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Help ttyS0 how i change the speed from 9600 to 115200

i am using a usRobotics modem

Verrrry Slowwww system

A Question for the guru's out there - how fast is the Ubuntu Linux at installing itself, and then running applications ?

OK, I know it is dependent upon the hardware being used, but is it slow when used with an 'old' cpu ?

I am running Ubuntu v5p1(Breezy) on an IBM laptop - the cpu is a Pentium 2/233MHz - what sort of speed of operation should I expect ?

I mean, come on, over 3 hours for a default install (Yes, it loaded the whole CD, and all language packages, taking about 2.4GBytes of space on my hard drive). Over 4 minutes to start up and reach the login prompt when starting. About a minute to go from selecting Open Office / Write{mouse-click), to getting a page to write on ? Are these times excessive, or quite normal given my hardware constraints ?

Other hardware includes a Trident 9327 graphics card, with DVD option giving me 4 meg of ram(!) which I run at 1024 x 768/16 bit colour. Hard drive is 6 GByte. I am still fighting the soundcard (CS423x Crystal Sound, not found, even with lspci command). Network connection is via PCMCIA plug in card (I have not got one yet), and it has a 'wavemodem' for dial up ... whatever that is.

Sudo apt-get install

Hello, Running Kubuntu 5.10 I am following the guide for installing the ATI driver. In one of the steps it says to run:  "then do: sudo module-assistant build,install fglrx-kernel" when i do that i get: "sudo: module-assistant: command not found" Then I try to get the package but i get the following: $ sudo apt-get install module-assistant Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Package module-assistant is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package module-assistant has no installation candidate Please, help. Thanks in advance.

Help with Help

Hi There,

I'm not sure what I've done (ouch!) but I have lost all help; I just get some annoying error every time I trigger a help function.

Can anyone tell me how to reload help?

I'm running Ubuntu 5.10



Why I use ubuntu !

Is anyone interested? I will tell you anyway. Question. I want a computer? How many people have said this, this Christmas? (thousands ) XP Home or XP Pro? How many people have said this, this Christmas? (thousands ) Shall we have an operating system that works straight out of the box? How many people have said this, this Christmas?(very few if any at all) Shall we buy a book that will tell us how to use our new computer? Bet you the book wont tell them how many times it will lock up for no reason at all, wont tell them how much crap they are going to get the moment they connect to the World Wide Web. Viruses,data miners,trackers,adds and all manner of unwanted rubbish, wont tell them that they have now got to buy loads of overpriced applications to make the damn thing work. Good thing we bought our new computer from a nice big shop cause at least we know where to take it every time our expensive O/S packs in. STOP we know better don't we, our O/S was free,our apps were included in the installation, our machine doesn't keep locking up, it just works!!! Must be a catch? YES which distro do we use? We use one that is up to date, easy to configure and has a large amount of support everywhere (loads of brill sites like this one) got a problem? post a question, get more answers than you can read.

Installing modules from CDROM

I an a 'newbie' to Linux, and am trying to install a soundcard in my thinkpad 770 (yes, from 1999). I know the type of sound pprocessor (CS423x) and have instructions for installing this in a linux machine written by other users. The sound worked on SuSE9.2, card was detected by installer and only needed a few tweaks to play from cdrom or files.

On Ubuntu, no such luck - tried both version 4.1[Warty] and latest[Breezy]. Both say I have not got a soundcard installed. I have enabled my Universe & Multiverse bits, updated all files and still no joy. I would like to install Amarok - as this was the only program I got to work with SuSE9.2 [ no sound at all with Fedora, RedHat or Mandriva Linux].

I have noticed that both the Universe and Multiverse source paths point to http:/ locations - but I do not have access to the web on the laptop [I said it was old ...] but I can download files etc. at work and burn them onto a cd. Should I change these paths to point to the dev/cdrom ? What is the correct 'wording' to do this if I have to ? Do I use somethimg like 'dev/cdrom0/files'[just guessing here] or what ?

