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Macchanger – Utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces (Included GUI Utility)

macchanger is a Linux utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address for network interfaces.This tutorial will explain how to change mac address from command line and using GUI tool.

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Can't type password to log in

I just installed Ubuntu but I cannot type my password when I am asked to log in. I am typing in the box but no characters are showing up.

Can someone tell me how to fix this so I can log in to my Ubuntu? Thanks

Clock Issue

I am new to Ubuntu and just recently installed it on my Dell. I am having an issue with the clock time though. Everytime I shut down Ubuntu and open it again, my clock is three hours ahead. I change it back but it continues to do the same thing every time I shut it down and open it again.

Does anyone know why this is happening/how to fix it? Thanks!

Decibel Audio Player – Simple and nice music player for the GNOME desktop

Decibel Audio Player is a GTK+ open-source (GPL) audio player for GNU/Linux. It is very straightforward to use thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface. It is especially targeted at Gnome and follows the Gnome HIG.Decibel Audio Player is built around a highly modular structure that lets the user disable completely the
features he does not need. A disabled feature uses absolutely no memory and no processor time.

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How to change Ubuntu GRUB loader view using BURG

BURG stands for Brand-new Universal loadeR from GRUB. BURG lets us to replace the standard text-based grub menu with something that looks a bit nicer as you see above.

  1. Adding BURG repository by adding these following line to end of your /etc/apt/sources.list file. Or you can do this step from Synaptic Package Manager:
  2. deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bean123ch/burg/ubuntu lucid main
    deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/bean123ch/burg/ubuntu lucid main

  3. Adding key by the following command:
  4. gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv 55708F1EE06803C5
    gpg --export --armor 55708F1EE06803C5 | sudo apt-key add -

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requirements for 10.04

Am interested in trying Ubuntu - picked up a magazine on it with installation instructions and some of the requirements.
What I didn't see is how will this Ubuntu work if I upgrade the desktop.
I already have a dual boot - 2 separate hard drives. One runs XP and is dedicated to Adobe Photoshop. It will be upgraded as far as a version of Photoshop runs on XP which means more RAM and possibly a faster processor. This drive only connects to the internet to verify installations.
The other drive is Win 2000. This is the one I want to try 10.04 on.
Also, the magazine said nothing about hardware. This computer has an ethernet cable. What does Ubuntu do with stuff that's hard installed on the PC?
Need some answers before I try it.

Internet Problems

I recently installed Ubuntu version 10.4 and have both Windows 7 and Ubuntu on my computer. When I run Ubuntu, the internet doesn't work. It says there is a connection but when I open Firefox, it says that the homepage can't be found. Any suggestions?

agedu - Simple utility for tracking down wasted disk space

agedu scans a directory tree and produces reports about how much disk space is used in each directory and subdirectory, and also how that usage of disk space corresponds to files with last-access times a long time ago.

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Ubuntu DNS Bug? Unable to query two name servers

I found one strange issue with ubuntu, can anyone suggest if its a bug or as designed?
If I have two nameservers in my resolv.conf, ubuntu only checks the first (and receives a ‘not found’ reply from there) and never goes to the next two nameservers. This behavior is very different from windows or other linux systems. When I switched the order of these nameservers the dns name I was having issues with worked and got resolved , but when that nameserver is not the first when it fails.

Has anyone faced any similar issues?

Setting up ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) server with squid 3 as a Transparent Proxy

Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. Squid has extensive access controls and makes a great server accelerator. It runs on most available operating systems, including Windows and is licensed under the GNU GPL.

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How do you work OpenBVE on Ubuntu 10.04

I installed OpenBVE on Ubuntu 10.04. The first few time it worked but from then when I click "start" it just shut its self down

5 Firefox Add-Ons That I Suggest You Have To

All add-ons that I have reviewed here, I have been using for a long time. So indirectly I am responsible with what I write here :(
Therefore, what would I write here is really my opinion about these add-ons.

  1. DownThemAll!
    downthemall firefox add-on This add-on very useful when you download something from internet. Like other "Download Manager", DownThemAll! support segmented download, resume download and other feature such as:
    • Have all the files you want with just one click
      dTaOneClick downloads the files of a page using the last filters and the last renaming mask you set. Just go to download page that you want to download the content, and download it! Or you can right click on download link and select dTaOneClick!
    • Increasing download speed
      As I mentioned before, segmented download! It's increase download speed very significantly. On DownThemAll! official website, its said "This maximized use of bandwidth increases average download speed up to 400%." WOW!!! What is clear, I can assure you if you use this while on the LAN or WAN, the bandwidth will be yours for all: D

    And much more! It was only two advantages that I think could be considered for use. One thing that be the point is, you don't need to install it on your OS, because its an firefox add-on!

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Suddenly get black

I don't know what happend but, when i'm update Ubuntu or now that i was unistalling EnvyNG, suddenly the screen gets black and then i can't start with ubuntu. Why? Waht can i do? I Installed Ubuntu with wubi.

wifi connection

i am new to ubuntu i had installed ubuntu 9.10 i have wifi connection in my college but i am not able to access it i need to config wifi connection i dont know how to config . my ip address is
please help me...... i need to acess it .

How To Reset Forgotten Ubuntu Password

In general, there are two steps to resetting Ubuntu password.

  1. Login as root
  2. Change the user password
    1. 1. Login as root
      • Common method
      • You can login with root mode just by pressing ESC button when system starting up. That'll take you to Grub Screen, when you can select mode that you'll be used while booting. If you have double OS or more on your system (dual boot), you don't need to do this step. It's automatically go to Grub Screen when system starting up.
        Then choose the "recovery mode", usually found right below your default option. Press enter, and at the next screen, choose "drop to root sheel prompt" and you'll login to the system as root.

      • Advanced method

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