OpenOffice 2 released 2.0: A Choice for A Real Change

OpenOffice 2 has been released today. You can download it from the official website. It is being offered in more than 60 languages for many operating systems (including Linux).

The suite now also offers a database module, Base, to complement the word processor (Writer), spreadsheet manager (Calc), presentation manager (Impress) and drawing tool (Draw) modules. These give all users the tools they need to be productive in the modern world. Free for all, offers everyone the enduring freedoms to use, study, improve and share the software.

To find out more about the features visit the website 2.0 Features.

If you want to install it with Ubuntu, have a look at this website:
But it will surely be included in the Ubuntu repositories soon, so you can install it with just one mouseclick with Synaptic or of course with the APT command line.