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Help! Trying to install Ubuntu over or Alongside Windows 7, can't get it to boot! I've read things, I've tried things, help?

Okay here it is;

Laptop Samsung Qx411

Booted to Bios changed the boot order several times, USB & CD 1st, always boots to windows 7

Used the linked pen drive utility on the Ubuntu page, unpacked the ISO via pen drive util, looked fine, all bios USB boot options were over the LAST option HDD, still boots to WIN 7

Burned 3 CDs, Ubuntu 11X (latest version two discs NO BOOT) and Ubuntu 10x (once no boot) Used POWER ISO to unpack the ISO to the disc at the lowest speed 10x. The first two burn attempts were the native windows 7 burn program which does not allow you to select burn speed

CD Appears to be written to, the data was verified each time, still boots to HD WIND 7

Any ideas? I've installed it inside of windows and get the Bootloader, Windows 7 or Ubuntu, Windows 7 boots fine, If I choose Ubuntu I get;

"Windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

Insert your windows instillation disk and select repair computer.

Monitoring connections !!

hi I have configured my ubuntu server as a SOCKS5 server, how can I find out and monitor how many users are currently connected to my server ? and how to monitor them ?

thank you

Increase home folder disk space ubuntu 11.10

Hello all,
I recently discovered ubuntu and I'm loving it. I'm planning to use it as my primary Os. My only problem now is that my home available disk space is less than 10GB and that really keeps me from working on large files. I worked on this for 3 days in vain. I burnt a gparted live CD but don't really know what to do with it(i.e which drive is windows and which one is ubuntu's...). Here what gparted window reads:

Partition File system mount Point Label Size

/dev/sda1 ntfs Recovery 9.00 GiB
/dev/sda2 ntfs System Reserved 100.00 MiB
/dev/sda3 ntfs host 456.67 GiB
unallocated unallocated 1.02 MiB

All I really want is a large home folder in ubuntu, like 200GB at least. Please help. I've heard of ext3, ext4 etc...And also i used wubi for the dual boot install.

Thank you...

Clementine visualizer

..I have ubtuntu 11.10, I installed clementine version 0.7.1 . Any idea why every time I go to tools and click 'visualizations' the program shuts down? I am completely knew to ubuntu and linux and am just curious if there's something else I need to install or if it's an error in clementine... cheers.

Virtual machine

I am new to the os but i do dual boot and am learning to love its flexibility and ability to repair windows. I find myself needing help badly i hope someone here can. For the last 45 dayse and my kids have been trapped in what appears to be someone elses virtual network or machine. Our ability to utilize our own network has been taken away im only able to breech using a live cd or phone linx seems able to fix everything else. Any ideas if it can help us now

i'm beginner

how to fix this updates installation?

Requires installation of untrusted packages

The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.

Details : libnux-1.0-0 libnux-1.0-common

Sharing files

I have a vista computer and a ubuntu computer on my wireless home network. How do I set them up to be able to share files?

can't connect using wired broadband.

Please help, I just installed Ubuntu yesterday and know next to nothing about Linux. I have the strangest issue, Ubuntu connects do wifi with no problem but won't connect using the ethernet cable. Abby ideas on what to do? This is driving me nuts!

Ubuntu 11.10 updates

Just a beginner with ubuntu 11.10 (on a toshiba tecra 8200)and was frustrated till I found out about using KDE and now I am making head way.
Problem is today it installed about 200 updates and now the mouse button (the same thing as a touch pad on newer models) in the center of the key board doesn't work (this is the only thing wrong so far) but everything works fine with an external mouse pluged in.
Does anyone have advice where to go or what to do to correct this? I can fine the mouse software but it only controls how the external mouse works not the key board button(same thing as the touch pad on newer models).
Thank you everyone for the past help.

Installation of Lexmark S305 Network Printer

I am a new Ubuntu user and Iam attempting to install aLexmark S305 Printer. I have downloaded the appropriate installation software. I get so far on the installation and I get a request for root(administrative) password I have used the password that I sign in with to no avail. My question is what is the root password and how do I access it.



init error, laptop wont boot?


I turned my computer on and it comes up with ways to boot and I clicked Ubuntu with linux 2.6.38-13-generic. There was a recovery mode too. Once I clicked its writing come up:

init: udevtrigger main process (93) terminated with status 1
init: udevtrigger post stop process (97) terminated with status 1
init: udevtrigger main process (92) killed by TERM signal
mountall: disconnected from plymouth
init: plymouth-splash main processs (98 ) terminated with status 2
init: plymouth main process (50) killed by SEGV signal

I have no idea what this means and my laptop don't boot. I tried recovery mode but it comes up with similar things. I don't know why this has happened. It can be because I tried upgrading my Ubuntu to 11.0 and I shutdown the laptop before it finished? i would be most grateful if you could help

"Authentification Token manipulation error"

So I just bought this computer off Craigslist with Ubuntu on it.

I was a complete retard and changed the administrator password and forgot it among people coming in and out of my room.

I followed this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword

BUT, every time I tried to put the password in for the second time to confirm it, I got this thing saying "Authentification Token manipulation error" or something to that effect. What is this and how can I easily fix it?

Remember, I am completely new to this and dont understand ANY ubuntu lingo, so please be explicit.



when I install Ubuntu 11.10 will it remove all the drivers that are on through windows xp pro? And then reinstall it's own drivers back (for the ones it removed)under ubuntu 11.10 format.

I am in the grey zone here wheather to install it or leave it alone.Wont do any good to have a laptop with a new OS and not be usable because the new OS wiped out the drivers and the thing wont work.

Thank you for any and all advice and help


I have a Toshba 8200 with windows xp pro (installed) for some reason half the windows file have been uninstalled.

Wanting to install Linux Ubuntu 11.10 and would like to know if it will clean out the windows xp pro and install itself?

All and any help will be appreciated and take seriously.Thank you

Panels in Xubuntu--2 on top, 2 on bottom.

I was trying to install Force Quit and a couple of other applets on the top panel of Xubuntu.
Suddenly I had no more Xubuntu panel, but an empty panel. After some search I found the two legitimate panels located under two inactive panels, like those in the new Ubuntu 11.10 distribution. I was able to make the legitimate panels larger with panel preferences and therefore have the use of Xubuntu. Still the two dummy panels are under the legitimate panels. I would like to get rid of the two extra panels which only showed up as I was installing Force Quit and another couple of applets. I would appreciate any suggestions. I can re-install if necessary, but I have been doing this for the two years I have been learning Linux. Any time I couldn't solve a problem, I would re-install. Any help greatly appreciated.


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