Parallels problems in Feisty

I have been working with getting parallels installed in Feisty.  I am using the .deb version but I am encountering an error when installing it in the terminal.  Can not compile and/or link drivers. is the error that I am receiving.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Has anyone been able to correct the log file to fix the problem?  Any suggestions are appreciated, I would rather correct the problem myself instead of sending it off to reports@parallels.Thanks,mux3.0

Seems familiar

Seems familiar to me. I get as far as running 'parallels-config' and the compile blows up. Yes running Ubuntu 7.04 with current updates. I have been emailing "Sam" in tech support. Part of his comment back to me was: It is not Parallels issue since you weren't able to run Linux commands. Probably something wrong with your system or Internet connection while executing these commands. rrrrr??? "Linux commands"??? I have tested on two systems, the error logs are a perfect match of each other.