Official previews of Ubuntu 5.10 and Kubuntu 5.10 released

The developers of Ubuntu have released an official preview of Ubuntu 5.10, codename "Breezy Badger", and the KDE-based Kubuntu 5.10. They are avalaible as install and live CDs for the x86, AMD64 and PowerPC plattforms.

The Ubuntu 5.10 preview already contains the shortly released Gnome version 2.12, Beta 2 and in version 6.8.2. The kernel is Linux, which has been enhanced with drivers for notebook users.

Now there is PHP5 on board and the cluster filesystems OCFS2 (Oracle) and GFS (Red Hat) and the support for up to 4GB RAM on 32bit systems. The distribution is based on GCC 4.0.1.

New features are a graphical boot screen, Serpentine for writing audio CDs, a new program for installing software in the system administration menu and better support for multiple languages.

The official release date will be in October 2005.