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Active Directory Integration with Centrify DirectControl Express on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric)

Centrify Express is a comprehensive suite of free Active Directory-based integration solutions for authentication, single sign-on, remote access, file-sharing, monitoring The #1 Choice for Active Directory Integration and cloud security for cross-platform systems. It is the quickest and most proven solution for integrating UNIX, Linux and Mac systems with Windows, and delivers more functionality and more to upgrade to when compared to other free offerings.

Many Ubuntu users and Administrators struggle with Active Directory integration. One approach that folks are using is the free offerings from Centrify Express.

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Nvidia driver installation UBUNTU DESKTOP 11.10

I have UBUNTU 11.10 desktop version on my comp and i am trying to install a driver for my nvidia gtx 560 ti video card. When i go to additional drivers, click NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver, and click activate, it downloads half way, and then i get this error message:
Sorry, installation of this driver failed.

Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log

When i go to jockey.log it says this:
2011-11-22 23:46:09,029 DEBUG: Installing package: nvidia-current
2011-11-22 23:46:10,727 DEBUG: install progress dpkg-exec 0.000000
2011-11-22 23:46:10,934 DEBUG: install progress nvidia-current 0.000000
2011-11-22 23:46:10,935 DEBUG: install progress nvidia-current 20.000000
2011-11-22 23:46:17,612 DEBUG: install progress man-db 20.000000
2011-11-22 23:46:18,515 DEBUG: (Reading database ... 143108 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking nvidia-current (from .../nvidia-current_280.13-0ubuntu6_amd64.deb) ...

Stunnel - Universal SSL tunnel for network daemons

The stunnel program is designed to work as an SSL encryption wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or remote server. It can be used to add SSL functionality to commonly used inetd daemons like POP2, POP3, and IMAP servers without any changes in the programs’ code. Stunnel uses OpenSSL libraries for cryptography, so it supports whatever cryptographic algorithms you compiled into your library.

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New built PC unable to use 64bit Linux

I just built an AMD A8-3850 APU on TA75M MB with 8GB PC3 Seagate Barracuda 1TB and LG DVD/CD/RW [suppose to be cd+- and DVD+- compatible]. I can download and burn 64bit Distros

tool cahin for various processor

how to make own tool chain in linux opensuse 11.1 and hoe to use it. i want to get the material for this so please help me

Panasonic 50" 720p as monitor

After a good while I finally got Ubuntu 11.04 to display on this screen except I cannot see my lower panel and part of upper panel is off the visible area. I'm kind of memory challenged from a TBI.
My video card is a Gforce 5200FX and the only resolution available in Monitor preferences is 1280X720 and the T.V.is listed as a 32" Panasonic. I do not believe that I have have drivers installed for the card but will be trying that now. I'm not running Unity and do not foresee using it in the future -- wutt a mess that iz!!!
Well driver installed I have to reboot not unlike Wimbloz so off I go...Well I'm back and drivers gave me some different settings to confuse me with and none of them worked. The more I toyed with it the wackier the the screen out put got and it seemed like I have no control over the Panasonic output. Both panels are not visible on the 50" Panny now... Thanx for any input!%:)
My suspicions are poor or failing video card or inept user.

Computer won't connect to internet

I'm having some problems with a residential computer that is running Ubuntu 9.10
It has worked fine for years. Client moved to a new home and has Comcast cable internet.
A couple of Comcast techs got him up and running after some head scratching.
It worked fine for a couple weeks but now he can't connect to the internet.

I've tried turning the power and and off on the modem.
I've checked the cable connection between the modem and the computer.
I'm connected through an ethernet cable.

The computer says that a successful network connection is established but no browsers will work.
I've tried Firefox and Opera. Also I get an error when I attempt to download updates.

Any ideas for where I should start troubleshooting this problem?

update error

Ever since I upgraded to 11.10 from 11.04 I get the following error when I download and install new up dates.

installArchives() failed: Preconfiguring packages ...
Preconfiguring packages ...
Preconfiguring packages ...
(Reading database ...
(Reading database ... 5%%
(Reading database ... 10%%
(Reading database ... 15%%
(Reading database ... 20%%
(Reading database ... 25%%
(Reading database ... 30%%
(Reading database ... 35%%
(Reading database ... 40%%
(Reading database ... 45%%
(Reading database ... 50%%
(Reading database ... 55%%
(Reading database ... 60%%
(Reading database ... 65%%
(Reading database ... 70%%
(Reading database ... 75%%
(Reading database ... 80%%
(Reading database ... 85%%
(Reading database ... 90%%
(Reading database ... 95%%
(Reading database ... 100%%
(Reading database ... 176231 files and directories currently installed.)

GoAccess - Visual apache/Nginx log analyzer

GoAccess is an open source real-time Apache log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems. It provides fast and valuable HTTP
statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly.

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mounting MP3 player in Maverick

What command must I use to get my MP3 player recognised by the media player (it's a Jensen)

Install Mplayer and Multimedia Codecs (libdvdcss2,w32codecs,w64codecs) on ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric)

MPlayer is a movie and animation player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, including MPEG 1/2/4,DivX 3/4/5, Windows Media 7/8/9,RealAudio/Video up to 9, Quicktime 5/6, and Vivo 1/2. It has many MX/SSE (2)/3Dnow(Ex) optimized native audio and video codecs, but allows using XAnim’s and RealPlayer’s binary codec plugins, and Win32 codec DLLs. It has basic VCD/DVD playback functionality, including DVD subtitles, but supports many text- based subtitle formats too. For video output, nearly every existing interface is supported. It’s also able to convert any supported files to raw/divx/mpeg4 AVI (pcm/mp3 audio), and even video grabbing from V4L devices.

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Webcam problem

I have webcam Genius Eye 312, and i try to get it to work properly on Ubuntu 11.10.

Cheese recognize webcam, but Skype don't, and that is most important, i need it for Skype and Gtalk. How to configure/fix that bug ?

i tried with

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so /usr/bin/skype

- that work in 11.04 but here in 11.10... nope

Inside Windows vs. Full Installation

Is there any advantage to a full installation replacing XP over a partitioned installation?

GNOME Tweak Tool - A tool for changing specialised or advanced GNOME3 settings

GNOME Tweak Tool is an application for changing the advanced settings of GNOME 3

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