I turn my computer on, it has 4 previous versions on it with the Windows 7. How do I remove the previous versions of ubuntu? I know I need to keep the most current previous version as well as the current version but it is filling up the boot screen and I would like them removed. Any help would be most appreciated

A beginner needs ALL the info in connecting, installing, and ???????? wired or wireless Lan on 10.10

Please Pardon me if this is not the right area for this question, but computer people assume everyone already knows how to use these forums and no real guides are available. Still, I was chewed out ABSOLUTELY royally for doing something incorrect on one a month ago--no not here. I seldom use them as I rarely need assistance, but my booklet on the Cisco wired and wireless equipment is incomprehensible the way it is written and presented.

So, if you will please pardon a newcomer, but I need to figure out how to install either a wired or wireless LAN between two computers running Ubuntu 10.10 and share files and a 10 MB DSL broadband connection. I have worked at this for a month and achieved only frustration.

Which is better for VIDEO chat in Ubuntu 10.10 ?

Which is better for VIDEO chat in Ubuntu 10.10 - Empathy, Gtalk, or Gmail Chat...?

Or Other...?

I'm only interested in standards-based FOSS applications.

4Pane - A multi-pane, detailed-list file manager for Linux

4Pane is a multi-pane, detailed-list file manager for Linux. It is designed to be fully-featured without bloat,and aims for speed rather than visual effects. In addition to standard file manager things, it offers multiple undo and redo of most operations (including deletions), archive management including ‘virtual browsing’ inside archives, multiple renaming/duplication of files, a terminal emulator and user-defined tools.

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can't connection to networking

dear all,

I've installed ubuntu-server but no connection kejaringan 10:10
with message error
#/etc/init.d/networking start
Than rather invoking these scripts throught / etc / init.d use the service (8)
utility, e. g service networking start

since the scripts you are atempting to invoke has been converted to an upstard job May Also you use the start (8) utility, eg start networking networking stop / waiting


Thunderbird mail

I am new to computors and stuff, had mine for allmost 3years. Have a desktop w/windows XP. Does anyone know if you can purchase a cd that " removes outlook express and installs firefox TB " or is that impossible? want to buy a lab top, but want to LEARN as much as possible before i do something stupid to a nice exspensive device (lab top)...

Boot and Shut Down Problems

Hi All,

I have just downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Edition onto a USB Stick and run the new OS from it successfuly for a couple of days. Doing so well I decided to load Ubuntu alongside XP Home on the HDD and that is when I had a couple of problems. My Netbook is a Compaq Mini 311e-1101SA.

The first problem was when I switched on I got the GNU GRUB Version 1.98 Screen listing the following:

Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-24 Generic
As Above but with (recovery mode) added
Memory test (memtest 86+)
Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-22 Generic
As Above but with (recovery mode) added
Windows Vista (loader)
Ubuntu 10.10 (on/dev/sda5)

how to setup wireless lan (Kubuntu 10.10)

Please accept my apologies if my question and method is incorrect. I am a first time user and was unable to locate any info as to what might be expected. I am 68 years old and have been using a computer for 35 years so I am very familiar with them. I am new to Linux however. I will attempt to supply the necessary information to make this as easy as possible for you. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

My question... How to install networking (LAN)

I am a long time computer user very familiar with Windows, with some experience on Ubuntu (Gnome). I'm using Kubuntu now as my main system. I have tried the usual sites but they all seem to assume some beginning knowledge and they loose me immediately. I have followed sites and the two books I have, and have hooked up both systems, but I can't seem to get things right. I seriously need your patience and assistance.