Print Server

    Is there any way I can get a Sitecom Print Server (LN-306) working with a HP printer. The printer works OK contected to individual computers but I can't get it to function as a LAN printer with the Sitecom. Trying to make the transition from XP to Ubuntu FF and finding it either simple and automatic or difficult and complex, with no shades in between! Thanks in anticipation.

sitecom printserver working in gutsy, not woeking in Hardy

I can print via the sitecom 307 printserver to my HP Laserjet 4000- Using the socket:// printerport in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10). In Hardy Heron (8.04) however it doens't work.  I've tried quite a lot, but nothing seems to work.  Someone suggested that apparmor could be the problem. It wasn't.  Whats different in Hardy compared to Gutsy that a sitecom printserver isn't printing. Is it the new firewall, and how do I know if that's the case? Did hplip change? Did CUPS change? Can I use the Gutsy versions of the programs, and if so how can I do that. Any suggestion is wellcome read more on: