Plug-ins for Kubuntu program *resolved*

My dad just ordered the Kubuntu program which is a new version of Ubuntu. I have tried to open a few music videos because I love watching videos on and it said that I needed Macromedia Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and all of the other basic plug-ins that you need. I downloaded them and when I clicked the thing on the desktop that said suchandsuch installer, it opens up something in a winzip format or something like that. It won't let me install it and I have no idea what to do. Does anybody know where I can get the plug-ins for this version? Again, it is Kubuntu a new version of Ubuntu from Linux. I am using Mozilla Firefox and the only plug-ins that I can find are for Netscape. Does it make any difference? I don't know.


Try Automatix -- it allows you to install commonly needed programs, video codecs and plugins easily. How to install Automatix for Kubuntu Run Automatix and follow instructions.If you install Flash plugin for Firefox, you need to run afterwards in terminal: sudo update-flashplugin

Yeah, my dad tried that with

I would like to thank you for your help on this matter. Now I have all the plugins I needed and have no complaints. Thanks again!