Problem accessing second partition

    Hi...This is my first post and its a cry for help so please be gentle :-).  Basically i installed ubunti 6.06 on a snd hard drive and loved it.  The harddrive is 60gb so for trial purposes when installing i only created a 10gb partition.  I now plan to use the full disk for linux (it was previously a ntfs drive) so i managed to format the remainder of the drive to ext3. The problem i now have is a cant access this 2nd partition.  Basically hdb2 is where my ubuntu installation is and acording to disk manager it says the access path is / .  The new partition i want to access is hdb1 and the acces path is /boot ?  I hope this makes sense Im brand new to Linux. Can anyone help ?? :-)

Please run the command sudo

Please run the command "sudo fdisk -l" and post the results.  Based on your post, I would think the newly formated partition would be "/dev/hdb3"

If it ain't broke...?

    Not REALLY a problem, but I always struggle with partitioning a drive. I did this 80GB with FDISK on a Win98 floppy (till my 250GB gets here). I installed XP, then struggled through the install of Feisty Fawn so I could dual boot. For the first time ever, everything works great, I'm not getting any of those annoying things from MicroSnot about activation or updates (probably because the first thing I did was to install Mozilla over IE and Outlook Express and make them the defaults. The only problem (not REALLY a problem) is that "sudo fdisk -l" says my partition table entries are not in disk order. Maybe I should figure that out before my big drive gets here, but maybe I should keep doing what I'm doing.  Suggestions?