Not recognizing WD 500 Gb External harddisk

I recently bought a Western Digital External Harddisk of 500 gb . When i connect it Ubuntu doenst seem to recognize it ... Anyone had similar experiances ..


A bit more information would

A bit more information would be help full.

  1. Which drive did you buy and how is it connected to the computer?
  2. It would be help full if you could post the output of "lsusb"
  3. Is the drive partitioned?

If the drive ain't partitioned it wont show up as a drive since there is nothing to show. To partition the drive i would recommend install "gparted" and then either use the help file or do a quick google search for partitioning with gparted.


I dont know how but I now have been able to see my WD harddisk in Ubuntu now... I doubt it should be due to the latest updates my ubuntu had undergone..