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Boot and Shut Down Problems

Hi All,

I have just downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Edition onto a USB Stick and run the new OS from it successfuly for a couple of days. Doing so well I decided to load Ubuntu alongside XP Home on the HDD and that is when I had a couple of problems. My Netbook is a Compaq Mini 311e-1101SA.

The first problem was when I switched on I got the GNU GRUB Version 1.98 Screen listing the following:

Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-24 Generic
As Above but with (recovery mode) added
Memory test (memtest 86+)
Ubuntu with Linux 2.6.35-22 Generic
As Above but with (recovery mode) added
Windows Vista (loader)
Ubuntu 10.10 (on/dev/sda5)

how to setup wireless lan (Kubuntu 10.10)

Please accept my apologies if my question and method is incorrect. I am a first time user and was unable to locate any info as to what might be expected. I am 68 years old and have been using a computer for 35 years so I am very familiar with them. I am new to Linux however. I will attempt to supply the necessary information to make this as easy as possible for you. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

My question... How to install networking (LAN)

I am a long time computer user very familiar with Windows, with some experience on Ubuntu (Gnome). I'm using Kubuntu now as my main system. I have tried the usual sites but they all seem to assume some beginning knowledge and they loose me immediately. I have followed sites and the two books I have, and have hooked up both systems, but I can't seem to get things right. I seriously need your patience and assistance.

Ubuntu 10.10 - Wireless Connection Problem

I have just loaded Ubuntu 10.10 onto a spare laptop alongside Windows XP Home as I am considering changeing over to Linux in good time before XP support is withdrawn at some stage. Everything is working out fine as I find my way around 10.10 with the exception that I cannot get a wireless connection to the internet. Hardwire connection is no problem and everything is as it should be but I have tried to connect using wireless, completing the procedure with MAC address of router etc but with no result. I am obviously doing something wrong (or not doing something I should) and would appreciate any help with the procedure and where to get the relevant information from as there are some terms in the connection procedure I have not come accross before. My router is a Netgear DG834G v3 and works perfectly with Windows so I am sure it is not a problem with the router.

Hope someone can assist. Rgds

How to install Skype and Ekiga Softphone in ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)

What is Skype:-

Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. And even though the calls are free, they are really excellent quality.

Make free Skype-to-Skype calls to anyone else, anywhere in the world. Call phones and mobiles at pretty cheap rates per minute. Group chat with up to 100 people or conference call with up to nine others. Free to download.

How to install Command Line Way

a. Get the package: for 32-bit

$ wget http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-beta-ubuntu-32

b. You will need to install some libraries.

$ sudo apt-get install libqt4-dbus libqt4-network libqt4-xml libasound2

c. Now install skype (the file you just downloaded)

you want to see you downloaded skype file goto Places --> Home folder and you will see getskpe-line-beta-ubuntu-32 right click on it goto properties and copy that.

$ sudo dpkg -i xxxxxxskype-linux-xxxx-ubuntu-32

Emma - Graphical toolkit for MySQL database developers and administrators

Emma is a graphical toolkit for MySQL database developers and administrators. It provides dialogs to create or modify MySQL databases, tables, and associated indexes. The results of an executed query are displayed in a resultset where the record data can be edited by the user, if the SQL statemant allows for it. The SQL editor and resultset view are grouped in tabs. Results can be exported to CSV files. Multiple simultaneous opened MySQL connections are possible. Emma is the successor of yamysqlfront.

Full Story

Ubuntu 10.10 wont install

i have windows 7, and i downloaded and burned Ubuntu on a CD. when i tried booting from CD at first nothing happens then i just get a purple screen that at the bottom has a picture of a space bar and a stick figure. i didn't get that i had to hit the space bar and so the screen went black and i got nothing. then when i hit the space bar once a bunch of things came up, but still, no matter what i press, i get a black screen, or a blue screen when i press check memory. i've already spent 6 CDs trying to get a distro of linux, but nothing is getting it done

Windows xp registry repair!

Computer Registry Fixing As you operate a personal computer and install every variety of programs, it’s expected that the registry, the machine’s chief inventory, turns out harmed or suffers errors - such would significantly hamper the speeds of executing tasks and also delay the readiness of specific apps or services. There exists a separate tool named a windows registry repair which is created to scrutinize your PC for such slips and to mend them to support the user relish the utmost in the personal computer. You’re could stumble upon tons of registry repair software on the internet - don’t get fooled that every one of these should get the task carried out, this happens to be where you must make up your mind to get the best registry repair program which protects your cash and must fix computer errors instead of intensifying them.

Trying to share folder on ubuntu that can be access by a WinXP machine

I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed and I am trying to share a folder on a mounted internal drive that was created with NTFS. I've installed and run the NTFS configuration tool on the drive. When I try to share the folder I get the following message:
'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /media/DRV2_VOL1/Quicken Backup as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.
Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false"
to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.

