not able to install the ubuntu

Hi all,not able to install ubuntu -infact any linux installation is failing.when i us e redhat it goes fine for selecting the partition and all but when it start installing it fails.when i used ubuntu it gave me the following error :Int 14 : CR cf800000 err 0000 0000 EIP c020c384 cs 0000 00060 Flags 00010007 stack: c00f7d50c0371d8c 000000002 c00fd59 000f7d50 0000 0000 0000 0000this is not a new install, the earlier install was fine but when i reinstalled windows XP my linux partition got visible from the windows, earlier that was not the case. don't if thats the cause, if so then how to go about it??Thx in advance.bunty

More information please

1) What are your system details? 2) It is unclear,have you ever  been able to run any Linux on this machine? 3) Can you run a LiveCD? 4) If you have reinstalled Windows XP it can be very greedy and take over the whole hard drive. You might need to defragmant and reduce the size of it again to leave space for Linux to install.