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Forgot to create new Partition

I'm inexperienced when installing operating systems and installed Ubuntu over Windows xp and inadvertedly formatted my hard disk drive and lost all my files. Does anyone know of any way to recover my files?

Linux Directory Structure Overview

One of the most noticeable differences between Linux and Windows is the directory structure. Not only is the format different, but the logic of where to find things is different.This tutorial will explain about Linux Directory Structure Overview with graphical image.

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Hello, I am a completely new fellow here, and my main aim is to learn Linux. Where can i start and what do I do to be in it?

Upgrade Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) Beta

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is the upcoming version of the Ubuntu operating system. The common name given to this release from the time of its early development was “Hardy Heron”.This tutorial explains you step by step procedure how to Upgrade Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) Beta

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Ubuntu & Photoshop Elements 6

Hi Ubuntu friends!    What's your take on the latest news of the above?I for one cant wait to transfer the elements 6 to unbuntu as I have a couple of plugins that vista just wont let me install them,even though those are written for.beaverfeather

Hardy upgrade and KDE4

The wiki(s) are unclear as to what is going to happen when the distribution release of Hardy comes out at the end of April.  I'm using KDE4-CE with 7.10.  Will the Hardy release use KDE4, or will they stay with 3.5.9? In other words, will the upgrade to Hardy wipe out KDE4, and replace it with 3.5.9?  TIA!!

Ubuntu on Acer 5710G

I need any advise or info regarding installing Ubuntu 7.10 on my acer laptop 5710G. Will there be a sufficient video drivers for ATI HD2300 on such a machine?

Java & Firefox

I must warn everyone, i have had ubuntu for 1 week or so, and i have been fiddling with java for about 3 days.  Heres the problem:  I have configured APT to get the extra repos. and even have access to downloading any java/program/whatever i want.  I have installed what feels like EVERYTHING that has the word java in it with no success on running java on firefox.  I've tried sun-java 5, sun java 6, j2re SE, icedtea... everything, with no success at viewing streaming quotes, spades, or mahjong online.  Is it something i must do to firefox?  If i goto about:plugins i get to see that GCJ Web Browser Plugin (using IcedTea) 1.4 is installed, but no dice with anything.  I am so sick of dealing with what seems like such a petty issue, can someone please help me out...

Need guidance for setting dial up modem

Helo Ubuntu friends! Ijust spent haf an hour to write and describe my problem and my text just wanished, soooooooooo frustrating. so here I go again Upon installing the Ubuntu I tried to configure the internet connection where I (thought) was doing well. But, in the end when hitting connect I got error: somehow when i tred to edit the text, I could not get out the *More Formating Options* I blame that on my buggy Firefox though. ......... conection refused..........................Was the error I got, Again, the same modem works flawlessly in my soon to be gone Vista !!!!!!! My service provider is: ....Okanagan.net Dial up access number 717-8201 (the area code prefix not used as it is considered local cal) Incomong mail server: mail.okanagan.net Outgoing mail server: mail.okanagan.net (although I never did see fields for thouse in Ubuntu) web site:www.okanagan net Passweord: ******** Username ******* Please people, I am an oldie and a newbie to boot, so I need steps on this.

Mounting Stuff

I guess this is kinda a newbie question, and i briefly looked around, but didn't get a good answer so i thought i would ask.  I have ubuntu for 3 days, i love it.so, about mounting drives.  I, like most new people are run windows XP on the side.  I love ubuntu over windows but i have had some small problems.I have a drive i wish to unmount... simply because i havent been able to so, and i want to get a feel for the command.  The drive is a windows drive i do have access to (browse, read/write) ... but it says i don't have permissions... i did a little diggin up and learned a little about chmod.  So...can CHMOD change the permission for me to unmount the device... if so how?I also read an article on manually mounting drives and i tried to do it with a flash drive, but it didn't work correct... it said my disk was already mounted (after i unmounted it from the desktop) or my folder was busy... I don't see why that would be.

New to Ubuntu and LInux

Hey guys,I'm about to buy a new laptop, and I am planning on putting Ubuntu 8.04 ( Hardy Heron)on it.My first laptop was a Lenovo Thinkpad R60 with 512 MB RAM 60 GB HDD and ~14" screen...I'm about to purchase this:Gateway MT6729 Intel Pentium dual-core T2330(1.60GHz) 15.4" Wide XGA 2GB Memory 160GB HDD Dual layer DVD Burner Intel GMA X3100 NoteBook - RetailHopefully it will be a nice step up, even though it will ship with Vista...I've heard you can do some things to streamline Vista, which I plan on doing. I'm not quite ready to leap fully into Ubuntu by having it as my sole OS, so I have to keep windows around for a while.So any advice on my choice for a new laptop would be helpful... or any info on upcoming sales at New Egg.Well that's it for my first post.

Total linux beginner/experienced windows user

Hi guys, sick of using Microsofts over bloated operating systems and want to start using Linux, but first if you would be so kind could you give me a few pointers to get started,  by using the specifications of the PC I will be using as a guide.The computer will be an old AMD Athlon XP 1900+, with 768mb of RAM, and an old GeForce 4 card.Now, I have downloaded both Ubuntu and xUbuntu, as well as Wine, Compiz/Beryl, k3b(essential apps I was told), so which operating system would best fit the specification for my older PC?, and would that spec run all of the software mentioned without any problems?, as having seen a few tech demos of Compiz/Beryl it looks very impressive, and as if it would be hard on resources.Also I don't have much knowledge of using command lines to install software etc, but it seems everything I have downloaded thusfar usually has instructions on how to install, is this generally the case?Any help/pointers etc will be most welcome,

help please

hi all,could somebody please elaborate more GPL,GPL2 and LGPL.....

Dial-up issues

Hey all,I'm sure you've all heard this many times previously, but I am very new to Ubuntu and have so far been unsuccessful in trying to make my dial-up modem work.I'm running a dual-boot with Ubuntu 7.10 64-bit version and windows XP. The dial-up works fine with XP, so I will be able to download any necessary updates. I have already been to www.linmodems.org and have tried following the instructions listed there, but just end up becoming more confused than I was to begin with. I have run the scan modem and I have a Lucent/Agere/LSI Mars or Apollo DSP chipset. I'm not sure if I should list anymore details, but let me know if anymore information is needed.I'm also having problems with my wireless card, but as I don't have a broadband connection yet, that can wait until a later time.Any help would be much appreciative!Jarred

Gateway Wireless driver problem

Hello, I have just recently installed Ubuntu on my Gateway MX6959 laptop I love this OS but I'm having a problem, my wireless connection doesn't seem to want to connect for very long. I understand that Intel Pro Set Wireless drivers aren't very well compatable with Ubuntu as of yet. I'm hoping someone could give me instructions on how to overcome this problem.I understand I need to download a new driver made specifically for this, but I don't know where or how to install a new driver on Ubuntu. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You