I have admin rights to my computer. How do make this modification?

Thank you.

Floppy Drive inconsistent between machines.

I have three Pentium 4 desktops which have been loaded with 10:10. Of the three, only one will allow me to read an MSDOS written floppy holding text files using the Desktop/Places/Floppy approach. If I resort to 'mtools' all three machines will read and write to the floppy.

What puzzles me is that two of the computers were converted to LINUX using the same cd which held a download of Ubuntu 10:10. The hard discs were formatted before loading. One of this pair
works normally. The third box was a 10:04 release which had been updated to 10:10.

Whereas 'mtools' gets me out of a hole, it is not an elegant solution. Can anyone suggest where the problem may lie ?

Merry Xmas

Drives won't work

Help--Just bought this laptop and don't know anything about Linux. Neither of my drives will work. The floppy drive or the CD/DVD. Is there a simple program to download that will allow me to mount and unmount the discs? I searched and found some info about GFloppy but can't find where to download it. I do not know how to get to the root where I can type anything either. Thanks in advance. Michele

I have:
Laptop HP xn9010-P6448WA
Linux 2.6.35-23
Ubuntu 10.10
Gnome 2.32.0
I do not have windows on this Linux laptop and the floppy and CD-R I am trying to get to work in the Linux laptop works in my computer with windows XP-Home.

HEEEEELP - More 'issues' than the New York Times - at wits end (screenshots incl)

ARRRRGH -Im having so many issues with my Ubuntu install - and no clues on how to solve. Here is a brief description - cant possibly document everything Id be here for decades:

My PC: (or the demon infested sadistic overgrown abacus masquerading as a pc)

Asus laptop pro50 n series
athlon 64 X2 tk57 (according to sticker)
geforce 128mb video, 2gb ram

Computer Experience:

Winblows - lots - software tester by trade, able to sort any windows issues myself (apart from from the numerous crashing and security issues - but hey microsoft cant fix them either ;)

Linux Experience - very very minimal

Used Puppy for about 4-5 months as sole OS running it in a variety of installs - No full HADD uinstall so was frugal hdd, and on cd, usb cards etc.
Puppy lucid
Macpup, puppy studio, quirky

Issues with Puppy:
Booting. - wouldnt ever restart - would shut down then hang - had to reset to boot again

Networking Issue Between Ubuntu PC and Vista Laptop

I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my old PC to run all my media from. I have installed and run the latest version of Samba and set my Network workgroup to just be "Workgroup". I have setup folders on both machines to shared, and the Ubuntu PC (UbuntuJim) can find and copy files from the Vista laptop (Jim-LaptopM), but cannot edit anything.

On the other hand, while the Vista Laptop can "see" the Ubuntu PC, whenever I attempt to connect I get the following error:

"UbuntuJim" Is Not Set Up To Establish a Connection on Port "File and printer sharing (SMB)" with this computer.

If anyone can assist me with resolving this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. I am a bit new at using Ubuntu and Linux, so it may be a simply error I've overlooked.

mouse choppy with ubuntu 10.10

Hello all,

I just recently switched from windows vista to 64 bit ubuntu 10.10. I'm running it on a R400 thinkpad with 3GB of memory, and integrated intel graphics. I've been very happy with things except the fact that the mouse is very choppy and jumpy. If I start on one side of the screen and smoothly move to the other, the mouse will frequently pause along this track, and "catch up" to where it should be. This happens maybe 2/second. I've tried my trackpad, USB mouse, and the little red dot that lenovo loves.

Any thoughts? I used lshw to show my chipset and saw that there are two entries for the graphics card - one is showing up as UNCLAIMED. There's also a communication module UNCLAIMED.

I'm a newbie - any help'd be great. Thanks.

Ubuntu 10.10 Wireless switched off - can't be switched on and wired - can't access internet

Since installing 10.10 on my Acer Aspire 6530G I can't access the internet when connected with a wired connection and my wireless connection is disabled and can't be enabled.

Can anyone help.

Wireless switched off and can't be switched on

For the second time in a year I have upgraded to a new Ubuntu and lost internet access! And we expect people to drop Windows and flock to Linux??!! I don't think so.

Last time it was my wireless dongle which didn't work.
This time 10:10 it has switched off my wireless and won't let me switch it on again and when I connect by wire it won't connect to the internet!!!

So I have no chance of getting it fixed!!

I find myself wanting to move to Linux completely but I am thwarted at every upgrade!!

Come on guys surely we can keep the things which were working working when there is an upgrade otherwise it's not an upgrade - just another embarrassment.

I'm so glad the people whom I have encouraged to try Linux have not done so - or they would have been put off forever.

Sent from my Windows 7 desktop which seems to work impeccably. Which is even more annoying.

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