Older Laptop Installation Problem

I'm trying to install one of the 'buntu's on an older Vaio (PCG-FX120, 100 GB HD, 128MB RAM). There should be 192MB, but for some reason whatever card is in the second slot the memory isn't recognized. I'll save that issue for another day. I'm definitely a beginner with Linux (well less than a beginner, as I read somewhere, since I'm fairly proficient in Windows), but I do have Ubuntu running on both my desktop and my regular laptop. I first tried installing Xubuntu to no avail. The install screen comes up fine, but when I select Text Mode Install, The machine loads the kernel, making it to 100% with no problems, and then goes to a blinking white cursor on a black screen. No amount of button mashing (I tried Ctrl-D, Ctrl-Alt-F1, ESC, then just randomly hitting everything) does anything to change this screen. I wiped the disk with DBAN when the Xubuntu install wouldn't work. I was able to boot the live GParted CD and make some partitions, but it wouldn't start X unless I used the force i810 mode. I also tried the alternate install of Ubuntu, but I keep getting the same stupid cursor. After the 'buntu's wouldn't work, I tried the ZenWalk Live CD. This displays noise on the screen, but at least there's some pretty colors. I can't seem to navigate anywhere from there either. I posted this in the Ubuntu Forums, but didn't get any answers yet.  Any suggestions or insights?

Got It

acpi=off has to be added to the install options. To do this, hit F6, which should bring up the box with the parameters in it; I just added it to the end.

About RAM

Addressing the problem with the RAM. I had the same problem with Ram showing up on Windows and in the BIOS but not in Ubuntu. The problem was that one of the RAM sticks was defective and that Windows just ignored it. Ubuntu seems to be more sensitive than Windows. If you do finally get Ubuntu installed, run a Memtest on each memory stick. If you find a problem with one, replace it. Another possible explanation about the RAM is that the slot may be the problem. Hope this helps.


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