PPPoE client

Hello All! I'm having major problems getting a friend's Verizon DSL working with kubuntu.  I've surfed the forums (on my box, hooked to cable), talked with Verizon's non help desk, pulled the last few hairs out of my bald head, and it seems I need a PPPoE client. I'm a Linux newbie and the tarball route seemed a bit over my head.  Is there a PPPoE client in the Repositories? If there is, I'd guess it would be pretty easy using the bundled installer. He's using the latest build of kubuntu and a Westell 6100 modem. And I ran his box hooked to my router and it connected fine. Thanks for your help in advance.

pppoe client


man, ubuntu comes with a pppoe client. you just have to open a terminal and type 'sudo pppoeconf' and and follow the instructions. I found a little more help here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82879

Thanks sapelli.I just found

Thanks sapelli.  I just found it before reading your post.  I'm getting a "sudo: pppoeconfig: command not found" message?  I did see that it is installed while browsing Adept.  I'm fresh meat when it comes to konsole window.

My bad.  just noticed I

My bad.  just noticed I typed pppoeconfig instead of pppoeconf