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toshiba computer with ubuntu on it.

i got a toshiba.
with vista on it. D:

vista froze during an update and quit working so i but ubuntu on it.
karmic koala.

now ubuntu has quit working
it won't boot.
it brings me to a list of different modes and recovery modes i can use.
and when i try any of them, the get stuck and just dont load.
the regular ubuntu just goes blank after being stuck at the logo for over 30 seconds.

ANYWAY! i want to put vista back on because nothing i do with ubuntu seems to be working.
but my recovery discs arent doing anything!

is there any reason this could be happening?

i tried turning my computer on first, then putting the disc in.
and i tried turning the computer on with the disc already in.
i also tried telling ubuntu in recovery mode that there's a cd. but i dont know enough about computers to know how that would work..
my lap top gets really loud for a bit, so it's recognizing that there's a disc.
but nothing else happens.

any suggestions?

Sansa mp3 player will not unmount/eject/whatever

I have a Sansa Fuze 4GB media player, and every time I connect it to my computer, Ubuntu creates a new icon for it which I cannot get rid of. It won't unmount or eject, and the "move to trash" option is grayed-out. However, if I reconnect the player, the newest instance (if that's the word) of the drive is the only one that reads its contents; the other ones, when opened, display an empty mass storage drive.

Something about the player that may or may not be relevant: There is something wrong with the player so that it cannot be read in MTP mode. I have to force MSC mode.

Ubuntu quit working

i went to turn on my computer and it was acting normal until it got the the ubuntu logo.
it showed only the circle with the 3 circles on it, stayed there for a while, then the logo disappeared and the screen stayed blank.

so i turned it off and tried again.
this is the list it gave me to choose from.

2.6.31-21-generic . (this is normal i assume. i tried it and the same thing happened)

2.6.31-21-generic(recovery mode) (tried this and it just gave me a bunch of commands that i could use. but i dont know enough about computers to know how to use them)

2.6.31-20-generic (i think i tried this one too)




memory test (memtest86+) (i tried this, let it run until it started over again. then pressed esc and it rebooted and brought me back to this list)

memory test (memtest86+, serial console 115200)

Ubuntu Control Center (ucc) - Simple tool for ubuntu administration

Ubuntu Control Center or UCC is an application inspired by Mandriva Control Center and aims to centralize and organize in a simple and intuitive form the main configuration tools for Ubuntu distribution. UCC uses all the native applications already bundled with Ubuntu, but it also utilize some third-party apps like “Hardinfo”, “Boot-up Manager”, “GuFW” and “Font-Manager”.

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My name is Tom Ghormley
I live in Sacramento, CA
My email address is tom1024@comcast.net

I purchased a new Windows 7/HP laptop specifically to install and learn about Ubuntu.
I downloaded 10.04 on my iMac, burned it to disc and spent an hour
trying to get my HP to recognize it.
No luck, so I used a 9.10 disc from a magazine.
I get the initial screen, choose a language and select either "try it"
or "install it".
The CD drive chatters happily for a while, all the time the screen is blank.
After several minutes and several sessions of head chattering, it
becomes quiet.
The screen is still blank and the power light is glowing.
I've tried it several times and I always get to this spot but no
further, even if I leave it for an hour.
Since I know of no one locally to help with this obstacle, I wonder if I might impose upon someone on the web to assist me with my installation.
My Linux experience is just north of nil.

Reversing from ubuntu 10.10 to 9.04

After upgrading from ubuntu 9.04 to 10.10, my pc has become very unstable.
1.constantly restarts.
2.date and time not appearing after login
3.changing themes.

Any help out there for me..or simply how to reverse back to my stable 9.04...tnx.

can't boot win xp after upgrading 9.1 to 10.04

looked at several forums, but got no solution thus far.
After I did the upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to the 10.04 version, grub lists, but won't load windows xp any more - nothing, just a flashing underscore. It also lost the DHCP connection). It also forced the suse boot to safe mode. I have an Unbuntu 9.1 CD, but that's useless now, of course won't work with the repair-install option. The windows partition is all there and readable, so I backed it all up [XP repair disk won't work after the SP2 upgrade, another, even more lengthy process to go around]
I saw other posts having similar problems, obviously I should have not upgraded directly.

