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Launch GUI from terminal

I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 x64 onto an unused laptop and reconfigured GRUB to launch to a terminal instead of the GUI as I quite often just want to run some commands without all the other stuff loading and slowing me down.
When I decide I want to launch the GUI (I've changed to Cinnamon by the way) I type STARTX and the GUI launches, but it is missing the taskbar/menu at the bottom of the screen. I can right click and select different items, but am hoping someone has an idea as to why the GUI doesn't launch properly.
If I reconfigure GRUB to boot straight to GUI then it launches properly, so I am fairly sure that it is all configured appropriately.
Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.

pdf highlighter

Hey all dears,

I worry about unavailablity of pdf editors (like as adobe reader 10) in ubuntu 12.04.
There is no any pdf editor as per my knowledge by which one can highlight any
important line in pdf file. If someone knows please share with me.
I will be gratefull to him.

Cannot get my Ubuntu to work

As I try to stat up my Ubuntu lenovo dual boot with windows 7 ultimate...and after upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10

I get the following statement

System running in low graphics mode, your screen, graphics card, input devices settings could not be detected correctly, you will need to configure these yourself....

My graphic cards runs on windows and it ran properly before my upgrade...

How can I resolve this problem


unable to update my software

I am using KPackageKit to try and update all my software, my problem is I get the following error:

Dependency Resolution Failed.

A package dependency could not be found.
More information is available in the detailed report.

Details: The following packages block the installation: ppp libasound2 libglib2.0-0 isc-dhcp-client nautilus

I believe the problem started a month or so ago when I was updating software and my laptop died in the middle of an update.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx

Any help would be appreciated,

K3b transcodes

Hi, I am running Ubuntu 12.10 64bit and would like to know were I can find transcodes for K3b, I would like to rip DVD's to my hard drive using K3b but when I attempt to do so I get a dialog box saying that K3b uses transcodes to rip DVD's ensure that they are installed. Can anyone out there help me please.

Please Help I am unable to find it

/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file stores the UID for Users including root but in file /etc/login.defs ENV_PATH and ROOT ENV_PATH stores the path to users who doesnot have a UID...
How is it possible to create a user which doesnot have a UID??

Please sum1 help me.. :(

iam vry new to ubuntu can any1 give me complete commands for ubuntu and how to install and unistall application through command interface ? and and how to develop applications through ubuntu ??

how to install downloaded wine-1.4 ?

i have ubnutu 11.10 .i have downloaded wine-1.4 from winehq .now i don't know how to install?

No wireless

I have been using Ubuntu for a year and a half. Since Hardy Heron. When I installed it my wireless worked immediately and never had a flaw. I have always updated when the alerts came along. The last update was one that completely changed my desktop and the way things work. I am getting used to a lot of it but my wireless stopped working. A box opens up and asks for authentication. I fill in the password and after a second or two a box appears that says connection established. After about 5 seconds the connection is lost and the authentication box opens again. I have been trying to login for days. I have restarted several times with no change. The new operating system is Ubuntu 12.0 4 LTS. My computer knowlege is very limited. Chances are if you ask a question it will be necessary to instruct me how to find it on the computer.

Ubuntu Live Disks

Greetings, new to your forum.
I read about the Ubuntu Disks you had for a give away and tossed due to lack of concern. Please anyone, don't throw out you old versions of Ubuntu on disks, I collect them to rescue poor sick Windows laptops/notebooks. Wish I had found this site before you tossed them.

Password for root

When I try to make any kind of changes on my system, I keep getting ask for the password for root, when I input what I thought is the correct word, the window shakes 3 times and closes and will not allow me to upgrade add another user etc..........

Limiting bandwidth and disk quota per user

hello guys, i'm new to this forum and here's my situation.

I have a 100mbit FD connection with 1tb of hdd, running on Ubuntu 11.10.
I would like to add 4 users in a way so each one will be able to use only 10mbit and 150gb .

is it possible in anyway?
could you please not refer me to google, i've been there and got to no where.

i'm here because my searches came out with no actual solution.
i would really appreciate that if you helped me

thank you very much !!

Computer overheats extremely when using 11.10

Hi everyene, I have just upgraded from ubuntu10.10 to 11.10. I found I problem with ubuntu11.10 and it's that the computer temperature goes up to 200degrees celsius in about 15 minutes and just automatically shuts down. Also the fans is extremely slow, I think the it'speed of the cpu is set to max. I can't change it though. On windows xp the computer is fine though. Could someone please help, I'm really worried tat my computer might fry if I use ubuntu. Pleas help

How to get the classic panel and desktop on ubuntu 11.10?

Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 which has the new Unity desktop which I hate. So I installed the gnome desktop which was gnome 3 not the classic gnome 2 and it look nothing like gnome 2. I just need the menu bars in gnome desktop 3 to look like gnome 2.

Please can someone HELP ME.

Ubuntu Graphics Problem

Hello everyone. I am in desperate need of help, my screen keeps displaying random colours and failing after a several minutes of logging on, but the system does not crash at all. Also, I enjoy computer games very much and when I run games,the graphics in the games starts failing. I think this is to do with the graphics driver that ubuntu has when was installed not being compatable with my graphics card, I couldn't find a graphics driver for my graphics card that works on ubuntu. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite L300D. A lot of people on the internet say that toshiba laptops are not compatable with linux, it might be something to do with that as well. My graphics card is either a ATI Radeon X1250 or a ATI Radeon X1200.

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