Optical Mouse not working

When i loaded 7.04 my optical mouse does not work. No even a light shows on the mouse. Is there a solution to fixing the mouse problem? Should various mouse setups not come standard with Ubuntu?


I got a used 10gig harddrive

I got a used 10gig harddrive to put ubuntu 7.04 on until i look at fixes for the mouse on other forums. It comes ups as the slave drive.
I see

(.) ide master circle checked
( ) ide slave

to format the whole drive for ubuntu.

The master drive is checked to copy over the master harddrive. What is the keyboard shortcut to get the slave hightlighted so it will load ubuntu and leave the windows drive alone? I have tried the up and down and tab, etc, but it passes over the slave drive. I can get to all the other buttons but for checking the slave to copy ubuntu over.