Not sure what's going on

New to Linux but like what I see. I installed 8.04 on hubby's old desktop after installing new motherboard, etc. Was working great. Went to work, came home and wasn't working. Couldn't restart, even after cold boot. Unplugged it and went on. Re-plugged later and it came up but wouldn't get past login screen. Unplugged again, restarted, did fresh install, removed partition, etc. Nothing else on system. Came up beautifully after install. Set everything up, everything worked, went to bed. Get up, same problem. Unplugged and ignored. Replugged, came up. Went to do updates and in the middle of those, went to blank tan screen. No response from anything. Have again unplugged. Aprox 5 yr old Compaq Presario - could this be power supply issue or is it OS related? Any help appreciated. Thanks

have you tried to install

have you tried to install ubuntu using another hdd on your pc?also you should check status of your cmos/bios battery, maybe it need to replace immediately

have you tried to install

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hi guys , the problems that you are experiencing are defenetally Hardware. If not the computer would at least boot but not getting in your OS.The problem is that it could be anything , first thing to do is to run Memtest , a dos program to test your memory.Second thing run a diagnostic on your hard drive whit the software from the manufacturerYou can find all of this on a boot cd called UBCD which is freely distributed on the net at you didn't find any errors there is some Power Supply tester you can buy , Antec sells one and it is giving you all the voltages on it Begin whit this and usually one of the above will show has defect xben