Trouble with Oracle VM VirtualBox

I am running ubuntu 9.10 two ways: (a) as the host OS on one machine I will call ``Machine A'' (or just "A"), and (b) as a guest OS (in Oracle VM virtualbox 3.2, upgraded today from sun virtualbox 3.1) on another machine I will call ``Machine B'', (or just "B"). The host OS of Machine B is Win XP Pro. On A, I have installed sun virtualbox, and for a while that worked well. On B, within the guest (ubuntu), I had previously installed sun virtualbox 3.1, but had not yet used it, so I uninstalled it, and then installed the latest Oracle VM virtualbox 3.2. (perhaps I'm crazy, but I would like to try a ``virtual within a virtual''). In both cases, the ``upgraded'' version of virtualbox now does not work under ubuntu 9.10. It fails to start my guest OS in each case. On A, I tried to restart my guest Win XP machine, while on B, I tried to install a Win 3.1 guest. In both cases, I am instructed to install DKMS. I've done so, to no avail.

Virtualbox 3.2 released and Ubuntu installation instructions included

The VirtualBox team today released a significant new version of Oracle VM VirtualBox(TM), its high performance,cross-platform virtualization software. VirtualBox 3.2, the first Oracle branded release since the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc by Oracle Corp. earlier this year, contains many innovative new features which deliver further significant improvements in performance, power and supported guest operating system platforms.

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Network conflicts

What are the various network managers that can be present on ubuntu? I think that I have more than one that is conflicting with the other.

The problem
I can set my eth0 card to have a fixed IP address with nm-connection-manager, yet when I use the applet NetworkManager to connect to eth0, it gets an address from DHCP, and doesn't use the fixed IP address that I gave it. I did have wicd installed at one point, but used synaptic to remove it with the "complete removal" setting. Any idea as to where this conflict is arising?

5.1 surround sound does not work

It seems 5.1 surround sound on Ubuntu 9.10 either does work or it doesn't end of story. Mine doesn't! I have trawled the universe for help and nothing works. I have an external usb 5.1 sound card made by Trust (thats what it says in the base speaker) I have no other info on this. So far I have followed some instructions and changed a command in somewhere to read default-sample-channels =6. Then rebooted and met with silence when I tried to do a speaker test. My 9.10 doesn't have the screen many instructions refer to. When I left click on the speaker at the top of the screen I get a thin volume slide bar, if I right click on the speaker I get a small box offering me Mute or sound Preferences. This and its sub screens just don't match the instructions. I don't seem to have a Volume Manager or Volume Control screen.I think this external sound card is possibly pants but I cant be sure.

Any help most welcome.

Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't boot after upgrade from 9.10

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 and immediately had some problems with booting after a restart.

Here is a video but I will explain it anyway:

The font changed suddenly during startup, and then the screen flashed, and the logo appeared but then became what I would call pixelated. Then all I got was a black screen and it just hung there.

Did a hard restart and entered the GRUB loader and chose Ubuntu 10.04 kernel 2.6.31-21 instead of Ubuntu 10.04 kernel 2.6.32-22 and it came up with this message which hung there long enough for me to snap a photo:

mount: mounting none on /dev failed: No such device092b3250a
chroot: cannot execute /etc/apparmor/initramfs: No such file or directory.

Kompozer installation user failure

Forgive me everyone as I am new to Ubuntu coming from that other place and installing something that works properly. I know a bit about PCs but I just don't understand what I am doing now.
I want to install Kompozer onto Ubuntu 9.10. Somewhere in this forum are some very good links and instructions that explain how installation works and what has to be done. I have blundered my way through these and have now "hit the Wall".

Some how upgraded 9.10 beta to 10.04LTS

I just noticed that I had upgraded 9.10 beta to 10.04 LTS. [Too many installs to keep track of for this dementia bird] I did get a message about something not being able to connect to a repository part during install and have been getting the same message occasionally during updates. Everything else seems to work fine except default Firefox and Thunderbird 3.0.4 were unable to connect to internet. TBird using gmail still cannot send or receive. Even Hotmail has the same prob. if I still have an account. Settings checked many times. I solved Firefox problem by disabling ivp6.
Just wondering if the Mozilla connection problem may be related to Beta being upgraded or something else. I saw other posts that had same or similar send receive problem but no definitive result from them. In fact I cannot find them any more.

Google search results appearing incorrectly

Yesterday everything was working fine in Chromium and Firefox, and on Chrome I passed the acid3 test with 99 percent. Today google search results are displaying garbage and the same in firefox. Acid3 only passes at 97 percent. What is wrong? This is what it looks like: http://i42.tinypic.com/ak8i0g.png

Any help would be great! Thanks!