Design your own Desktop

Picking up on Friedrich.s blog, why not have a go at designing new wallpaper for BREEZY and then move on to DAPPER. I would guess a lot of us are using 1024x768 , so if this was made the standard size for submissions everybody could have a go. If anyone likes the idea lets get started!!!!!

show us your Ubuntu desktop

Nothing is easier than taking a screenshot with Ubuntu. You can do it directly within the menu.

On this site we have a screenshot section, so you can show us how your Ubuntu or Kubuntu desktop looks like. Doesn't matter what language you are using. Let's see who has the nicest Ubuntu desktop :)

For uploading go to "create content" in the menu on the left side and select image.

How to add a user to my buddylist ?

i've not found how to add a user to my buddylist of this site ?
Could someone please explain me how i can do that ?
Thanks in advance,

Firefox 1.5 locally on my Ubuntu 5.10

Good night from France,
i'm using the Firefox 1.5 i've just installed manually in my /usr/local/ directory hierarchy because i have not found it yet as package for the latest stable ubuntu.
First, you need to download the firefox archive file on Get Firefox
After downloading the needed file, it was very simple because it's just a matter of executing only 3 commands :

tar -xzvf firefox-1.5.tar.gz
sudo mv firefox /usr/local/
sudo ln -s ../firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/

That's all folks !
Because /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in the default user PATH shell variable you don't have to modify your default firefox icon on the gnome launch toolbar. The default firefox launching shortcut points to the "firefox" command so it will the "/usr/local/bin/firefox" before the packaged "/usr/bin/firefox" command.
Have an happy new year and happy using of you newly locally installed Firefoxof the next generation than 1.0

Reset XWindows Color Depth

I am very new to Ubuntu. I have a little experience with other Linux flavors, but still very much a beginner.

I am running Ubuntu in a Microsoft Virtual PC. Whenever I have tried to run any other Linux distributions in Virtual PC, I had problems if the XWindows color depth is set higher than 16-bit (corrupted displays).

When I installed Ubuntu, it asked me to set allowed screen resolutons, but not color depth, and consequently, when it now boots, the screen comes up corrupted (actually, the window expands out like it was going to go to 800 X 600 but it is totally black).

I can boot to a command prompt, so if somebody would please tell me how to reconfigure the color depth, I should be able to get it going.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

new buttons online

Please have a look at our new buttons. You can use them to put a link on your blog or website to our community. Feel free to include our RSS feed as well.

Backup installation

Hi there,

I successfully installed the Ubuntu server edition on a PC of mine on partition hda1.

Here's how I partitioned the harddisk:
hda1 has 5gb
hda2 has 5gb (currently emtpy)
hda3 has 1gb and is /tmp

The rest is /usr

How can I backup my existing Ubuntu installation into partition hda2? I want to be able to boot from hda2 if the installation in hda1 gets corrupted.

Can I use the same /tmp partition for both installations?

tail command

Hi my name is Mickey,

Does anyone know if there is a GUI program that runs in xwindows which is the same as the tail command ? If yes where can I download it?

Appericiate your comment ...

Ubuntu 5.10 annoyances, as seen by Sun JDS R2 user

Hi there,

I'm trying Ubuntu 5.10, after a brief play with 5.04 some months ago.

Here's my top-ten list of annoyances:

#1) BASIC packages not installed. Like... gcc, configure, automake and autoconf. DOZENS of software apps depend on these components to be available in order to be built.

#2) NO PINE, NO PICO. WTF?. I realize there's mutt, but still, a distro that doesn't include PINE and PICO is not a distro I'm interested in using. Sheesh, even ancient Suse 8.2 (the first Linux distro I used) included PINE/PICO. SAME WITH 'joe' (text editor).

#3) What's with the BROWN color scheme? It sucks!.

#4) That "drums" sound scheme... again... nice for the first 30 minutes. Then the drums playing with every event makes my brain hurt.

#5) WHAT? No Sun J2RE 5.0 update 6 installed? WTF? what gives?. And no, I don't consider Blackdown 1.4.2 ancient releases of the GNU catch-up releases to be serious. Maybe when the Apache Foundation releases a compatible JVM...

#6) No Flash plug-in pre-installed in the browser?. WTF?