Please HELP - Linux trouble

Can anyone please help.  I just installed linux 5.10 in a dual startup with WinXP.  After I enter my username and password,  Linux just hangs there.  There's no icons or start menu and I can hear the CPU fan speading up-meaning the CPU is for some or other reason working quite hard.  I then have to manually reset my PC.What can the problem be and what will sort it out.

Re: Please HELP - Linux trouble

Can you ssh into the system and check dmesg or /var/log/messages for errors?  Can you use ctl-alt-f1 to get to a text login?  If the system is not answering ssh, can you ping it?  If not then you probably want to boot into single user mode and then look for errors in the messages file.

Login issues

Do you get a login screen if you press:
Ctrl + Alt + F1

Did you type your username/password combo into a graphical box or was it in a console?

same problem

hello there, I experience exactly the same problem. I can get to terminal (ctr+alt+f1) and login there normally. However, I cannot get to the graphicalinterface. I have an old Dell pentium3 notebook.Can you suggest anything?