Partition Easily using Gparted Live

Well, well, well, it's been about 45 days since I last booted in to my XP partition so I decided to shrink it and make space for new partitions in order to install the latest Edgy knot.

  1. Downloaded Gparted Live 0.3.1-1 Burned as ISO using K3B.
  2. Booted into XP and verified that I had all my music, videos, and documents backed up to the fat32 partition. Deleted all copies on ntfs partition. Opened add remove programs and uninstalled all the Windows versions of programs that I also have on Ubuntu and all programs that I rarely used. Retained all programs that I might use if I ever boot into XP again. Opened and ran disk cleanup wizard. Ran disk defragmenter about five times.
  3. Rebooted with Gparted Live disk. Wow! Amazing program. Only 85MB on the disk and loads linux to ram in less than two minutes! Resized ntfs from 97GB to 40GB.
  4. Decided to use some of that 50GB of free space to try Edgy Eft Knot3. Downloaded, burned as ISO (K3B again), and rebooted. Booted live Edgy disk, clicked the install icon, and ran into a little problem. My disk already had four primary partitions and the newly freed space was not in the extended partition. Was unable to proceed using installation partitioner.
  5. Rebooted with Gparted Live disk. First, I moved my second primary partition (/home) as far left as I could enlarging it by about 10GB as I did. This placed the free space next to my extended partition. Second, I enlarged the extended partition to encompass the free space.
  6. Okay, I'm ready to install Edgy. Sorry folks... it won't get done tonight.



the installation proceeded apace. I like Edgy. I still have some issues with it.

  • Installs ATI driver for my Radeon 9600. The fglrx modules so far will not work with my setup. They work fine in Dapper. The result in edgy is no X. (and I have followed the tutorials, added fglrx to modules, etc..) In addition, glxgears and glxinfo freeze the system under ATI requiring hard reboot. The caveat is that the fglrx module appears to be under active development judging by the frequency of updates.
  • The main issue is that I put a lot of work into customizing my Dapper and it's looking like I'll have to do it all over again for Edgy. The symbolic link to the copy of my Dapper home in place of the installation home, caused X to fail. That was several updates back though. The caveat there is that Edgy found and mounted all my partitions and I can simply navigate and copy settings folders from the Dapper home to my Edgy home. Worked flawlessly with Thunderbird.

ATI Radeon 9600

Did you ever have any luck with your Radeon 9600? I'm in the same boat. FGLRXINFO shows the mesa drivers, I get no 3d acceleration. Thanks for any info or advice.

Edgy for AMD64

I still have Edgy installed but I default to Dapper. Edgy is supposed to be edgy. I want everything to work without having to go through all the chroot etc... manipulations that made my Dapper so usable. So, I log into Edgy every other day or so, update, and test. So far no go.

Fglrx updated today

  • updated Edgy
  • ran fglrxinfo no error but using mesa instead of ATI
  • Entered glxgears freezes Edgy AMD64 system requiring hard reboot
  • Ran it with an ampersand to give it a PID glxgears & works fine.
  • Killed glxgears and ran glxgears again without the ampersand. Froze computer requiring hard reboot.
  • ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
  • changed video driver "ATI" to "fglrx"
  • rebooted and did not have X, desktop, or terminal.
  • Ctrl-alt-del, reboot into repair, run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , change "fglrx" back to "ati". I've done this several dozen times over the past six weeks. Tweak and test.
  • When I have time maybe I will follow these instructions again