pppoe conf problem

Hello All, i am an amateur linux user. I want to configure ppp over ethernet in my pc.I start the terminal and type sudo > pppoeconf >A window appears..It detects the hardware without any trouble...But when checking the settings it says timeout..In the end it says "please check whether the cables are connected properly or not" I checked it many times..But the problem persists.It doesnt ask for the service provider's ID and PASS. Also I cant configure the Dialup connection...


Your /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider should look like this:# Minimalistic default options file for DSL/PPPoE connectionsnoipdefaultdefaultroutereplacedefaultroutehide-password#lcp-echo-interval 30#lcp-echo-failure 4noauthpersistmtu 1452usepeerdnsplugin rp-pppoe.so eth0user "real/userid"Make sure that you use the right cables patch/crossed.