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Help! My laptop is stuck on the start up screen!

I have recently updated ubuntu 10.04 and now when I switch my laptop on, it's stuck on the startup screen which is a purple screen with the ubuntu logo. I can access the terminal but when it asks for my password it won't let me type and keeps saying login failed. I have no start disk and I am panicking as I desperately need a piece of information off my laptop. Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!

Useful Ubuntu Linux Tips

My interest in linux first sprouted when I was a junior student. I used to play with RedHat 7 then, mostly CLI. After a few years of professional experience in different windows, I resumed my journey in linux during my master’s program in 2009, in fact, after my xp box got infected by virus. Since then, I have been using Ubuntu 8, 9 and 10 (Lucid Lynx, aka L linux). When I was using windows before, I would always like to have my own customized theme and settings which constantly drove me to follow even after using ... more on this link-


Startup problem after installing ubuntu 10.04

Hi all,

i am using dell inspiron 1545 laptop with intel C2D, RAM 3 GB. i have installed ubuntu 10.04 lypid lynx (LTS) using live CD. after this i upgraded the operating system using the update manager.

i had restarted the system after update. the system hangs at the login screen. the system does not respond. the mouse also does not work. when i run the recovery mode the system hangs at different startup screen.

i have used fedora 12 recovery mode to get back the essential data from ubuntu.
Please tell how to solve this problem without making use of any other o.s. ?

Thanks in advance,

How to install MongoDB on ubuntu server

MongoDB wasn’t designed in a lab. We built MongoDB from our own experiences building large scale, high availability, robust systems. We didn’t start from scratch, we really tried to figure out what was broken, and tackle that. So the way I think about MongoDB is that if you take MySql, and change the data model from relational to document based, you get a lot of great features: embedded docs for speed, manageability, agile development with schema-less databases, easier horizontal scalability because joins aren’t as important. There are lots of things that work great in relational databases: indexes, dynamic queries and updates to name a few, and we haven’t changed much there. For example, the way you design your indexes in MongoDB should be exactly the way you do it in MySql or Oracle, you just have the option of indexing an embedded field.

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uninstall TOR

I have instaled TOR in my computer, but can not make it work right. Now I want uninstall it, because my computer is slow at start and also at close.Need to remove polipo and Vidalia,also. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04n

Udev Discover - Tool for udev testers, coders, hackers and consumers

Udev discover aims for being a gnome-device-manager-like app using gudev instead of HAL, and to provide some fancy features for udev users and hackers.

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Trying to switch to Linux

Ok heres what im trying to do (im writing this from my phone so please excuse the poor writing)

Bug on my source list prenvet use my sinaptyc, update, and ubuntu sofware center

I reinstall Ubuntu 11.04,and when try to reinstall the BURG,I cant, same when I Try to run the software center ,and install AWN, and same when I Try to update my system.I got the same error :An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.

Please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:

'E:Malformed line 2 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)'

Any idea how to resolve this,Thanks .

Update problems in Natty

Due to heavy rains my connection slowed down. Did this : Software sources--Ubuntu Software--Download from other--select best server. Tests done, server selected, reloaded.

The Problem : Update manager shows the same list of applications I have already installed / updated from my previous server.

It does not make any sense to reinstall all the applications just because I chose a different server.

This tells that Natty or perhaps all Ubuntu distros do not have or make a list of installed applications and their versions.

This is not the sign of a good Operating System.

Do this and post your experiences here.


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How to install Ubuntu along with windows 7

Hi i am using windows 7 in dell vostro 1015 laptop. whenever i tried to install ubuntu from my cd , it shows some x server related problem.

How can i solve this and install the ubuntu successfully..

I hope i will get the best answers from you people.

You can forward your answer to mohdrabidheen@gmail.com

HPLIP Installer 3.11.5 for Ubuntu 11.04 won't accept any characters when asked for Password

HPLIP Installer 3.11.5 for Ubuntu 11.04 won't accept any characters when asked for Password. I am trying to connect my laptop to my HP C3100 printer.bF


I recently upgraded my computer system to include the new A75 fusion system. I used Gigabyte's GA-A75M-UD2H. Everything works fine except the sound. I don't use windows. I've used a lot of distros and the only one that works correctly is Kubuntu 11.10 Alpha2. This is a clean install and no updates. I do not know what will happen down the road. I've contacted tech support three time, and each time have been told to test it using Windose. They don't seem to care that I don't use windose. That is how they left the problem. Needless to say I won't buy gigabyte again. I'm thinking of returning this and going Asus. Just an FYI

Laptop speakers whistling when I connect the jack for earphones

Hi, I have Acer Extensa 5220. After installing Ubuntu, the laptop speakers began to produce a high pitched whistle noise when I connect the jack for earphones or external speakers. Maybe it has something to do muting the speakers when the jack is in - they are mute but they squeal all the time. This problem never occur ed with Windows so it seems to be a software issue.
Can anyone tell help me with this,

new hardware discussion

Heyall, was wondering if anyone has had any experience with new AMD FM1 Motherboard and processor....? I'm wanting/needing to rebuild soon cuz I had one cap. on my 10 YO motherboard explode. No system instability yet but learned with another recent pc loss that caps go one by one and sometimes in groups until it all fails....
Just wondering if Linux will have MB drivers for this arrangement?