Nvidia dirver woes

Hallo.I have been using linux for a few years now, but haven't taken on ubunu yet.  I installed 6.06 without a problem, on a rather oldish pc. (Graphics card Geforce 4)  Then I wanted to install the nvidia driver.  I just jumped in by compiling the official nvidia drivers, from there website (only to later read that this is not the "recomended" method of installing drivers.)I had some problems: the GLX and nvidia driver (module) did not want to load, and X only started up with the "nv" driver.  I did some reading, and saw that I had to remove the linux-restricted-common package.  I did so, along with the nvidia-kernel package. (I never had nvidia-glx on my system.)I tried to reinstall the nvidia package, and saw that GLX still did not want to load.  I looked at xorg's log a little more closely, and saw that glx wanted to load GLCore.  Which seems a little strange, as the nvidia README clearly says that I should remove any references to GLCore, in the xorg.conf file.  I uninstalled the nvidia driver, looked for any (remaining) glx.so and moved the only one that I could find.  Perhaps X was stil using an old GLX library.However, after reinstalling the nvidia driver for the 3rd time, i get a slightly different error in the xorg.conf log.  Now it can't seem to find the GLX and nvidia driver. (not complaining about GLCore anymore).I can modprobe nvidia just fine, but i can't modprobe glx.  Any help with my problem would be appreciated.Thanks

Nvidia driver woes

I was having Nvidia driver woes too. My card was also detected as a Geforce 4.My computer in the past had the Nvidia driver, then the Nvidia beta driver and was glx capable.I had Beryl then Compiz. Then catastrophe I couldn't load Nvidia at all for some reason.Appealing to Ubuntu Forum gave no lead. I recently tried the script "Envy" and that seems to have entirely sorted out all my problems. I've got Nvidia back and glx. For some reason it doesn't seen to flash the Nvidia screen, but hey, who's complaing about that.