I really like ubuntu; been using it for about a year.  Since I have access to three systems and a laptop at home, printing has not been a major concern - (XP, sorry).  Anyway, I attempted to add my two major printers to a small ubuntu box with the idea of eventually converting most of my work to U.  I have close to 1,000 good photos from Italy and a few stateside locations.  It was a good idea until I attempted to install a Canon Pixma IP6000D and Canon I9900.  The printer list does not even mention these printers.  Went out on the web and got more bad news from TURBO PRINT, a CANON driver site I don't recall, and one referencing GUTENBERG.  I think.  Drivers almost work - results do not resemble photoshop - XP prints at all. I spent 8 years as an email administrator (RedHat 9 and Fedora ) and about 15 before that as a training administrator dealing with WIN95/98/2000 and - Uggghh - MSDOS.  Don't really care if I ever see another command line again - unlesss I am troubleshooting my own stuff.  Frankly, when I saw the printer install sequence I thought I had finally found my long awaited linux solution.  Until I tried my two fairly recent printers.  Also have big EPSON, it's not in there either, but not really an issue.  I love my CANON printers and will go wherever they lead - for the time being.Does anyone know of driver source that downloads and properly uses the UBUNTU interfaced printer installers???Don't want to go the tar, etc. route.  results usually aren't worth the trouble.fred hutchings



Would stick with my plan, but other family users are not comfortable with command lines and I frankly am tired of explaining this stuff.  A straightforward download and install is the way to go.  But need CANON stuff.